Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Vykron


I’m starting up again! I know I said it before and there have been long lulls in the past, but I’m starting back up my Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind series!  I haven’t done one in months but I’m going to really aim to get at least one done every week.  I guess the onslaught of new figures and slowing down to 1 or 2 features a week so I could breathe and enjoy personal time apart from my career also slowed down the pouring out of this series.

If this is your first time checking my site out, one of my goals starting Electrified Porcupine was to take a look back at all the MOTUC figures released now that we’ve been removed from their release.  Have they held up? What could have been done better in retrospect? Are they better than what Super7 is doing now? Did they have faults we overlooked? Those were the questions I was asking myself so I wanted to tackle the figures in the order of release.   As I’ve gone on,  I think my photography has gotten better.  I mean, check out the samples from every year I’ve done it (and every month!)

The last one I looked back at was Spikor, who was released back in July, 2012.  Being released at the end of that month was the SDCC exclusive Vyrkon figure.  We knew Matty Collector was going to have some of this figure around after the show on their site (in August), but it would be in different packaging.  But before I get to any of that, who is Vykron?

While Mattel was playing around with ideas for a new line of figures, Roger Sweet created three different mock-ups to bring ideas to the table.  The barbarian figure was based on designs by Mark Taylor.  As you can see, none of the three were ever released in the vintage line but the middle barbarian was a huge springboard to where MOTU ended up going.  I think these figures were an awesome idea for an exclusive because it was niche enough that collectors didn’t have to swallow the three pack in their subscription if they didn’t want to and allowed fans to add this piece of MOTU history only if they wanted to.

On a side note, If you want to read more on the early development of MOTU, check out the awesome interview of Mark and Rebecca Taylor over at Battle Ram Blog!

The packaging features the main figure in the middle with the alternate outfits you can put on the figure on either side.  The SDCC packaging features the Barbarian-style “He-Man” (ahem, Vykron) in the middle, so I had to make sure that was the packaging I got for my shelf.  As for buying three more of these sets to make sure I had one of each outfit to display on my shelf, I just got them from Matty’s site when they went up for sale.  I sunk a lot of money on this particular release now that I think about it. FOUR sets!

The back of the package has many of the figures that were out during this time period.

The bio tries to explain the rationale for all three outfits for one figure.  It turns out that Vykron was a gladiator and he entertained not only by killing people for other’s entertainment but also by doing so with outlandish costumes.  Well, they all do contrast and seem like they are from many different times, but I guess a guy has to do what he has to do to pump the crowd up.  The bio goes on to say poor Vykron met his demise by the hands of Gygor, who ripped him in half! What a way to go!  I suppose that helps hype up Gygor, right?

Seeing how there are three different outfits for Vykron, I’m going to work my way from my least favourite to my favourite. I think you can tell which one gets top honors already, though, just from the packaging I picked to display.

Before I start, all the pieces that come with the figure interchange easy.  The leg and forearm pieces clip on, armor is placed on the torso after removing the head, and the helmet/head pieces just pop on and off.  Hell, you can mix and match if you wanted.  I’ll also mention all three of my figure’s articulation (standard MOTUC stuff) is still solid.

The first one is the jet pack donning version.  This look doesn’t really work for me.  I think it may be the outfit and the colour.  I would say it was the jet-pack but I didn’t hate Icarius for his.  I dunno.  I think I just don’t find it overly exciting and the jet pack itself perhaps needed some more love by getting more paint on it.

Up close, the face and the helmet work well together.  He looks determined and the mask still allows you to behold the expression.  Even with the helmet on the figure, it’s great to see how Matty’s factory could nail the paint on the eyebrows and eyes and let them shine.


There’s one large gun for this look/outfit but it’s pretty plain.  There’s not a lot of work on it at all and no additional paint.  My weapon also slants down a bit, making it look off.  So, my least favourite weapon goes along well with my least favourite look for this figure.

The next outfit is Vykron dressed up like a big tank.  It reminds me of that Super Go-Bot, Destroyer.  Remember that thing?  The outfit also resembles a battle tank and kinda place our kind of Earth artillery into the world of MOTU/Eternia.  It’s kinda weird to see but then again, aren’t many MOTU characters weird? I just can’t ever not think of the Go-Bot looking at this figure, though.

Close up, you can see the great work on the “face” of the figure.  I also like how the armour feature what looks like two lights.  On the shoulders, I really like how they have the track of a tank represented.

There’s a gun that protrudes from the head, ready to shoot (no innuendo intended).  I wish it wasn’t such a soft plastic because the one on mine is bent off to the side a bit.


The weapon for this look is an assault rifle.  Again, this is more of a modern, Earth weapon to go along with a figure in MOTU lore.   It makes sense to go with the look of the figure but, again, it’s odd to see something so “earth-like” in MOTU.


All gripes aside about not necessarily “feeling” MOTU it does keep the nature of the original prototype in tact and it is a cool looking figure.


Here’s my favourite look of the three – the barbarian/gladiator look.  I think I like it the best because it resembles He-Man more.  I really like how the “fur” was added to the back of the harness because it stays true to the original prototype’s soft goods, but also differentiates from He-Man’s harness.


While I’m a fan of this look for Vykron, the helmet piece looks funny to me.  It reminds me of a spinning top and more for his gladiator show-boating rather than being functional.  You have to admire the little jewel in the middle, though.

You can see the right eyebrow on this figure’s face didn’t get painted as well as the other face.


What better weapon for this figure to carry and use than one big-assed axe? This thing is cool looking and I’m glad the handle was crafted long enough to be held with both hands.  This figure just looks awesome with it.


Seeing how I bought multiple sets, I kept one extra axe so I could have him dual-wield them on my shelf when I want to vary up the posing of the figure.


Having all three variants of Vykron all side by side on my shelf makes me appreciate the history of Masters of the Universe and it’s weird to see what the line could have been if it was just developed from the first prototypes.  I know there was some mixed feelings on this set when it was first announced but I thought it was an excellent idea, hence why I bought so many.