Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Rattlor


We got a double dose of Snake Men (or more, depending on how you look at it) in the fall of 2012.  First, we got the Snake-Men 2-pack, allowing you to create an army of King Hssss’ finest warriors.  Then a month later in October, we got a fan favourite Snake Man, Rattlor!

I was pumped for this figure because I loved the vintage figure quite a bit.  The action figure for it was the ability for the head to quickly spring out at you with the press or a button which elongated the neck.  That rapid snake-attack action was so fun to play with.  It also helped that the figure actually rattled when you shook it, to mimic a rattlesnake.

For more awesome info on the Rattlor character, his designs, and evolution, make sure to check out Adam’s piece on him over at Battle Ram Blog!!

The bio for the Classics figure ties in the vintage loyalty to King Hssss to the 200X direction of turning Rattlor into “The General,” who eventually switches sides to work for Hordak and The Evil Horde.  It’s quite the story and after getting demoted through the manipulative actions of Kobra Khan, you can’t help but sympathize a bit.

I really liked how the figure turned out aesthetically.  The red, yellow, and blue all really work together and makes the figure pop no matter what angle you look at it (well, maybe except from the back).  I’m happy to report that many years after receiving this figure, both mine that are out of the package have really solid articulation.  The figure wants to lean slightly to the right, but that’s a small gripe.

The tail on the figure is not a soft plastic like the vintage figure. It’s solid plastic that can rotate, allowing you to position it how you’d like.  It looks good from the front but if you have the tail turned hard right or left, it does look pretty funny if you’re looking at the figure from the back.  It really shakes up how awesome all the pattering of the scales look all the way down the tail.

I’m also happy to say that this figure also has a slight “rattle” sound when you shake it.  I know Matty and The Horsemen didn’t have to add something like that in, so it was even more appreciated when I got the figure in-hand.

I remember when this figure came out, the brand director at the time, Scott Neitlich, had a video talking about how each scale that was painted was a paint deco or hit.  It really hit home as to why parts are reused in the line and why there were only so many new sculpts a year.  No matter the reason why, the fact is the paint on the figure turned out phenomenally.

The only complaint with the paint I have is there are sections where it come come off.  I can’t remember if my figures were like that when I got them or if it was due to transporting them when I moved and they rubbed against other figures.  It’s noticeable on the yellow chest area.


I’m a fan of the head sculpt on this figure.  Rattlor has a really fierce look and there’s no question he’s about to strike.  I like how the scales were done and how the nostrils were positioned.  As you can see, the paint isn’t as clean as many would like.  There’s red that bleeds onto the teeth and some spots that aren’t clean on the eyes.  Those little errors aren’t enough for me to take away from how good the sculpt turned out.

Version 2

The figure came with three accessories.  The first is the iconic snake staff that all the Snake-Men (except for the army guys) came with in different colours.  The second is a piece that can extend the neck to simulate the action feature of the vintage toy.  The third I’ll get to in a bit.


The neck extension piece is easy to pop on.  Just remove the head, attach it to the neck piece and then put the neck piece back on the neck joint.  Boom! Done!

I remember some complaining from some people that when the extension is added, it doesn’t blend as smoothly as they would have liked.  I’m not sure how they could have gotten around that in order to keep the articulation.  I think it works well and Rattlor always has an extended neck on my shelf.

The snake staff isn’t any different than the one that came with King Hssss, except for the colour. That’s expected because all the Snake Men in the vintage line had the same staff, too.  I think the modern staff was sculpted well and this one, in red, reminded me of the great work done in designing it.

With the neck extended or a standard look, Rattlor looks menacing with his staff in-hand.


The last accessory the figure came with is an Evil Horde armband.  What’s that, you say? The Evil Horde? But Rattlor is a Snake Man! Well, Rattlor served Hordak when King Hssss was banished and that was mentioned in the first comic he was featured in, King of the Snake Men.   As mentioned, in the bio, Rattlor switches teams, so it’s almost like he’s a flip flopper.  I think he goes where he’s valued.  Then again, do the leaders of these factions even appreciate those working toward their domination over Eternia?


The following year, the End of Wars weapons pack was released and in it was the armour to give Rattlor his look from the 200X cartoon, where he was referred to as “The General.”  I thought I’d show a few shots of the figure with that armour on.

I have two loose figures so I could have one vintage looking figure on my shelf and also have The General represented.  I do have The Horde armband on it in these pics as it’s just how I display the figure this way on my shelf (I don’t put the armband on the one without the armor).

I was really anticipating this figure and it didn’t let me down.  Getting that armour the following year gave me another reason to score a second one to have on my shelf without hesitation (third overall, counting the one I have in the package).  I’m still a big fan of this figure and I had a great time doing photos for this Rewind feature.


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