NECA Thermal Vision Fugitive Predator & Ultimate Stripe Review


Just when I thought I hit the jackpot two-three weeks ago when I scored a whole bunch of new NECA figures from my local shop, Heroes and at EB Games, I came across even more goodness last weekend!  I ended up picking up the US Target exclusive Thermal Vision Fugitive Predator and the new Ultimate Stripe figure from EB Games!

This may be a shorter “review” than most as, like many figs (especially NECA ones), I keep things in the package to display.  I love the art of the boxes and it keeps my figures organized.  I just wanted to give my two cents on what I picked up and share with Canucks what they can find now in Canada.

Thermal Vision Fugitive Predator

While I wasn’t planning on picking anything up from the newest Predator movie (it was a dud), I couldn’t pass up a figure that’s so unique.  I really don’t have to relate the figure to the movie in my head, so that’s enough to enjoy the figure as it is.

I think we’ve been spoiled with the figures in NECA’s Ultimates line because when you go back to basic box packaging like this, it’s underwhelming.  It’s not that it’s bad but I think I’m just used to elaborate stuff from NECA in the packaging department now.  You can clearly see the figure through the plastic and you have the figure posed three ways on the back.

I haven’t seen the regular Predator in this line in the wild here in my city but from what I’ve seen online, this is the same figure (Fugitive Predator) but painted differently.

You can see quite a bit of detail in the sculpting all over the figure.  Take in the textures on the chest, the skin on the arms, and the work done on the leg armor and their straps.  Even with this thermal paint application, it shows just how much work goes into the details on figures from NECA.


A closer look at the head sculpt shows the detailing on the helmet and the cool laser beside the head.  I love the combinations of the colours on it (and all over the figure).  It all really works well and is quite impressive.

The only downside for some may be with the lack of accessories.  It comes with four wrist blades only.  For me keeping this in the box to display it, it’s nothing I’m disappointed in.  Then again, what other accessories would make sense coming with this figure?

This is a fun figure and I’m glad us Canucks are able to get it without having to resort to Ebay prices and shipping.


Ultimate Stripe

I love the box for this figure.  It’s based off the other Gremlins movie poster/VHS art that was used in the 80s (oh, to be a kid again in the 80s….).  I compare this box (and figure) with the Ultimate Gremlin in the video embedded at the end of this feature from my YouTube channel.

The back of the box has the figure within posed in various ways with the accessories it comes with.  I love the whole movie theme on the back of this box and the one for the Ultimate Gremlin.

The box is the regular window-box packaging the Ultimates come in but man, is it always a joy to look at. As usual, we have the figure posed on the inside flap and the figure in all its glory displayed clearly behind plastic.

The figure comes with a massive chainsaw (with amazing detail on it), a large saw blade, and a skateboard.  While he doesn’t seem like he’s a packed with accessories as the Ultimate Gremlin, the accessories fit the figure from his scenes in the film and they are larger.   You can also use accessories from the regular Gremlin with Stripe, too!

Taking a closer look, you can see the fine detailing on the chainsaw.  The blade, the screws/nuts, and even the printing on it, shows excellent attention to detail.

The body of this figure is the same as the Ultimate Gremlin and rightfully so.  There could be subtle paint differences but my eyes couldn’t differentiate.


The money is with the face sculpt here.  Stripe looks even more menacing than the Ultimate Gremlin.  While you could see a bit of silliness in that figure’s persona, this one looks like it means business.  He looks seriously pissed and out for blood.  I also really like that NECA didn’t use plastic for the mohawk.  The material used for the hair works well on this figure.


Like I said, this is a quick review on both figs, especially due to them being kept in the box for my display purposes.  Nonetheless, I do this site as a hobby and like showing what I get.  They’re both fine figures and I’m glad to add them to my collection.  Much props to NECA and EB Games for helping us Canadians get these figures easier.

Enjoy the video! Now in 4K with a new intro!!! Thanks to my buddy, Brian, for the new little tune!