Mayhem – A Season In Blasphemy Vinyl Box Set (Unboxing and Review)


A few weeks ago I scored the really awesome Mayhem box set, A Season In Blasphemy from Season of Mist. I did an unboxing, run-through video and embedded it in this feature but I thought I’d give some thoughts as well in written form.  The box is limited to 1000 units and there are still some available on Season of Mist’s site.

Quick note: I took the photos with my phone figuring most of you would watch the video to see all the stuff included.

I have to say that I’m amazed at the quality of the box all of the items come in.  It’s solid wood and features real leather on the top of it with a Mayhem patch in the centre.  Leather straps have studs on the them and hook to the front of the box.

The records in this set sound absolutely amazing, especially the remix and remaster of Grand Declaration of War. I had no issue with how the album sounded as that’s what gave it some of its charm.  The remix, though, is quite spectacular (done by Jaime Gomez Arellano) and gives the album new life. Reading about the undertaking in the booklet is quite eye-opening.  One of the reasons for getting this set was also to get the original release of that album on vinyl as it’s one I had not snagged.

All the 12″ and 10″ releases are on black vinyl.  The 10″ records are exclusive to this set, and, as mentioned, so is the original version (not pressing) or Grand Declaration of War.  The other three, Chimera, Ordo Ad Chao, and the remix/remaster of Grand Declaration of War, are available outside this set on black and special coloured vinyl.  I’m a sucker for special colours so I really wish there was an exclusive colour of these for this set instead of black.  Then again, I understand that most purists would probably want them on black and not worrying about any special colour or gimmick affecting sound quality.

Below are some quick pics I took.  Click the for larger images.

I run through all the rest of the stuff in the video, so check it out.  Some may scoff at the price, but for the number of records you’re getting, the booklet, patch, DVD, and the time taken to create the overall package, I think it’s worth the price. I mean, just look at how awesome the box is!   I think fans of the band will truly enjoy this set and it’s a great way of amassing a bunch of the band’s catalogue in one purchase. Many props to Season of Mist and Mayhem for working together to make this happen.

Under the embedded video, I have from Season of Mist’s site, everything that is included and a direct link to purchase one and read the tracks of the 10″ records.  Enjoy!

From Season of Mist’s site:

The box includes the following items:
The original recording of ‘Grand Declaration of War’, ‘Chimera’, ‘Ordo Ad Chao’, and a complete remixed and remastered recording of ‘Grand Declaration of War’, all in 12″ black heavy weight vinyl in gatefold.
In addition to ‘Wolf’s Lair Abyss’, ‘Ante Bellum’ (5 Pre-production tracks from ‘Grand Declaration of War’) and ‘Chaos Reborn’ (5 bonus tracks), all in 10″ black vinyl in jacket.
It also Includes a 32 page booklet size 30cm x 30cm including liner notes, handwritten lyrics and rare pictures, plus an hand-numbered art print with a silver seal, ‘Live in Marseille’ on DVD in carton wallet and back patch with MAYHEM logo.