NECA Ultimate Figures: Michael Myers, Gremlin, Alien Warrior & Bride of Chucky Review

dsc_0133The last two weeks have been great for me finding new NECA figures here in Ontario.  Usually these new figures are hard to find for me but my local comic/collectibles place, Heroes, and EB Games have been on the ball getting new figures in.

I’m pumped to be sharing these figures with you.  For new people to the site – I keep these in the boxes.  No, it’s not to make money or because I think I’m sitting on a gold mine for when I eventually retire.  It’s because I love the packaging, I love how I can look at the figure when I open up the window-box packaging they all feature, and I just simply don’t have the room to display all these figures loose.  The point of these features on my site is to share my thoughts on the figures and showcase them for those yet to find them.  With that statement, here’s my rundown!


Ultimate Gremlin

It wasn’t up until about a year or two ago that I watched Gremlins again. I had not watched it since my teen years so  I scored it and Gremlins 2 on Blu Ray and watched them.  Revisiting these films now with the eyes and mind of an adult and parent,  I was amazed with the level of violence and gore (and dark humour) in them.  As a kid, it was a fun ride. As an adult not having watched in years and years, I was blown away and it made them such a treat to watch!  While I still don’t have a NECA Gizmo, when this Ultimate Gremlin was announced, I knew I had to have it.  Re-watching the movie was a big part of that “must-have” feeling.

I love the packaging for this figure.  I’m was a child in the 80s and the VHS/movie poster art used for these boxes just whisk me back to a time where not very much mattered except for having fun.  The back showcases the figure in various poses with all the accessories included.

I think I’m only going to state this once so I don’t sound like a broken record throughout this feature.  All these feature a flap that can be opened that feature an awesome picture of the figure on the inside of it. The figure is clearly seen on the right.  This type of packaging is a huge reason I love NECA.  They have collectors like me who like to buy and display their figures like this in mind.  As well, stuff is easily removable for those who rotate the figures they display.

First off, the accessories the figure comes with are plentiful.  You get some candy (cough, not Skittles), a chocolate bar (I guess “candy bar” if you’re in the US), playing cards to put in the figure’s hand, a large pop  (“soda” in the US – c’mon, I’m Canadian!), a huge mug of beer, and, believe it or not, a cigarette! While I don’t smoke or advocate it, I’m glad that NECA included it.  At the bottom of the packaging, there are two popcorn bags (to fit over the ears) and 3-D glasses taped onto the plastic tray.  I totally forgot to mention them in my video review.

The work on the sculpting of the body and the scales is top notch.  I think the figure really shines with the paint application because it really accentuates the sculpting.  It blows my mind we can’t get decent paint done on the current Masters of the Universe figures for $35 US where these figures are done so well for less.

The head sculpt is so damn good. The figure looks evil and up to no good, but it also gives off the sense that it’s laughing at something funny or at a victim’s demise.  I will say that one pupil looks off just at bit (the right) but that’s minuscule.  I think people who love Gremlins more than anything will buy a few of these to display them with all the different accessories.


Ultimate Michael Myers

Fans gushed when NECA announced they had the license to the 2018 sequel to one of horror’s most beloved franchises.  While many are still waiting for the re-acquisition of the license for the original movie (and sequel), you can be happy Randy snagged the rights to make figures from the newest installment, with Laurie recently being announced.

I read that some of the boxes in the first run didn’t have the sticker indicating the pumpkin included could light-up.  As you can see, mine had it.  The figure is shown on the back in various poses, showcasing all the accessories.  I dig the pose the figure is put in on the inside flap.

While Michael Myers is relentless and scary, there really isn’t much to his mask or his coveralls in terms of them being overly complicated.  The great thing is the look and texture of the overalls is done well here as with the little touches on the masks to make them look as accurate as possible.  Michael Myers is one of those characters that just has a presence that is unsettling and the figure captures that presence very well.

The figure comes with a Judith Myers gravestone, four alternate (bloody) hands, a severed head (yes! Just look at that thing!), a knife, hammer, and fire poker.  There’s quite a bit here to give your Michael Myers the look you want on your shelf.  I can’t wait for Laurie now.


