Masters of the Universe Mega Construx Figures Series 1-3 Review


Although I’m behind with these little figures, I couldn’t help but give them some love here on Electrified Porcupine.  Here in Canada (well, my city), these periodically showed up without warning.  Hell, I found He-Man early last year although he (and Skeletor) were out in the US way beforehand.  I was lucky to find the others throughout the year but I still had to order Skeletor off of Ebay.

Yeah, just like many other things I collect, I’m leaving these in the packaging as I’ve only come across one of each.  On top of that, I know with my daughter and dogs, if these were taken out, things would be lost quickly.  Keeping them in the package allows me to just hang them on the wall.

I’m going to do a quick breakdown on each figure and there’s also a video at the end of the feature for your viewing pleasure!


Series One – He-Man

The most powerful man in the universe needed to be the first figure of the series, right? That goes without saying.  All of the packaing of the figures features the toy enlarged on the side with all the accessories in clear view.  Each figure also includes a brick for the figure to stand securely on, as well as a nameplate.

Unfortunately for series one, there’s not too much to look at on the back of the packaging.

He-Man comes with the Power Sword and his shield.  They are sculpted really well and mimic the vintage accessories.

The figure has a surprising amount of detail sculpted onto boots, belt, and harness (as do all of them).  It’s actually quite cool to see they didn’t go with less detail just because it’s a mini action figure.

I’m not the biggest fan of the head, though.  The hair is OK but I think it’s the paint that ruins it, particularly the expression.  I’m sure they were going for an angry or aggressive look but it looks like a frown with a lot of teeth showing.  Nonetheless, it’s still a fun little figure.



Series One – Skeletor

I love the angle of the figure of Skeletor on the package.  Combined with the shadows, it actually looks intimidating.  The back of this package has a huge sticker on it.  I’m not sure why as this one I got from the US but it may have come somewhere else.

This figure really looks like it is a shrunken down version of the vintage figure, albeit with different joint articulation.  I love the work done on the outfit and the Havok Staff.

The face, while glossy, works really well for such a small little sculpt.  Even the various paint on it is impressive for a figure this tiny.  I think many people who haven’t seen this figure or gotten it yet will be in for a surprise with how great it is.  I sure was.



Series Two – Teela

Series two features another hero and villain.  For this wave, we get the heroic Teela.  The front of the package is in the same style while the back features the various figures from different properties.  I should have picked up Bender and Fry when I saw them a few months ago.

There are mostly positives with this figure.  Not only are the accessories well done, this figure has so much going on with the outfit sculpting, it’s borderline insane.  I can’t believe there’s that much work on the front of Teela’s outfit done.  On top of that all, the paint is pretty clean all over.

Speaking of paint, that’s where the main negative with the figure is.  The paint on the face, mainly the eyes, is atrocious.  I never realized how bad and uneven it was until I did the video for it (and before I did the pictures).  If I ever find another one out in the wild (doubtful), I’ll see if the paint on another one is better.  I wish the face looked like the one on the card.



Series Two – Beast Man

I don’t think it’s surprising the next villain in this series would be Skeletor’s right hand man, er, beast, Beast Man! The packaging for this figure is the same as Teela’s.

Beast Man is also giving the same excellent attention to detail on his outfit as Teela did.  Not only is there texture sculpted on it, as well as the limbs, the paint is clean on the emblem, too!  While some may find the the outfit and armor too glossy, I think it really helps contrast everything in a positive way.

The paint could be a bit cleaner on the face as it looks like it’s off just a bit around the eyes.  Should we expect perfection? I’m not too bothered.  Hell some companies can’t even get it right with large figures.



Series Three – Faker

Series three only features one figure: Faker.  I’m not sure if the one figure was still just testing the waters and trying to recoup some dough by reusing the He-Man figure and the Skeletor armor.  The back of the packaging features more new figures for this line.  I needed up ordering Leonardo from the seller I got Skeletor from as I have many TMNT Mega Blocks/Mega Construx figures.

First off, the sculpt on the face for He-Man/Faker shines more here because it doesn’t have that painted on teeth-baring expression.  The paint on the eyebrows and the eyes are clean, making the sculpting work on the face shine.

The Power Sword and armor are reuses, but it’s nice an axe was thrown in as something new.

Major props for having the computer/tape player painted on such a tiny figure to make it really resemble the vintage figure.  It’s something that they didn’t have to do but did it anyway.


Mattel/Mega Construx have all of these figures currently out in a five-pack in the US, along with Man-At-Arms and Evil-Lyn, as well as the Wind Raider (that also comes with He-Man and Skeletor).  Last year, Castle Grayskull was even shown.  I’m not 100% sure if that is seeing the light of day but I’d sure buy it.  This is a fun little line and I’ll keep hunting for them as long as they keep making them.  Let’s hope us Canucks get more access to them.

Enjoy the vid!