WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Predictions


Source: WWE.com

It’s time to rumble! Royally rumble, that is!   One of my favourite PPVs, the Royal Rumble, is this Sunday and this show usually brings great entertainment. The endings, though, have been another story over the past five years.

I found the lead-up to this year’s show to be really lacklustre.  The McMahons and Triple H went on TV to say they heard the fans (or saw the drop in ratings) and were looking to change things up.  Nothing has changed at all.  So far, it’s been empty promises except for maybe a few more people getting more exposure on TV than usual.  All this could be a huge write-up/feature in itself.

I’m running down the card with the matches currently announced.  As always, if things change, I’ll update.


Rusev (Champ) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura –
United States Championship Match (Kickoff Show)

Source: WWE.com

I’d usually say this match being on the Kickoff Show is because it not good enough for the main show.  I don’t think that’s the case here because the actual show, at four hours long, is jam packed so placing this on the pre-show to give these two more exposure is a good thing.

Now, it’s also possibly on the pre-show because this feud, to me anyway, isn’t engaging.  Yeah, they tossed Lana getting hurt in to try and get something for people to be invested in, but I feel Shinsuke has been misused since his debut and has cooled off substantially.  It’s a shame.  It doesn’t help that Rusev should have had gold around his waist way earlier than this, particularly when “Rusev Day” was red hot.  So here we are.

I don’t think there was a title change on a pre-taped show for Rusev just to drop it so soon.  There’s no story with Nakamura chasing the US Championship so I think he’ll be losing here and moving on to something else while Rusev will start a program with someone heading to Wrestlemania. Well, if we don’t get a US Championship Elimination Chamber match first.

Winner: Rusev


Buddy Murphy vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Kalisto vs. Hideo Itami –
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match (Kickoff Match)

Source: WWE.com

The 205 Live crew are always exciting to watch, even though I find the show’s progress to not be as entertaining (they should take a page from NXT).  Buddy Murphy has been turning heads with his matches since last year and I see no reason to take the title off of him simply because I don’t think there’s anyone in this match to be more invested in.  Hopefully Buddy Murphy eventually gets a placement on one of the main rosters down the road.  This will be an exciting match to watch.

Winner: Buddy Murphy


The Bar (Champs) vs. The Miz & Shane McMahon –
Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

“The Land of Opportunity,” huh? Maybe this is why ratings are down.  It’s supposed to be about the wrestlers/talent and yet Shane McMahon has been involved in matches over the past year and now he’s in a match for the Smackdown tag team championship.  Just on that basis alone, I’m routing for The Bar to win.  There should be no chance in hell (yep, intended) that McMahon should be on a team that wins the titles.

The big question is if this is all just a rouse for one of the members on the Miz/McMahon team to embarrass the other.  It wouldn’t surprise anyone if The Miz double crosses Shane as revenge for the whole “Best in the World” tournament.  On the other hand, Shane was more of the heel by inserting himself into the tournament (well, it pissed me off) so is there something up Shane’s sleeve to stick it to The Miz for trying to ride Shane’s coattails?  The one thing I never get, though, is if a double cross is going to happen, why go through the whole match? Why save your partner acting like you want to win and get the hell beat out of you just to turn on someone after 15-25 minutes?

I just hope they don’t win the championship on the basis that solid teams need a championship more than a makeshift team like these The Miz and McMahon.  I also don’t want them to win, a turn happen, and then the belts being vacated, causing a tournament, or one of them replacing the other with a different partner.  It could all be a mess, but stranger things have happened.  My prediction is more based on who I want to win.

Winners: The Bar


Asuka (Champ) vs. Becky Lynch –
Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

This is gonna be one hell of a match.  WWE should just let these two go at it for a full 25-30 minutes and tear the house down.  I’m curious to see how the crowd will react to Asuka during this due to being so behind Lynch.  Will it be more extreme than what we heard on Tuesday?

WWE would be absolutely stupid if they weren’t gunning for Lynch/Rousey for Wrestlemania and I think the majority of fans agree.  The thing I’m unsure about is if we’re going to get a champion vs. champion scenario or if Lynch will somehow get the chance to face Raw’s champion.

The champion vs. champion scenario, while awesome, probably wouldn’t work because the winner of the Royal Rumble mtach gets a title shot at Wrestlemania.  I suppose they could create a triple threat match.  If Lynch or Rousey pin each other, they win both championships.  If the third person (winner of the Rumble) pins one of them, they would win that championship.  It’s “WCW messy” but it could work.

What I think is going to happen is Rousey will interfere in Lynch’s match somehow, causing Lynch to lose.  Lynch could then jump into the women’s Royal Rumble match and win to get a shot at Wrestlemania.

