Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Mekaneck


After a SDCC release (Vykron) and a new addition to MOTU cannon with the arrival of Sir Laser-Lot, the Classics line really needed to get back to what counted: figures that were classic! Matty Collector scratched that itch by releasing Mekaneck in September of 2012.

I loved Mekaneck a lot when I was a kid.  The play feature where you could twist the waist of the vintage figure and make his neck extend was so much fun.  I’d have my figure spy on many of the villains of Eternia.  I also had him peak around corners and other areas in my house to try and surprise my sister or parents.

Although it really wasn’t that long since the Classics line had started at this point in time, it still felt I waited too long to have Mekaneck in my collection.  I was really anticipating him and was pumped when he was announced.


Before I start, if you want to know more about Mekaneck’s origin and lots of history on the character/figure, make sure you go over to the Battle Ram Blog and read Adam’s in-depth feature!

The same ol’ same ol’ packaging is what we got.  People like me who continued to have an “in box” collection appreciated it, though.  The back features the bio where we find out Mekaneck’s real name is Orius and how he fought in the Great Unrest battle.  He was injured and the Sorceress healed him with her spell, also replacing his neck with microscopic nanities that allows his neck to grow.  I like how the bio explains Mekaneck’s ability but I would love to know more about Orius, the man, before he was gravely injured.

The main body/portion of Mekaneck isn’t anything to write home about.  He’s a character that features the standard male buck that most of the figures shared.  His armour is shared with Stinkor, a figure already released in Classics but who came out after Mekaneck in the vintage line.  The paint on the gauntlets and the boots do help make the figure pop a bit more and the silver on the armor does the same.

The legs on my figure are loose a bit and I’m one that just poses the figure randomly on my shelf. Thankfully, the knees, ankles and all parts of the arms are OK.  Not too bad for a figure from almost seven years ago.

The head sculpt is really good on this figure.  Not only did the Four Horsement nail Meckaneck’s triangular based helmet and googles, giving it all a more modern look, but sculpting on the human face portion is what really ties it all together.  For me, the attention to detail on it really reminds you that there is a person behind this character.

The paint on it (and the figure as a whole) is pretty damn clean except for the section at the top of the right triangle where there’s some red showing through.  The one I have left in the package doesn’t have that issue, though.

Version 2

Mekaneck comes with his unique club.  I always liked the look of this accessory and this updated sculpt, and the extra gold paint application on it, really makes me dig this accessory even more.


No matter how you pose your Mekaneck figure, he looks awesome.  He’s so easily recognizable that people who don’t collect MOTU will surely say, “Hey! I had that/saw that figure when I was a kid!”

There weren’t any action features included with the figures in the Classics line and Matty and the Four Horsemen always had to think about how they could keep the feel of the vintage figure’s action feature without actually creating a functioning mechanism.  For Mekaneck, it was as easy as including two extra neck pieces, one medium and one long, to be able to give Mekaneck his power (both pictured above with the club).  All you have to do is pop off the head and swap the parts! You can even put both neck pieces together to create one long as hell neck! That may help those who really dug how far he could extend it in the MYP cartoon.

A favourite character/action figure of mine turned out well in the Classics line. He’s one of those characters I make sure I repose from time to time and switch up the neck piece.  Here’s hoping we get a Club Grayskull version sooner than later.  I want Filmation representation pronto!