Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Dekker


October, 2012 was a busy month for collecting Masters of the Universe Classics and November wasn’t going to let up.  We got four figures in November of that year and man, was it hard on the wallet, especially with what December also brought.

The first figure I’ll be looking at from that month is Dekker.  Dekker was a character I wasn’t too familiar with until after I bought the MOTU 200X series on DVD.  Only one station in Canada carried the show and thanks to constantly shifting times, I could never keep track when it was on and I didn’t want to just randomly pop into the story arch.

I knew Dekker was Man-At-Arm’s mentor and the bio basically lays it all out.   It gives the background of Dekker aligning himself with King Miro, taking on Duncan as his protege, and then finally retiring, giving the responsibility of being the “Man-At-Arms” over to Duncan.  I suppose the only thing that only crazy thing that comes to mind after reading the bio is that we STILL don’t have a King Miro figure.

My figure’s articulation is solid as hell still.  Posing him for this feature really makes me wish all of them stood up this well.  All the usual articulation is found on Dekker minus an ab-cruch.  The waist swivels, though.

The outfit is done well, although a little glossy.  The paint on it is pretty sharp and clean, too.  What I really like about it is how the outfit does not have that overly bulky look that many of the outfits ended up having.

I have to bring attention to the boots on this figure.  I really like the look of them and how they were sculpted.  They just look unique in the world of MOTU and are just really appealing.  I think I’d wear them to my place of employment.  Then again, I have absolutely no style.


The sculpt of the portrait is spot-on.  While the monsters and unique characters tend to be more interesting, the human portraits are sometimes overlooked due to their plain nature.  With Dekker, though, the Four Horsemen simply nailed it and it’s a superb human sculpt.

The sculpt gives the animated character the human touch he needed.  He look bad-ass and I love all the fine details in the facial hair and the expression on the face.  Let’s not forget to mention how the eye patch actually looks natural and the work done on the scar.  It’s a sculpt that should get recognized still today on how to take an animated character and make it look realistic.

The two braids of hair that drape forward are made of a softer plastic and don’t hinder the movement of the head.  They can look a bit awkward, though, if the head is moved too much to the left or the right because they don’t fall naturally.


As a bonus, the Dekker figure also came with an alternate portrait if you wanted to display him as his younger self.  I find this sculpt to be well done, too, but I prefer the older look. I find it to be more intricate and interesting.

Version 2

Below is what Dekker looks like with the younger portrait on the body.  Seeing how this figure came with two heads, I got two to display both versions simultaneously on my shelf.

Side by side,  I still think the older Dekker portrait wins.  I really think it’s great they kept features very similar so you can see it’s the same character, just older.


The figure came with only one accessory – the mace.  This one differs from the one we’re used to with Duncan as this has more of that high-tech look in the middle of the weapon.  As you can see, mine (actually both of mine) are a little warped because the plastic used for this weapon at the handle is really soft and gummy.


Posed with the mace, young Dekker looks pretty cool and ready for action alongside King Miro.  Can we finally get a King Miro, Super7?

Again, the older Dekker gets my vote for looking more impressive.

Dekker turned out to be a cool figure. I liked him more than I thought I would.  He’s well done and I’m glad he got representation in the line.  He’s not one that I feels so strongly about, and that’s probably due to him not being a character I got as invested in as others.  Nonetheless, I do think he deserved his representation in plastic.


I’m getting closer to wrapping up my look back at 2012! Stay tuned and check out my YouTube channel for some goodness (and toss me a sub).