Masters of the Universe “Holiday He-Man” by Super7 Review


It’s January and I’m featuring a holiday/Christmas figure! How nuts is that? I suppose not that crazy in the collecting world.  I finally got the special Holiday He-Man by Super7 in this week and needed to feature it ASAP before we were really removed from that special time of year.

Long story short: these went up in “really limited quantities” at the beginning of December and I missed out due to my job.  Same goes for when some went back up for sale a few days later.  All of a sudden, a few days later, these were available at Big Bad Toy Store for more money than Super7 was offering.  It didn’t look good for the company in the eyes of many.  How could they be available for a lower price in “limited quantities” on Super7’s site and then there was more than enough to go around at a higher price ($25 US more) on BBTS’s site?  Blows my mind.  This feature isn’t about figuring that out or going into the partnership between the two companies but it was enough to rub many the wrong way and stuff like that should be communicated transparently.

Suffice to say, I could have just voted with my wallet and not purchased anything at all.  Unfortunately, I’m one of those with an almost complete loose and carded MOTUC collection (missing two figs) so I had to snag this figure.  As well, I knew this was just a He-Man figure with a new face sculpt, Santa hat and special Power Sword (not to mention unique packaging) so the old joke from The Simpson involving Malibu Stacey being released with a new hat kinda applies here.  There’s so much more that Super7 could have done with this figure instead of what we got, but like I said, I knew that and still bought it, so to bitch about that point is moot. I’m here to give my two cents on my purchase.

One of the cool things about this purchase is how it was packaged and I this is one of the reasons I wanted to buy this.  Not only did it come in a large shipper box  (my two weren’t damaged because they were shipped in a larger box – see the video at the end of the feature to see them), but the figure was gift wrapped in MOTU wrapping paper! This was the art by Earl Norem that was featured in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe magazine I had as a kid.  It looks awesome and many people have already asked if Super7 could release it in some way so others could wrap gifts with it.  I would!  I unwrap my figure in the video at the end of the feature if you want to see me carefully remove it.

Once the wrapping paper is off, you’re greeted with the Club Grayskull packaging and the slipcase is covered in snow! Not only that, there’s a wreath on the jaw bridge of Castle Grayskull and a little Orko snowman on the side.  I really like that the teeth have snow on them!

Taking the slip cover off allows you to see the figure clearly.  The back of the box features an illustration of He-Man all ready to deck the halls (or Skeletor) and that cute little Orko snowman is on the side.  It’s too bad we didn’t get a little Orko snowman figure included in this release.  There’s always hoping for next year with a Santa He-man, right?



Out of the box, it’s just He-Man.  Nothing special or new to see here.  The articulation is the usual stuff and thankfully my figure didn’t have any loose joints.  The one thing you’ll definitely notice is the amount of baby oil He-Man placed on his body.  I don’t know if it’s an Eternia holiday tradition to lather yourself in it, but I’m learning.  In all seriousness, he’s really glossy and I’m not a fan of it.  Even his loin cloth shines.  Look at that shiny ass!

One other thing that is a little weird is that the shoulder piece on the right side of the figure is lower than the one on the left and it makes his right arm hang a tad lower.  I’m not sure why that is.


The overly glossy look is also found on the head.  He kinda reminds me of me in high school as no amount of Oxy Pads couldn’t get rid of the excess oil.  The sculpt itself isn’t the best.  There’s something off about it that I just can’t put my finger on.  I think it may be OK but with it being very glossy, the eyebrows being painted thick, and the pupils painted like he’s always looking up, all those issues combined throw the sculpt off.

The hat isn’t removable and nothing on it moves.  I’m wondering if it would have been cool for Super7 to take a risk and offer a soft goods hat instead.  Then again, if they did, I’m sure there would be people bitching about that, too.

The only accessory this figure comes with is the Power Sword that is made to look like a candy cane.  By the power of peppermint!


I tell you, it’s hard to take He-Man seriously when he’s facing a foe with a sword that looks like this.  It’s almost as if Orko used his magic and messed stuff up again.  I can see Beast Man and Mer-Man fight over who is going to lick the sword first while Skeletor yells at them.

I decided to show the Club Grayskull He-Man from Matty Collector alongside Holiday He-Man so you can see the differences in the face sculpt and the level of shine.  I also did a picture of both those figures with the recent Laughing Prince Adam figure so you can see how much taller the Prince Adam figure is than these two.  Here’s hoping the regular Prince Adam Super7 is releasing later on this year will be in scale.


Again, I knew what I was getting when I ordered this figure.  I know more effort could have been given to make something even more special (although the packaging is well thought out and unique).  Getting the figure in hand, I wish the head sculpt was done better and the over-glossy look really needs to end.  In the end, though, it is a fun little figure that will be fun to have out during the holidays in my living room.  In the meantime, the figure standing in front of the wrapped figure I have will add something really unique to my MOTU display.


Enjoy the video!