No matter what the outcome, this match, and how they’re building Lynch towards Wrestlemania, is what I’m looking forward to the most on this show.

Winner: Asuka


Ronda Rousey (Champ) vs. Sasha Banks –
Raw Women’s Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

It will be very interesting to see where all these matches are placed on the card.  If Rousey costs Lynch the title, could Lynch cost Rousey her title and use all the interference to build to their match while the focus on the titles is used to build up other women on the roster?  The heat between Lynch and Rousey really don’t need titles to accentuate the feud.

On the other hand, this is a Rousey match and if there’s no interference, then you know who is winning this and that’s why I just can’t get into matches with Rousey now.  I just don’t see her getting pinned for the first time until Wrestlemania and even that is potentially a long shot unless they’re planning to turn her and bring her cronies from NXT in.

Winner: Ronda Rousey


2019 Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Source: WWE.com

It’s kinda sad that the only person announced who seems like they have any potential shot at winning this match is Charlotte Flair.  I mean, look at the promo pic.  Nattie isn’t going against anyone for the championship, Nia Jax isn’t getting another shot soon, and Bayley, well, she’ll just hug someone.  Flair is who I’m putting my money on unless Lynch puts herself into the match in order to find a way to Rousey.  If Lynch doesn’t, then I’m positive Charlotte will win this.

Unfortunately, I’m not interested in a triple-threat women’s championship match at Wrestlemania.  I want to see Lynch and Rousey go at it.  With the Elimination Chamber match PPV before Wrestlemania, a title opportunity could be used before then and/or championship holders could change.  It’s not like the Royal Rumble winner gets a clear one-on-one title opportunity anymore as so many variables are at hand and if Charlotte wins, perhaps she will wait to announce who she will face after that PPV (and maybe go after Asuka). Would I like to see someone fresh win the women’s Royal Rumble and get the nod? Yep! Will it happen? Not likely.

Winner: Charlotte Flair but if Lynch enters, Lynch wins.


2019 Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Source: WWE.com

I really don’t think WWE is going to go down the path to Braun Strowman winning the Rumble to get to Lesnar again.  Mind you, the match would be a good one and Strowman also needs revenge from his match at Crown Jewel.  I think the rumours of Seth Rollins being groomed to be the one to face Brock Lesnar and take the championship off the lazy mo-fo (who appeared to wear a replica belt instead of the real one on Monday’s Raw).  I would actually like to see that match at Wrestlemania so I’d route for that.  Unfortunately, Strowman and Rollins appear to be the only two likely to win this match, so it kind of takes away the suspense of the match – just like the whole Reigns winning BS from the last few years. Is it a possibility that AJ Styles enters to try and get another shot at Lesnar if he doesn’t win his match? It’s possible, but again, unlikely.

Winner: Seth Rollins


Daniel Bryan (Champ) vs. AJ Styles –
WWE Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

I am pumped to watch these two go at it again.  Daniel Bryan (who I refuse to call “The New Daniel Bryan”) is getting some major heat from the crowd right now.  Personally, I think what Daniel Bryan is saying is very truthful and being a champion for the world.  I personally don’t hate him for anything he is saying.  The whole rationale of hating Daniel Bryan for being an outspoken advocate to make the world a better place and calling humanity out on their stupidity.  I know Vince McMahon, stuck in his billionaire old-way of thinking thinks it’s funny and a great way of getting heat, just like the stubborn people who believe Donald Trump’s lies and clear as day BS, but I guess there are a base of irrational thinking nut-jobs out there.

Personal view aside, these two will hopefully aim for the match of the night and I do not doubt that Daniel Bryan will do something to cheat to win so more heat is on him.  It would make no sense to have Styles win the championship back with so much going into Bryan’s character.  Styles not being the champion gives him a well deserved break and we know he could have another run down the road.  I just hope the rumoured program with Randy Orton won’t be coming to fruition.  Where Daniel Bryan faces at Wrestlemania, I’m not sure who could be in that spot yet.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


Brock Lesnar (Champ) vs. Finn Bálor –
Universal Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

Vince has wasted so much money with this whole Lesnar thing.  So much money.  I guess the devil’s advocate side is that no matter who faces Lesnar at Wrestlemania and beats him (or possibly takes the title off of him beforehand), will be a hero in my eyes, and the eyes of many!

Does anyone believe that Bálor has a shot here? Really?  Bálor won’t even break out “The Demon” for this? If there was a time to come out as The Demon, this would be it!

I really can’t write more about this because there will be no surprise here and my expectations are low. Lesnar is unfortunately heading to Wrestlemania.  Nothing in WWE is changing and they’re not listening to the fans.

Winner: Brock Lesnar