My Sixth Scale (Hot Toys/Sideshow Collectibles) Collection – February 2019


Here’s my video I did (in 4K!) of my sixth scale collection as of the beginning of February, 2019!  I did one of these in the past and last year I had requests last year for an updated video.  I promised it was coming and here it is – months later!  I was really waiting for Emperor Palpatine and the Royal Guard to arrive, and to set up my sixth cabinet before I created it.

Thanks to my buddy Brian for providing not only the music/loop for the video but also for the new intro I whipped up.  You tha man!

All the figures in this video have been reviewed on my site site and channel, so if you see something cool, use the search feature and check out my thoughts on the figures.  The only one I never did was General Grievous.  I supposed I’ll have to get on that!