Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Frosta


2012 wasn’t a good year if you were a Princess of Power fan and wanting that cartoon series to be represented in Classics.  Sure, you got The Star Sisters 3-pack in January, if you cared, and you got Shadow Weaver, but only if you subscribed to a year worth of figures.

The Great Rebellion was sorely lacking with representation in the Classics line.  While I didn’t watch She-Ra: Princess of Power as religiously as He-Man & the MOTU, I did sit down to check it out when it was on TV.  I just don’t remember it as well as the MOTU episodes. That didn’t mean I didn’t welcome POP figures and characters with open arms into my collection.  I liked the variety and seeing how the vintage doll figures were translated into the Classics esthetics.  Up to this point, I was happy with how they turned out and from what I saw with the preview of Frosta, I was looking forward to her, too.

Due to me not remembering a lot of the backstories of the characters in the Filmation cartoon, the bios for the POP figures were a blessing.  It was interesting to read the Mackenzie (ahem, Frosta), was deemed just a “regular” human, although she had the powers that she did, and was a Queen.  I would have liked more of a backstory or to read more of her involvement in the Great Rebellion in this bio.  I found it to be a tad underwhelming.   It’s also funny there is no mention of her having a crush on He-Man, either!

I think the look of this figure is great.  I love the different shades of blues with the white on the outfit.  I find everything blends very well together.

The issue I had (and still do) is with the articulation on the figure.  The elbows, legs, and shins are all really loose – just like my two She-Ra figures.  Not only that, I find this figure leans to the side just a tad and to get her to stand straight, her legs will look uneven.  I’m not sure why that was the case.

I find the cape to be very well done and I like how it opens up at the bottom of it, giving it lots of flair.   I love how the hair is sculpted and how it looks slightly translucent.  Due to the sculpt of it, you can’t turn the head left or right very much, but you do still get a bit of movement.

While minimal, I did like that the Four Horsemen sculpted a design onto her skirt piece to give the figure’s outfit a bit more complexity in its look.  I’m happy the throwback to the gem in the middle of the outfit is also left intact from the vintage figure.


Here’s the part of the feature that may pose some controversy to some: I like the head sculpt and the paint on it.  There, I said it.  I still see on many FB groups or on forums people saying how they messed it up.  I went searching for the preview of the figure before it was released and the only difference I saw was the eyes looked a little bit smaller.

I love people being passionate about a particular figure.  Hell, I’ve been there, but this time I’m on the side where I’m just not sure what the anger is directed at.  I think the paint is decent and the sculpt is well done.  I have no issues with what you see below.  I would love to hear some more comments as to why people don’t like this sculpt or the paint job on it.

Version 2

Frosta comes with her shield, which is the same design as the other POP females in the line (although a different colour), and her wand/staff.  It’s cool, excuse the pun, to have the circular part be able to move to mimic it spinning, sending snow or ice towards her foes.


The wand isn’t very heavy, so Frosta has no problem holding it with one hand in almost any position.  I like her using both hands to hold the wand to make her look really focused when using it.

I find that even in casual poses, the figure looks good.  I think it would have been a great idea to have included some projectiles like an ice beam to attach to her wrists for alternate “attack” look.


With or without the shield attached to her left forearm, the figure looks great posed.  On my shelf, she’s got both accessories in-tow.


Again, I’m not one of the people that can find annoyances with this figure besides the loose articulation. I was happy with it when I got it and wasn’t constantly reading people’s thoughts on the Internet, so it never affected my bias.  Even with knowing there are a bunch of fans that were let down with this figure, it doesn’t change my opinion on it.  Perhaps I’m missing something. I guess the main thing is if I’m happy with it, that’s all that matters!


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