Hot Toys Dark Side Anakin Skywalker Sixth Scale Figure Review


I’m usually on the ball when it comes to featuring sixth scale figures that have come out in a certain time frame and I’m a little late with this one.  The main reason is I had some stuff happen in the summer where my money had to go.  The other reason was I was really, really back and forth on whether or not I should order this figure.

This figure was announced as a SDCC exclusive for the show, with extras being available later on near the end of August on Sideshow Collectible’s website.  Lots of collectors were pissed because this is basically the same figure as the Anakin Skywalker (see my review) that was released a few months earlier except this figure features a “Dark Side” portrait and a new base.  Many figured Hot Toys could have included the extra head and the base with the original figure for perhaps $50 more and made it a “deluxe” version.  Instead, those who already had normal version had to sell theirs to get this or suck it up, keep their original figure and buy this one.

Thankfully for me, things worked out after I cancelled my pre-order back at the end of August because I ended up getting this from a seller here in Ontario for much less than what it goes for on Sideshow’s site and I didn’t have to pay shipping, duties, or taxes! I could justify spending the money on this figure finally (well, to a degree).

Full disclosure, because this figure is the same as the regular Anakin figure with the aforementioned differences, this feature may be lighter on text as what I said in my review of the normal Anakin figure can be applied here.

The box is the same old, same old except for the “Sideshow Exclusive” sticker on it.  Inside, my figure was packed well and featured yet another awesome collage.

This figure is just over 12″ tall and all the articulation is the usual Star Wars sixth scale figure articulation that many of the others have.  On this figure, the ankle articulation is hindered a bit due to the boots and there’s none in the torso/waist area.

The figure comes with a Jedi robe, just like the Light Side version but I think the robe that came with that one was better.  It sat more naturally on the figure and the sewing and stitching was better.  I show some close ups in the video at the end of this feature.

I don’t know if it’s me or how the hoods are made but I am never satisfied with how they hang on the figure’s head.  Odds are how I’m trying to position them and I’m not the best at it. Perhaps I just haven’t worked the wiring in the hood enough or I just never realized how huge they were in the films.

Getting back to the outfit, the top tunic looks and feels like real leather. The tailoring for the pants and under-tunic are solid and sewn well.  I find the clothing to be tucked in tighter and looks more tidy than my original Anakin figure, with each section layered perfectly.

The belt also is also faux-leather material and I found the pouches and other items attached to it (that are not removable) to have more of a plastic look and feel on the original figure and this one is, of course, the same.  The boots are also faux-leather but they look great.

I was really amazed with the work on the portrait and gushed over it in my original review.  The fantastic sculpt is used again for this figure but the main changes have to do with the skin tone and the paint.  The tone is actually quite lighter and pasty, giving the sense the life has been sucked out of Anakin.  The scar isn’t as pronounced as I would like, but it does stand out more than the Light Side version due to the skin tone.

I’ll give props again to the hair on this figure.  The work done on it is so awesome and is one of my favourite sculped hair pieces from all the figures I own.

The figure comes with an additional seven hands, making the total nine for maximum posing.  The majority of them came with the original release.


This figure also comes with the same two additional arms as the first release.  The first is his robotic arm with the fingers and thumb being fully articulated at each knuckle and able to bend.  The forearm can also spin around separate from the elbow piece so you can move that part of the arm and the wrist.  It is easy to swap in and out.


Anakin comes with his lightsaber with a removable blade. The hilt is finely detailed and replicates what you see on the screen well.  This figure comes with the “in-action” swinging blade piece where the original figure did not.  While I love the look of them, I find them to be a bit heavy for the figures to hold in the position you want.  I also have to mention this figure does not come with the Count Dooku lightsaber accessory that the regular Anakin figure did.

Just like the Light Side figure, Hot Toys include two little pieces that allow the hilt to hang on his belt.  I didn’t take a pic of it for this feature or show it in the vid, so check out my other Anakin review for that.

The second swapable arm the figure comes with the battery powered one (batteries included).  I found the lightsaber didn’t glow very bright with the Light Side figure but this one was a lot brighter.  I’ve read that the batteries Hot Toys provides aren’t the best and if you want to see the power of the lighting (that almost sounds Star Wars-esque), get new batteries right away.  I didn’t but these batteries probably had more juice in them because this glowed a hell of a lot brighter.

Swapping the arms in and out isn’t hard.  Where the issue is for me is with the plastic piece that goes on Anakin’s right arm.  It’s hard to get back on securely because the clothing gets bunched up.  It’s also a pain in the ass to turn on and off because you have to remove the plastic piece and put it back on to activate the switch.  It’s why I didn’t keep it on my Light Side Anakin figure.

The really cool extra that comes exclusively with this figure is the base.  This is one of the panning droids that was featured on Mustafar that Anakin and Obi-Wan rode on while dueling.  It is sculpted to be floating in lava.  I love how not only the droid is sculpted, with excellent attention to detail all over and how they used plastic for the wiring, but I also really love the way they created the lava.

If you snag yourself three AA batteries, you can insert them into the bottom, flick the switch, and be amazed at how bright this piece shines.  You can even see how bright it is in the pictures below with all the lights on.

Turning off the lights allows you to really see how bright this piece is.

I won’t have room to pose the figure on the base, unfortunately, unless I take a section out of my Detolf shelf.  Fortunately, you can get a lot of great poses with this figure.  Click the images to see the larger pics.


Hands-down, this is quite an amazing figure, especially if you just separate yourself from the fact that all the extras could have been included as a deluxe package in the first place and just focus on the figure itself.  It’s probably more amazing if you don’t own the Light Side version.  Thankfully the work on the Dark Side portrait and the awesome base do give you some “new figure satisfaction” if you own the Light Side veriosn.

Unfortunately, I understand the frustration if you are someone that could only choose one figure over the other or were bummed out that this figure got announced after the first Anakin started shipping.  I consider myself lucky because if I didn’t get the deal I did, I’d still probably be debating about getting this figure to go along with the Light Side version.


Enjoy the video!