Club Grayskull (MOTU) Spikor Power-Con 2018 Exclusive Review


I’m finally getting to my favourite of the three Power-Con 2018 exclusives, Spikor! The Dree Elle and Uncle Montork two-pack was done well and Chopper was just OK only because he just isn’t that exciting.  That doesn’t mean Spikor just wins the “my favourite” award by default, he’s a pretty cool looking figure and one I really didn’t know I’d love so much.

Spikor looked a tad different in the Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon than his toy counterpart.  I never thought I needed this representation on my shelf but now that I’ve spent some time with it, I’m loving it more and more!  For more on the evolution of Spikor, make sure to go over to the Battle Ram Blog and read more!

Just as the other two Power-Con exclusives (and all the Club Grayskull figures), the packaging has a slip case (see in the video at the end of the feature) and features the figure clearly through the plastic.  The bio mentions how menacing he is as well as how he is portrayed in the cartoon: a big goof.  Unfortunately that’s how many of Skeletor’s crew acted.

All the regular MOTUC articulation is found on this figure and all the joints on him were solid.  I didn’t have any stuck too tight and none were overly loose, although the legs and ankles were getting looser the more I posed the figure.

Once again, I’m going to gripe there’s not as much up and down movement for the head on this figure.  I really want to have MOTU figures be able to look up or down more to help with dynamic poses.  I hope we get that down the road.

The figure doesn’t have an elaborate paint scheme and for Spikor, that makes him pretty accurate to his other looks across various media.

Where the attention should be, and is, are on his spikes and man, are these spiky!  We’re so used to having toys with dull or rubbery tips (like the MOTUC Spikor) but this guy’s spikes are sharp.  I was so surprised when I got him out of the package to find how the spikes actually left marks on my finger tips.  My wife’s first comments about him were, “damn, his spikes are sharp!”   If anyone is looking for a figure and a back-scratcher all in one, this is your figure.

I love the portrait sculpt on this guy.  He looks like he jumped out of the cartoon but he still doesn’t have an overly animated look, if that makes sense.  I think he looks more fierce than the original Classics figure.  The spikes are still pretty pointy and sharp and I’m glad that it blends with the body.

There are some minor paint issues with the head where there are areas that tend to have some glossy spots where the paint isn’t uniform.  The blotches aren’t as bad, or as apparent, as on the Tung Lashor figure that was released earlier this year.  I’m happy to say the eyes and the teeth were painted well and I’m glad my figures didn’t get any derpy eye action.

Spikor is known also for his signature trident for a left hand.  I loved it as a kid and still do as an adult.  This trident isn’t as large as the vintage or Classic figure’s and is more proportional.  I think it was a cool idea for Super7 to have the wrist articulation added on this hand because people will be able to play around with more posing/striking options with their figures.


I love it that when posing this figure, he actually looks more serious and threatening than the Classics figure.

The only accessory the figure comes with his the spiked club.  It’s all one colour and mine has some areas where there is black paint on it (or the paint is being scraped off).  It’s not as bad as some other weapons in the past but for some it may be an issue.


There have been many times where I’ve wished some MOTUC figures had a tighter grip on their weapons so they stay upright and not fall out of the figure’s hand.  Well, I got my wish because you really have to work this weapon in.  You may have to heat up the hand a bit to be able to maneuver the hands or the thumb to get the club in.  Once it’s in though, it’s not going anywhere.





While it wasn’t too bad, I always thought the face on the Classics Spikor kinda looked like a Muppet.  It’s one that I always have gone back and forth on about whether it was good or just not on-point.  Compared to the Power-Con/Club Grayskull Spikor, it just falls short.  I’d love to read more about what portrait sculpt people prefer more.


Again, this figure is one I didn’t know I really wanted or needed.  I am so glad the decision was made to get this figure done.  He is one of my favourite Club Grayskull figures and I think it’ll be one that I’ll be showing off to many over the holidays.

That’s a wrap on the Power-Con 2018 exclusives and while the Con’s 2019 status seems to be up in the air right now, I’ll be all again if exclusives are available.


Enjoy the video!