Ultimate Alien Warrior

Want to know a secret? This is my first NECA alien.  I have the Alien Queen (the very first release of it, thanks to my wife for an anniversary gift) but no single boxed or carded Xenomorph.  The only one I have in my collection is from McFarlane from years and yeas ago.  I’ve been waiting for an awesome one just like this for a long time and I snagged it as soon as I saw it on the shelf.

This figure comes in two paint versions: brown and blue.  I picked up the brown one as I like it the best.  That’s the only difference between the releases besides the colour of the figure and the front of the box and the pictures on the back.  In retrospect I should have picked up both as I knew I’d regret it later.

The box for this figure is a bit taller than the regular NECA boxed figures but that’s because the figure is larger and man, there’s a lot of goodness included with this figure for the $34 price point (Canadian that is, folks).   You can see from the back of the package, and the inside flap, that this figure is highly poseable.

First off, the level of detail in the sculpt on this sucker blows me away.  Look at all those nooks and crannies! Seriously, without reverting to describing english muffins, there is a lot of work that went into this figure.  The paint wash and application on it also helps bring out the intricacies.  I’m so blown away by this I think I may pick up an extra one when I have the cash to display somewhere in my house (once I score a blue one to keep like this one).

If the figure isn’t enough for you (and it should be), NECA also include a highly detailed facehugger, egg, and blood covered chestburster.  Everything is done so well you can’t help but be blown away by the price point.


Henrietta (Ash vs. The Evil Dead)

Here’s an older figure that was released last year.  I love Ash Vs. The Evil Dead (RIP) and the Henrietta character from it (and Evil Dead 2) so it was only fitting that I add this grotesque figure to my collection.  Seriously, this will be one that will gross out many who look at my collection (and probably impress them at the same time). I just thought because I bought it within the same two week period as these more recent figures and it was a NECA figure, I’d give it some love on here.

As you can see, this line didn’t come in window-box packaging, as it’s not in the “Ultimate” line.  That’s fine with me because the figure can be seen clearly (although the packaging on this one I bought isn’t the best) and the back features some cool photos.

This figure is so nasty, it’s awesome.  It’s bloated yet rotting; human yet undead.  The work done on it is so outstanding that it’s hard not to just say click the pictures and take it all in (or watch my vid).  If you’re a horror fan, you need to pick this figure up, even if you’re not a fan of the franchise.

The figure comes with two heads, one more monster-like than the human/zombie style head.  Both are pretty recognizable for this character and are done very well.  I always preferred the monster look, though, and it also recently came with the Mezco 1:12 figure (see my review).


Ultimate Bride of Chuck Set

The final figures I picked up are Chucky and Tiffany in the Bride of Chucky two-pack.  Due to the massive amount of stuff included in this set, the box is larger.  The price was just over $60 but when you consider what you get here, I would have paid $80 Canadian for it.

I love the variety of pics of both figure in various poses with the alternate heads are featured on the back and inside flap while it’s also cool to see Tiffany and Chucky each adorn the sides of the box.


For anyone worried about getting another similar Chucky so soon after scoring the Ultimate Chucky figure last year, there’s no need to fret.  Besides maybe the arms and legs, there is no overlap here.  The torso is new and so are all three portraits included.  NECA does Chuck right and his looks from the Bride of Chucky film are all included here.

While Chucky (and all the alternate heads) is impressive, I think there will be many clamoring for this set to get Tiffany because this is the first time NECA has done Tiffany.

The outfit, especially with the soft goods for the dress, is impressive.  I like that you have the option to take the leather jacket piece off and swap the arms to turn her the innocent bridal doll.

There’s so much here in terms of accessories, it’s mind blowing.  You get two shovels,  a wine bottle, a baster, a necklace, two knives, two guns, interchangeable hands, and an axe.  You could buy six of these sets and have so many different combinations of figures on your shelf.  That’s some damn good value!


While buying all these figures took a little hit out of my bank account, I’m not going to complain.  The figures are well done and everything from the sculpts to the paint, to the accessories, and to the packaging are all thought out well.  I think I’m more happy than anything that it wasn’t a struggle to get any of these figures.

Enjoy the video!