MOTU Laughing Prince Adam Figure by Super7 Review


It was so weird that the same day I got all three of the Power-Con exclusives in the mail (Dree Elle & Uncle Montork, Chopper, and Spikor), the Laughing Prince Adam figure also arrived.  It was a glorious day for MOTU mail!

For those of you not in the know, this figure is based off a YouTube video that went viral. It features Prince Adam singing Four Non Blonde’s song, “What’s Up?”  The animation is lifted from the Filmation cartoon and there are some fun guest appearances, too! I had no idea this video was actually around since 2005! Instead of summarizing, I’m posting a link to the history of the video here, and, of course, I have to embed it below.

Super7 surprised everyone making this available as an exclusive but went the extra mile to make sure that people could order these afterward so collectors and completists (like myself) had the opportunity to get this figure.

The figure comes in the Club Grayskull packaging, which makes sense because it was the Filmation footage used for the video and technically that makes this is a Filmation figure.  What I really love about the slipcover, and the packaging in general, is the sparkling effect used to make it tie-in with the effects used in the video.  It was a a great idea and people who just display their figures in the packaging will have something unique on their shelves.  I bought my usual two and this will look great behind the figure on my shelf.

The figure is just a regular MOTU Classics figure and features all the same articulation.  I’m happy that my figure didn’t have any articulation issues with joints being too tight or too loose. I’m still wishing for more up and down movement for the heads on these figures.

The paint work is clean, on the figure for the most part, but the pants and the hands seem to have this rough texture to them like there was something wrong with the paint they used or the application of it.  It comes off as cheap looking when you’re examining the aspects of the figure up close.  Thankfully we didn’t see this issue with the Power-Con figures or the last wave of the Collector’s Choice figures.

The head sculpt tries to capture Prince Adam laughing as he does in the cartoon/video.  I find there’s something just off a tad with it.  I think it has to do with how the hair looks or how it sits on the head.  It’s decent but it’s not 100% for me. I’m happy that the skin  doesn’t have that overly glossy look that has plagued some of Super7’s recent output.

The only accessory the figure comes with is the Power Sword.  I can’t really complain because I don’t think there’s really anything else that would relate to the figure.


It’s kinda odd to see Prince Adam laughing while holding his sword.  I suppose it adds to the whole comical side to having this figure.  You can see that the figure has a spot on the back for the sword to be placed and I think that’s where I’ll be sticking the sword when displaying the figure on my shelf.  Too bad one hand wasn’t sculpted open for knee-slappin’ action!

Here’s the release alongside the Club Grayskull He-Man and the Classics Prince Adam.  I’m surprised to see the little bit of height difference between the CG He-Man and Adam.  That would mean this figure would tower of the CG ladies!!!


If you have some other Club Grayskull figures in your collection, they’ll feel right at home being serenaded by (or laughing along with) Adam.


I was actually on the fence with this figure.  The complestist in me knew I had to get him but the realist in me was thinking, “do I really want a figure based on a viral video?” As it turns out this release ended up being a fun figure, although I have a few nit-picks with it.  The positive thing is I’m sure we’ll be getting a Club Grayskull Prince Adam next year.  Let’s hope Super7 fixes some of the paint issues (and skin tone), adds multiple heads, and a couple other fun accessories.  Mind you, if the figure keeps the same height as this, it’s going to throw all CG scale outta wack.  Why this wasn’t thought of beforehand is beyond me.



Enjoy the video!