Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – King Randor


October, 2012 was a busy month for MOTUC with four figures.  The first one I took a look at was Dekker and this feature will focus on King Randor. This figure was Randor’s second figure for Classics.  We had already received one that was based on the vintage figure whereas this one was an homage to the Filmation cartoon look.  (Side note: I can’t believe how far I’ve come with my photography when you compare my look back at the first Randor with this figure).

The bio for this figure has some cross-over with the bio of the past figure, particularly when discussing the conflict with Keldor.  It focuses a bit more on the final battle between Randor and Keldor before Keldor reappeared as Skeletor.

Speaking of the back story on King Randor, make sure to head over to Battle Ram Blog to read up on the history of the character and the various figures.  As always, Adam provides a fantastic read.

The first thing you notice about King Randor are the bright colours used for the outfit.  It really wasn’t until I was editing these pictures did I truly realize how much the colours actually this figure “pop.”

The paint is clean for the most part on my figure and the articulation is still really solid, thankfully.  Then again, this is a figure that isn’t used for dynamic posing, so I don’t have him posed with anything more than the elbows bent most of the time anyway.

I really like how the Horsemen sculpted the shoulder/upper arm part of the robe.  I actually how it all adds more width to the character to give him more presence; something a king needs. I shouldn’t forget to mention how comfy the footwear looks.

The figure has a necklace that just adds that extra little touch.  The odd time, the necklace can flip while posing the figure, causing the gem to reverse, so a quick adjustment will fix that problem.

The portrait is the same one as the original Classics Randor except the paint on the crown reflects the colour of it on the cartoon.  I know I was playing around with my Rewind feature on the first figure about comparing him to the Burger King, but this is actually a pretty damn good sculpt.  The paint is clean and I really do think the detailing on the beard is done well.  I’m also a fan of how the hair is sculpted.


Seeing how this King is more of a ruler than a fighter in this than the first figure so it’s only fitting he has a spear to be posed with (reused from Whiplash) and a chalice to drink the finest wines from.

The chalice has some cool details sculpted into it and if you look from the top down into it, you can see there is liquid sculpted into it.  Eternian Mead, perhaps?

The King Randor could offer you a glass of the finest Eternian beverage or he could ask you to leave by sticking a spear in your face.  I suppose it’s all around what kind of day he’s having and how fed up he is with Adam constantly disappearing.

Whether your pose this version of King Randor in an “on guard” position or casually, he looks pretty good.

I do like this version of King Randor more than the first Classics figure.  Even when I was a kid, I never understood why the vintage figure was the one we got when we never saw King Randor dressed like the action figure.  I always wanted King Randor as an action figure looking like he did in the Filmation cartoon and I was into my thirties when I finally got one.  Better late than never.

Two more MOTUC figures came out in October and I’ll be getting to them next week.  In the meantime, check out my past figure Rewind features, other fun stuff, and watch (and subscribe) to my YouTube channel!