Mezco One:12 Collective Evil Dead 2 Ash Figure Review


While Mezco’s One:12 Collective line has been going full steam for a while now, and embraced by many collectors, it wasn’t until recently with their Michael Myers figure did I give the line a chance.  Why? I love horror movies and figures based off certain properties and I wanted to see what the hype was all about.

While the Michael Myers figure was pretty good, it did have an issue with the outfit.  I did contact Mezco about it twice through Facebook and their customer service email.  I never got a response.  Not cool.  Nonetheless, I kept my preorder for this figure.

I’m a fan of The Evil Dead franchise and Ash (played by the remarkable Bruce Campbell) and although I have some NECA figures (use the search feature for more), an old McFarlane figure, and a sixth scale figure from Sideshow Collectibles, I can never have enough representation in my collection.  That’s what made this figure even more enticing.

The packaging for these One:12 figures is awesome. They are well protected with plastic on the outside and the inside so those who collect mint in box or those who will display and then put back in the box are all taken care of.  I really love how Mezco uses the promo pics showing everything that is included for the back of the box.  With these figures anywhere from $90-110 Canadian, people who have never got them need to see what they’re getting for the money.

The Evil Dead 2 font is in your face and I love how they have the woods in the background all over the back of the package.  Once the slipcase is off, you have a clear view of everything included, minus the thin plastic protecting everything.

The figure is just over 6″ tall, but not as tall as NECA’s figures.  It has some really solid articulation in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, knees and ankles.  The head has great movement, too.  I go through it all in the video at the end of this feature.

The biggest issue I have with this figure comes with being able to get it to stand straight.  It takes a lot of work and it’s almost like one leg is slightly shorter on my figure.  I go through this in my video as well and I’m curious if other collectors who picked this up are finding the same thing.  If I stand the figure up straight, have the soles of both boot flat on the ground and angle the torso so it’s straight, the figure will fall.

The outfit on this figure is done really well.  The denim shirt has a dirty, blood stained look to it and the torn piece seems like it was naturally done.  The belts and the holster for the shotgun accessory is carefully crafted and the buckles help with the realism.

The pants are stitched decently but his ass looks like he ripped his pants and tried to sew it himself.  I wish it looked a lot cleaner.  The details on the shoes are pretty good and it always amazes me the attention paid to footwear these days.

This figure comes with three different head sculpts/portraits.  The first one (and the one he comes packed with on) features scratches on his face and a serious tone.  I would give the accuracy on the face sculpt an 8.5 out of 10.  There’s no doubt that this is Bruce Campbell/Ash, but to me, it’s not 100% spot on.

I really do like the paint work done on the eyebrows, eyes, the scratches, and the eyes. Huge points there.  I also like how this head (and the others) all have a slight beard shadow.

The second head has blood oozing out of his injuries and from the top of his head.  This is done so very well.  I like how it’s all slightly glossy because it gives that over the top look the movie is known for.  While I’m not usually a fan of figures looking over to the side, it works with this figure and for the poses you’ll get with it.  The different sizes of the eyes, the way the eyebrows are done and the slight sneer all come together to make it all work.  This is the portrait I will probably have on my figure in my shelf.

The last head sculpt/portrait is of the demonic/possessed Ash.  It’s such another well done piece.  I love how the face is thinner with the skull being more apparent here, especially with the large orbital bones.

Not only is the paint done will all over the face, I have to give props for the paint on the teeth and mouth.  I can’t forget to mention how the neck has also been changed to match the overall look of the face.

For fun, I included three extra shots of the portraits from a quarter turn.

Some people are so used to a huge number of extra hands coming with these figures but Ash only gets two additional ones.  Considering one of his hands gets severed, it makes sense.  The two extra hands can hold items and the shotgun.

This figure comes with a stand the features the Evil Dead 2 logo, a bag for the accessories (such a cool idea) and a translucent stand that can help your figure stand evenly or jump up in the air.  The Michael Myers figure came with all this stuff and I still am pretty amazed Mezco includes this stuff.


One of the many other cool accessories the figure comes with is the Necronomicon.  For some reason, I recall the book being a bit lighter, but that could be my bad memory or it could be that the Necronomicon from the first movie was lighter.  It’s still done well, though.  There’s no questioning what this is.

While I would have liked a little stand for this book (or table), if you want to display it alongside your figure, you can do that or you can choose to have Ash hold it and admire it.  Tell him not to read it.

Also included is Ash’s evil, possessed, severed hand.  Not only is that cool in itself, Mezco gets much love from me for going the more adult route by offering a hand that is flipping Ash (and us) off.  Bravo, Mezco!

The attention to detail on this small little hand is amazing with the huge gash on the back of the hand that works its way the the middle of the palm and the work done on the wrist area.

Where would Ash be without his trusty chainsaw? One again, this small accessory doesn’t skimp on the attention to detail.  I’ve included an abundance of pictures just so you can see the excellent sculpting and paint from numerous angles.  This piece has me clamoring for Mezco to make a Leatherface figure now!

The chainsaw slides onto Ash’s wrist one you remove the right hand. I had no issue with it staying on.  I’d find it quite odd if there are people want to pose Ash without this on his hand.

You’ve seen the harness/holster for it and now you can see the shotgun that’s included with this figure.  I don’t think I can say anymore without sounding like a broken record – the paint and little details bring such a small little accessory to life.  This is some outstanding work.

You’re going to be having some fun posing Ash with the shotgun in his hand.  And yes, he’ll always have this in his hand on my shelf.  It’s all too cool to have sitting in the holster.  It does fit into the holster snug and you won’t worry about warping either piece.

If you think we’re done with all the extras, you’re mistaken.  You also get a deadite head! More specifically, you’re getting Henrietta’s head. Sweet f’n asscrackers, I am blown away.  I wish there was something included to display this on.

The sculpt and paint work done on this is also now making me really want a full figure! I don’t think that would happen as it would be a very niche market that would want it, but I can hope, right?  The one thing that I’m not sure is an issue (and I missed it in my video review) is the right eye on this head.  I’m not sure if the paint is supposed to be like that or if it’s a bunch of goop. Any comments in the comment section here or on my YouTube channel would be appreciated.

I know there’s no stand for the head but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it alongside Ash or under his foot.


You have so many posing options with this figure, it’s nuts.  You can swap two heads with various accessories or you can pose Ash possessed with no accessories. Hell, there may be people that buy three of these to have all the different heads displayed.  Yeah, I’ve done that with my MOTUC collection but with the price of these figures, that’s a no-go for me.

Yeah, this figure is pricey, I have issues with it standing upright how I want, the stitching on his ass seems off, and the portrait sculpt isn’t 100% but as an overall package, I am completely satisfied with this purchase.  The more pictures I took, the more I enjoyed this figure.  I think fans of the franchise will really like it and perhaps it may bring One:12 Collective fans into the franchise (and vice-versa).  I’m now looking forward to their Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger figures.


Enjoy the video review!