Pennywise the Clown “It” Movie Figures From NECA Toys Review


It seems like I say it quite a bit on this site, but I’m late to the party.  Not only have these figures been out for quite a while now, I wasn’t even planning on getting them.  It’s not that the figures I’m featuring today aren’t cool or well done, but with the lack of room I have and the expendable money available, I have to choose what properties I’m going to collect.  That being said, my awesome wife snagged me two of these Pennywise figures from NECA Toys for me for Christmas.  Then I had to snag the exclusive a week later because well, I’m like that.

Here’s my run down on these three excellent figures. I thought I’d give them some love on this site and perhaps this may convince some other fence-sitters to grab their own.


Pennywise from the 1990 It   Mini-Series TV Movie

This figure is based of the TV movie featuring Tim Curry as the horrific clown.  I remember watching this when it first aired and you never would have known it was Tim Curry behind all the make-up.  I also thought it was well done but I knew if it wasn’t on TV, there would have been so much more they could have done to make it better.

I love the packaging for the figure because it’s like the old VHS tapes featuring the same art used for it.  That creepy visage of Pennywise is all over this thing! The back features the figure in a few poses with all the alternate heads and hands it comes with.

As with many of the excellent NECA movie figures, the packaging opens up to reveal the figure in window-box packaging and picture of the figure itself on the other sleeve.  As an in-box collector, I simply love the design of these things.  Mind you, if you have the room to open and display the figures (which I don’t thanks to all my other stuff), you can easily put the figure and accessories back easily.


The window-box packaging allows you to see clearly the figure, the three heads, and the extra hands you can swap.  The balloons the figure comes with are just behind it all.


While I appreciated the reviews and the promo pics, it wasn’t until seeing it with my own eyes that I really took in the level of detail on the figure, especially with the outfit. You may only notice the oversized yellow outfit from afar, but on closer inspection, the vest and the sleeves are very impressive.  Look at how the stripe design is sculpted and painted! Check out the paint work done on the vest! It’s all quite magnificent.  I’ll also give props for the look of the pom-poms, too.


Although I’m impressed with the work on the outfit more now that I have the figure in-hand, I’m even more blown away with the four portraits.  Each are disturbing in their own way with my favourite being the one with the demonic one with some facial damage.  It’s amazing how many display options you can get from this figure and I can see huge fans buying four figures just to be able to display all four looks on their shelves.

Pennywise from the It   2017 Film

I’m not sure how many people knew that the reboot of It was going to get as big and do as well as it did, but I never thought so (all before seeing it, mind you).  It turns out I was really wrong.  I’m not saying I wasn’t swayed by the trailers but I just didn’t expect it to be such a cultural smash.  I’m sure NECA is glad they took that bet, though!

I love the packaging of this figure as it also features the movie poster for the front of the box and the figure posed different ways on the back.  I think many will be creeped out with the picture of Pennywise on the side of the box.

Once again, the window-box packaging allows you to see everything clearly.


The figure comes with three portraits, a balloon, two extra hands, and Georgie’s paper boat.


While the outfit may not be as complex as the previous figure, there’s still great work to be found here.  The frilly collar piece has many layers and I like how the sections of the arm are sculpted to look like they are naturally poofy.  The pom-poms on this figure are done a bit better than the 90s figure and I also really dig the work done on the shoes.  I’m a big fan of the sculpting and paint of the rope around the shoulders, wrists, and around the calves.


As mentioned, the figure comes with three portraits, all showcasing the terrifying visage of actor Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise.  Man, this is one frightening design and props should be given to those who designed the new look.

While I do like the demonic look quite a bit and the more somber looking face is done well, I think the portrait the figure is shipped with on is the best of the three.  There’s just something about it that is off-putting and sends that chill up my spine.  It totally captures the way Pennywise looks into the souls of the kids while you he is just the epitome of evil.

The paint work is pretty clean on all of the figures although I wish the pupils were a little more centered on the demonic head.  I am in awe of the way they sculpted and accentuated the forehead lines/wrinkles.  These faces are so well done.

Bloody Pennywise – Gamestop/EB Games Exclusive

When I saw this figure was being released, I thought to myself, this reboot is a certified hit.  If the demand wasn’t there, there wouldn’t be an exclusive to Gamestop in the US.  Thankfully I grabbed this from EB Games here in Canada and didn’t have to worry about Ebay prices and shipping (not to mention the dollar conversion).  After getting the other two figures  from my wife for Christmas, I just had to get this to complete the collection.

I really love the packaging on this exclusive because it features a lenticular cover.  The video embedded at the end of this feature from my YouTube channel shows you it in action.  If the first two covers weren’t nightmarish enough for you, I think this one will do the trick.  Pennywise is featured again in various poses on the back of the package on “missing” posters.

Window-box packaging is here again for collectors to admire the figure within without having to remove it or to scare people opening it up.


The figure comes with one extra portrait, a balloon with “I Love (heart) Derry” on it, one set of extra hands, and Georgie’s severed arm.  Morbid but awesome!


The figure is basically the same as the first one released except it is has sections of it covered in blood.  The neck ruffle piece is the section with the most blood and although I would have loved to see more blood on the figure, it makes sense due to the scene in the film this figure is representing.


The portrait the figure is shipped with on is a new sculpt and probably the one I would leave on the figure if I had the room to take it out and display it.  The demonic head came with the other figure but the extra blood on it, especially the splatter on the forehead, makes the reuse even better.

NECA has another Pennywise figure scheduled for release this year as well as an accessory pack.  You can bet I’ll be scoring both of those now thanks to how much these three figures wowed me.  Thank you again to my wife for not only two awesome figures as presents, but for another amazing Christmas holiday filled with fantastic memories of us and our daughter.  This one is dedicated to you both, although you don’t like clowns.

Enjoy the video!