Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Cy-Chop (30th Anniversary Series)

Cy-Chop was the fifth figure into the 30th anniversary line that featured newly created (or never before in plastic) characters. He arrived in October; a busy month that also featured Frosta, Rattlor, and the Great Unrest weapons pack.

Fearless Photog, Draego-Man, The Mighty Spector, and Sir Laser-Lot were the characters released in the 30th anniversary wave up to this point.  Created by Mattel’s own Terry Higuchi, Cy-Chop was the 5th character in this extra line of figures that was hoping it would blend into MOTU cannon and mingle with existing characters and factions.  Did he?  I’m going to argue he didn’t.

I dug Photog for the reasons mentioned in my review, and Draego-Man is, to this day, one of the best figures in all of the MOTUC collection.  The other two that followed didn’t excite me and this one also, while it tried, let me down.  It just didn’t do much for me.

Don’t get me started on the “real name.” It’s so cheesy, it’s bad.  You’re telling me his real name just happened to have relation to knives/scissors before he was betrayed by Kronis (aka Trap Jaw)? That’s a stretch.  It’s interesting to read that he was hired by Hordak as well without too much of a build-up.  I found it all to be bland and not exciting whatsoever. I do get the “cyborg” aspect but wouldn’t it be cool to find out who this nameless scientist on Eternia was?

Cy-Chop is made up from chopping up (yeah, I used that pun) Roboto’s torso and adding Beast-Man’s arms and legs.  Rounding out the figure is a new belt with the Horde logo on it, the scissor hands, and the cyborg head.

You’d think with “hands” this large, you’d think the figure would have be difficult to keep upright.  Thankfully, that’s not the case and this figure stands fine.  All the articulation found on other MOTUC figures is found on this one, except for the ab-cruch.  As well, all the joints on my figure are tight and I have no issues with any of them.

Although Roboto’s torso is used, the insides are a bit different. It looks like there are intestines still helping this character digest food.  Who’d think a cyborg would still need to poop? It’s unique!

I do also have to state that I really like the belt on this figure.  While it is pretty large, the golden Horde logo is an excellent touch.  I’m surprised that bounty hunters would have to wear emblems representing their clients.


The cyborg head for Cy-Chop isn’t bad but it isn’t anything overly impressive.  Even revisiting this figure, I was hoping something would grab me more than when I first got the figure but it didn’t.  It reminds me of 60s sci-fi that is very dated.

Version 2

I have to say that I love the paint job and the sculpt of the forearms and the scissors.  They pop and actually bring more life to the figure.  It’s especially good to see how clean it is all done.


With really large scissors for hands and no ab-cruch articulation, there’s only so many poses one can do with this figure to make him look exciting.  Due to him not being able to hold anything else, this figure came with no other accessories.  I feel they could have added something for a separate character or a Filmation relic.

As you can see with the brevity of this Rewind feature, I just don’t have too much to say about this figure except he’s in my collection and he ranks low on my scale of MOTUC figures.  He is what he is.  I’m curious as to how many people love this guy or have made him an intricate part of their collection or cannon.