Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Sir Laser Lot (30th Anniversary Series)


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Masters of the Universe, a collection of six new figures was commissioned to coincide with the 2012 sub figures.  It was quite an expensive year! Fearless Photog, Draego Man, and The Mighty Spector were the first three figures released.  August 2012’s figure, and fourth for the line, was Sir Laser-Lot, created by Geoff Johns.

When the figure got announced, I was underwhelmed.  I wasn’t too impressed with Spector and this one seemed like another let-down.  He kinda looked cool but he just seemed like a Medieval knight that was a bit more high-tech looking.  To me, the only “knight” like character we needed was Extendar and he was coming down the road (we hoped at the time, anyway).

The packaging not only featured the 30th anniversary logo and figures from that additional series on the back, but it also tied the figure to Preternia with the Powers of Grayskull sticker on the front bubble.

In the bio we find out Sir Laser-Lot was around to serve King Grayskull but was brought into the future thanks to The Mighty Spector.  There he became the new Man-At-Arms for King He-Man and helped train others, specifically Dare.  I thought the new Man-At-Arms after Duncan was Clamp Champ, but I could be wrong.

My figure still holds up well with all the articulation still solid.  The figure featured that overly bulky armour that many of us wish got trimmed somehow.  The figure’s colour scheme isn’t anything exciting but the red sure pops against the blue.

I’m also a fan of capes on figures/characters for some reason, so this figure got points for having another awesomely created cape.  Where it lost points immediately was for reusing the Trap Jaw crotch piece again.  I had seen enough of that on so many other figures, I just wanted it gone.

While the helmet head sculpt is good, there’s nothing that gives me that wow factor.  The paint is clean for the most part and the design reflects what who this should be – a knight.  The part that I really like the most is the flaming comb part of the helmet.  I’m actually unsure what this piece is called!  I find that it, along with the cape, are the parts that give the figure a bump in overall quality.

Version 2

Sir Laser-Lot included three accessories: a sword, a shield, and a mace.  All three very well fitting for a knight!


The sword has a cool design and I like the work around the wrist guard area.  I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised the guy had a sword with a red blade to match his aesthetics.

I will say that with a sword in his hand, he looks like he’s ready to get down to business.  Even in a more laid back pose, he does command an audience.

The shield is translucent and I think adding a design on the front of it was a good idea to make it seem more “royal.” It’s way better than just having a plain shield.

The mace is a great addition as they could have just decided to stop at the sword and shield.  The mace follows the translucent trend of the shield and I think the clearer plastic helps with the diversity.  I find that my figure doesn’t hold it as well due to the grip being too loose, though.

While this figure isn’t one of my favourites, it’s not horrible.  It’s also more exciting than The Mighty Spector, though.  I think once Draego-Man hit, it would be hard for Matty to top that figure in the 30th Anniversary line and in the regular sub line that year for many people.


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