Star Wars: The Black Series Hoth Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo Exclusive Set Review

Today’s feature on my site will be a quick look at the most recent exclusive offering from Hasbro and the Star Wars Black Series line – the Hoth Han and Leia two-pack! This was available first to fans over in the UK (at EuroCon) and Entertainment Earth picked up up a few months later. The set is now long gone but there’s always the aftermarket where they seem to be going for about $15-20 (US) more than they were initially, which isn’t too bad.  I think it’ll be the shipping that will hurt most wallets.

I thought this set was going to be much larger than it turned out to be due to the promo pics, but it’s not actually that large.  You can see in the video embedded at the end of this feature as I rotate it around.

There’s a plastic covering over the box and the front of it has the Star Wars logo with some other info on it.  Mine doesn’t line up 100% but it’s nothing to be hard pressed about.


One side gives a fun little write-up about the scene we’re all familiar with in The Empire Strikes Back and a cool little picture of Han pointing at Leia on the opposite side.  The top has a window so you can look down on the figures if you really want to.  It’s really there  to give the scene some light so you can see the figures well through the front.  I do like the little touches to make it look like the top/outside of the Rebel Base.

Sliding open the plastic flaps allows you to see the really cool (pun intended) scene clearly.  There’s nothing too fancy about the cardboard graphics used but I think it’s done really well and leaves no question as to where this is all taking place.

The figures are held in place with plastic backings and ties.  They don’t really take away from the figures not being loose and as someone who is going to keep this set mint in the package, that works for me!


Before I get to giving my two cents on the figures, you can see the accessories for both of them are hanging in the corner of the packaging.  Leia has her tools from ESB for the work on the Millennium Falcon and her blaster.  Han comes with his blaster as well.


This Hoth Leia is identical to the single boxed figure that’s been hitting retail over the last few weeks.  I got mine in at the beginning of this week and I should have my look at that wave some time next week – or at least before Christmas, depending on when Dengar arrives.

The figure looks great and there’s enough of a colour difference between the vest and the rest of the outfit to differentiate between the two and also clearly see the detailing representing the stitching of the fabric.

The head sculpt is pretty good and captures Carrie Fisher’s likeness, although not as much as I think the Bespin one did that was just released a few months ago.  I think the work on the hair was done well, too.

For a comparison, you can also take a look at my review of the Sixth Scale version by Hot Toys that came out this year.

Han, to me, is the star of this pack.  I love the head sculpt on this one and the soft goods really accentuate the outfit.  It looks like Hasbro decided to go with the brown vest version of this figure for this and it’s only fitting seeing how we got a blue jacket version with the Taun Taun two-pack back in the day.  It has the same sculpt body sculpt used here.  Hopefully Hasbro releases this as an individual release for those who couldn’t snag this set – and I bet we’ll see that next year.  This is a great Han Solo figure!

For $50 US, I think the set is worth the money.  The shipping I paid from EE wasn’t too bad and I didn’t get hit with customs or extra taxes, so that’s even better! We’ve seen quite few exclusives for the Black Series line this year and it’ll be interesting where they sit on many collector’s year end lists.  I should maybe do one as I’ve never done them for this site.

Enjoy the video!