Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Snake Men 2-Pack


Seeing how I’m going back through the Masters of the Unvierse Classics line from the beginning, I still haven’t featured too many Snake Men.  King Hssss was featured a long time ago before I took a little hiatus from doing these features due to working on a secret project and then getting flooded with new items that weren’t MOTU.

Another reason the Snake clan has not been featured is because, in the order the figures came out, King Hsss was the only the one who represented the OG faction (depending on where you place Kobra Khan in cannon) until this awesome two-pack of Snake Men arrived in September of 2012.

Having an abundance of Snake Men to create an army was much sought by fans after the 200X cartoon series.  Many asked Matty Collector for figures and they answered with a two-pack to make army building easier.  Not only that, but each set included four heads that you could swap to give your Snake Men more variety.  Naturally, I had to buy an extra set so I could have all four heads represented on my shelf.

The bio on the packaging reveals how the Snake Men were created by The Nameless One to serve him and assigned to Hordak to take over Eternia.  The Horde, and later Zodak, thwarted their efforts and they got trapped in limbo.  It wasn’t until way later that they escaped and continued on with their quest for domination.


The first body is a darker colour with scales and a long loin cloth.  This body came with blue armor with the Snake Men logo front and centre.  It’s minimal but I like how it pops with the silver accents and collar.  This is my favourite body of the two because I really like the scales that are all over the figure.

The second body doesn’t have the same textures on it, but it features different feet and shins (like Kobra Khan), loin piece, and the same legs as Whiplash and Buzz-Off.  Yeah, it’s a mishmash of many pieces that we’ve had on other figures before, but it all works.

I think the armour on this figure is much cooler looking than the other piece, though and I couldn’t wait to have this armour on the other body for one of the combinations I was creating.  I like how some of the torso is exposed and how there’s a huge piece protecting the left shoulder.  The Snake Men symbol is even more apparent on this piece.

As mentioned, there are four different heads included in this set.  Two have open mouths and two are shut.  There is so much diversity here with the expressions, the eyes, and the way the scales are sculpted, it would be really hard for me to pick just two of these heads to keep on the figures.  They are all excellent.  The inclusion of four stellar sculpts was a huge reason I needed to get two sets to place on my shelf.  I think years ago, during a night of drinking beers with my buds, we actually came up with names for each one.

There are many weapons also included with this set, allowing you to give your two figures different ways to rush into battle.  You get a spear, a mace, a sword, and a shield.  I really like how they all match in colour and additional paint.  I also love how the Snake logo is featured on the shield and how the the blades of the spear and the sword of the snake’s mouth.


I’m going to be honest: I had quite a bit of fun posing these figures for photos.  Whether I was posing them with a single weapon individually or side by side, these guys look fantastic.  It’s another reason why I really like doing these “Rewind” features – I’m playing around with them even more now than when I bought them and they give me great joy.  Hopefully revisiting these figures make you that read these features feel the same.

Instead of doing even more writing and gushing about these guys, I’m going to let the pics do the talking.  I did take more than I usually do because I was having a ball and wanted to share.


What would be a mass army of snakes be without their master? Thankfully King Hssss arrived before all these guys earlier in the line, so he was around to give them their proper orders.


I remember seeing many people score three, four, five, or more of these sets back in the day on various sites and forums.  It seemed like some people were trying to up each other with how large they could build their Snake Men armies.  I thought that was really cool.  I only had the space to display four figures with the different heads, but I do really loved seeing people’s love for factions grow (like some did with the Eternian Palace Guards or the Horde Troopers).

I’m glad I got my two sets and I think you can tell from the pics I took, I’m more happy with them now that I was when I first initially got them.  That’s the fun of doing this site – becoming re-familiarized with figures that I’ve had on my shelves for years and looking at them with an even more refined eyes.


Thanks for checking this out!