Club Grayskull (MOTU) Chopper Power-Con 2018 Exclusive Review


I reviewed the first of three Power-Con exclusive releases earlier in the week, looking at the Dree Elle and Uncle Montork two-pack. It was a fun set that sat well with me and had very few issues.  For this feature, I’ll be looking at Chopper, who is really just Jitsu but before Jitsu was even officially a toy in (or named for) the original vintage line.

This character was in the Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe episode, “The Dragon Invasion.”  He didn’t have a name and was placed in the show as the toy was in development.  If you’d like a good read on all the history, check it out here and at the amazing Battle Ram Blog.

This is the kind of figure that’s perfect for a convention exclusive because he’s not necessarily a “must-have” figure but he’s perfect for completionists and hardcore fans.   Surprisingly, he seems to be currently selling for around the $100 US mark on Ebay.

The packaging is like the rest of the Club Grayskull figures that have been released, featuring slipcase packaging I show in the video at the end of this feature.  Chopper and his one accessory can be seen with no issue through the plastic.  The back features a bio that explains why we never saw him in the cartoon – he just wasn’t utilized.  I wonder what he did at Snake Mountain to pass the time.

The body is just the standard male buck and the articulation is where it’s expected.  Most of the articulation on my figure was decent except the left leg was looser than the other appendages and the left ankle became really loose by the time I was taking pictures and videos.

I hate that there’s barely any movement when I want to adjust the head to look up or down.  The hairpiece lines up directly with the collar and that’s as far back as you can make the head go.

I have no idea why the loin piece is so small on this figure. I really have to go back to my shelf to double check all the figures I have because I think this may be the skimpiest one yet.  You can see how when the figure is on its side the space that’s left.  It also makes the top pieces of the leg stick out badly at the front.  It’s like his leg goes over the loin cloth. That’s pretty disappointing.

There’s not a lot of paint or detail on the armor or the lower leg armour but that’s also expected from this Club Grayskull line.  On the plus side, the paint on the armour is done well.  I know there was some argument on the good ol’ forums/FB pages about the colours not matching the cartoon 100%.  I’m not that nit-picky when it comes to this guy.

I think the portrait sculpt for this guy isn’t actually too bad.  There’s not a lot of complication here and the paint on my figure is good.  The lines are clean on the face and there’s no apparent slop anywhere.  There’s nothing really unique to point out so I suppose I could sum it up that it’s a basic face done well.

The whole unique gimmick of Chopper (and Jitsu) is the whole oversized hand for chopping action.  I really liked how the funky gold glove on the vintage Jitsu’s oversized right hand (with more bling on the Staction and Classics versions) made the gimmick seem more over the top and fun.  Having a large plain hand, though, isn’t as fun or exciting.  It reminds me of the episode on The Simpsons where the guy writes this huge not on his hand and is walking around trying to read it all.

The hand can rotate but there’s no other movement available for it.  You can at least have him posed in a chopping motion that’s going vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.  If don’t want any of those, you can pose him getting someone to “talk to the hand.”

The only accessory Chopper comes with is a sword/katana.  There’s no paint on it and features just a bit of sculpting to make it look like the handle is wrapped.  I’ve mentioned it in past Club Grayskull reviews but I’ll say it again for any newcomers: I’d love Super7 to take all the CG weapons that have had no paint and release them in a weapons pack painted.


Chopper will definitely be posed with the sword on my shelf as I think he’d be far too plain without it.

For some comparing fun, I grabbed my MOTUC Jitsu off the shelf to do some posing and high-fiving with the CG Chopper.

This figure may not be everyone’s thing, but I think it’s kinda cool to have the one of the earliest representations of a character on my shelf.  There’s not a lot to get excited about and he’s kind of a plain figure/character when compared to so many others. It’s even more accentuated when it comes to the lack of Chopper/Jitsu not only in the Filmation cartoon, but MOTU cannon, period.  I’ll state again I hope we don’t see loin cloths this skimpy and top of the leg pieces over top of figures anymore, though. Overall, this figure is decent and I’m happy to add it to my collection, although he’s far from my favourite.


Enjoy the video!