DC Multiverse Lynda Carter Wonder Woman by Mattel Review


I don’t collect DC figures and I rarely buy any Marvel stuff.  The reason? I’m not a big comic reader and, while I do prefer the Marvel Universe to DC, I just don’t have the money or the space to branch out to more properties.

With that all stated, I have to say I could not pass up the opportunity to get the DC Multiverse Wonder Woman figure by Mattel with the likeness of Lynda Carter.  I watched Wonder Woman when I was a kid and had a crush on her when I was a little boy.  It makes me even angrier that we still can’t get the season of The Muppet Show with her starring on it on DVD or Blu Ray!

Childhood (or adulthood) crush aside, I’ve always wanted an action figure of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman as an homage to my childhood.  When I started seeing posts that this figure was coming out, I was excited but it fell off the radar.  Last week, I saw it somewhere online and decided to check out the price on Amazon.ca.  I found one that discounted through Amazon Deals.  It was like $25 Canadian (or so) with free shipping, so I thought I’d take the risk.

When it arrived, my daughter (3 1/2) saw it and said, “Wonder Woman! Can I open it and play with it?” Right then and there, I knew I wasn’t just going to keep this in the box.  I said we would the next day after I filmed my video (embedded at the end) and took the pics.  Well, it’s hers now and I’m not concerned as to what she does with it because it’s such a piss-poor figure. If you’d rather watch the vid and listen to me swear a lot, jump right to the bottom of the page.

Before going at the figure, I have to say the packaging is done well.  Lynda Carter is all over this things, which is good, but I really wish they would have used a few different images to give some more variety to it.

The figure can be seen clearly through the plastic and you can see what’s included, which is not much.  The back has the figure in a pose that’s almost impossible to get the real figure in and also features a little blurb about the character and actor.

The figure is about 6″ tall and doesn’t seem too bad at first glance.  It’s when you start posing it and trying to get the damn thing to stand where it all starts to get bad.

There’s articulation just above and below the bicep area and the elbows, while the wrists twist.  The figure has some ab-cruch action and the waist can swivel, too.  For the legs, they can be raised up and down, have double jointed knee articulation, and some motion in the ankles.

I have no idea why the figure has legs that have ability to swivel at the upper leg section.  It looks awful and the seam looks even weirder when it’s not lined up.  The ankle articulation is garbage as they are so flimsy, it’s ridiculous.  This figure barely stands on it own and the ankles don’t help.

I’m not going to get into the insane decision to place a hole in the middle of this figure’s back.  It’s for a stand I’ll showcase later in this feature, but you’d think that even if they were going place a massive hole in a figure’s back, there would be a piece that could be popped in to cover the hole if someone wasn’t going to use the stand.  It boggles my mind.

Below are some closer shots to show how the articulation in this figure destroy the aesthetics.  Take a look at how awful the right leg looks! The seam appears to be splitting.  The double knee articulation is so ugly, too.

Besides the articulation cuts ruining the look of the figure, the paint job is also a culprit.  Look at the various slop and messy lines all over this figure.  The stars don’t look clean enough, there’s slop on the gold part, and the boots look like it was painted with someone going through some mad DTs.

I have to mention the lasso here.  This damn this is actually sculpted onto the figure’s waist.  Why? I have no f’n idea.  It’s not even removable.  Know why? Because the FIGURE DOESN’T EVEN COME WITH A LASSO TO HOLD!!! Yeah, seriously.  Wonder Woman doesn’t have a lasso to hold in her hands!  Are you dumbfounded at this figure and the decisions yet?

OK, time for some good news with the portrait sculpt.  There’s no questioning that this is Lynda Carter.  It may not be the most 100% accurate sculpt but when looking at it, even if her name wasn’t on this figure, I would know who it is.  I like the happy expression and the work done on it.  Where it fails, again, is the damn paint.

The face has this weird application like it was dotted on.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.  Perhaps because I don’t collect DC figures by Mattel and I never pay attention to them in the store.  I’d love to know if this is a special technique with many figures in the industry or if it’s just how they did this one.  It is a really, really odd paint application.

If that’s not weird enough, there’s now more slop to contend with.  Look at it on the crown.  It totally ruins it for me.  This is some pretty shitty quality control.  If you click on the pictures to enlarge them (or watch the video), check out the picture that I did of the right side of the head.  There’s this huge glossy spot that also takes away from the figure.

When posing the figure, the articulation joints actually don’t squeeze or sit as tight as they should in the elbows, making posing awkward.  Also, the star on the bracelets of the figure are in different spots on either wrist, which is an odd choice.


The figure comes with this huge cape.  It’s actually not too shabby at first glance.  The blue and red pop and the material doesn’t feel too cheap.  Unfortunately, the cape is garbage, too, and has four strikes against it.

Strike one for it came when I noticed that they taped the sides of the cape to the packaging and some sticky residue is left on it after prying the tape off.

The second strike is courtesy of the insanely long ribbon used to tie the cape around the neck of the figure.  You’re left with what you see in the picture below or having to cut off the excess.  I’m sure you’d have a hard time getting it on and off the figure if you do that.

Strike three came from how the cape just doesn’t sit right on the figure.  It bunches up on one side and falls on the other around the shoulder area.  The best I could do with it was in the picture below and that was even after dealing with it for about 10 minutes while battling to get the figure to f’n stand!

Want to know the last strike? Watch the vid! I was showing off the cape after I removed it off the figure to do the video (I took the pictures for this feature first), and the ribbon to tie the cape actually came off of the damn thing.  I have no idea why I didn’t swear more (or harsher) than I did but I was just about at my wit’s end after that.  I almost just had to laugh it off at that point.  Suffice to say, I’m not making any effort to fix it.


DSC_0084DSC_0085As for the other “extras” the figure comes with a set of hands that can hold something (I can’t tell you what because nothing was included with this thing), a base with Wonder Woman’s name on it and the DC logo cast on top, a bunch of pegs to hold the figure in place on the base, a translucent  stand to place on the base and plug into the back of the figure, and a plug if you aren’t going to use the stand on the base.  Yeah, that’s right.  The people making this could take the effort to make a plug for the base so there isn’t a hole in it but couldn’t do so for the figure itself.  That’s good thinking.

Just so you know, there are actually more pegs that what I pictured below that came with the figure.  At first when I was unpacking the figure, I wondered why there were so many pegs included.  After playing around with the figure I now know it’s because the damn thing falls over constantly.

If you want to have your figure posed jumping or drop-kicking someone, by all means, do it.  I wouldn’t want to do that or have it posed on my shelf hovering, but that’s just my own preference.


This figure is a hot mess.  It makes me for sure never want to buy another DC Multiverse figure ever again.  Not only that, but it makes me feel bad for collectors who really wanted Lynda Carter represented properly on their shelves.  She deserves way more than this piece of shit.  C’mon, Hot Toys! When can you get us a sixth scale Lynda Carter Wonder Woman and honor this woman’s legacy?!?


If I kept this figure in the package and hung it on the wall, I don’t think I would be so negative but for those expecting a quality figure at the regular retail price of about $35 Canadian, they can forget about it.  Something that costs that much money (even the $25 I paid for it) should be a higher quality AND include more than it does.  This is a collector’s piece and not a $12-15 figure for people to play with.  My daughter can play with this until it falls apart – and I don’t doubt that will happen sooner than later.  Avoid!

Enjoy me going from joyous and excited at the beginning of this video to downright pissed off at the end.