Club Grayskull (MOTU) Dree Elle & Uncle Montork Power-Con Exclusives Review


It’s time for another few days of Masters of the Universe goodness here on Electrified Porcupine.  I’ve been fortunate to be able to have had the money to snag the majority of the Power-Con exclusives since their inception except the Green Granamyr at the time.  I thankfully scored two of them this year so I am caught up.

There were three releases for a total of four figures for this year (two single carded figs and this two pack).  I ordered these back when they went up back in May or June of this year and they finally arrived at the end of last week.  Our main mail carrier (Canada Post) has been on rotating strikes, slowing down our postal service.  Add that these came from the US and you can understand why it took longer for this Canuck’s figures to arrive.

All three releases were under the Club Grayskull banner and packaging.  Like usual, there were people that were happy, people that wished the releases were spread across Club Grayskull and Collector’s Choice, and those that hated them all.  Surprise! I was happy that we were getting the figures that were announced.  More MOTU is a good thing in my books and I thought they were all good decisions to put into plastic form.

The first release I’ll be looking at is the two pack featuring Dree Elle and Uncle Montork, who are from Trolla, the same as our good buddy Orko.  I think I said “Trolian” in my video review and I can’t remember for the life if it is “Trolians” or “Trollans” when speaking in plural.  All that aside, I was looking forward to this set because I always loved the Trouble in Trolla episode, as well as the other episodes both characters appeared in.

I can see both sides of the coin with the debate about the packaging of these figures.  People wanted these figures to be under the Classics Choice because it is their first appearance in plastic form and the should be Classicsized a bit.  The other side of the coin is that this will probably be the only representation for ages and having them as Filmation accurate should be the focus.  For me, although I have almost complete MOTUC collection, it makes sense these are in Club Grayskull packaging.  Maybe it’s not a big deal to me because I have other things in life to occupy my time than the packaging for figures.

Just like all the other Club Grayskull figures, the packaging has a slip-case.  You can check out my video to see it or look at my reviews of the other Club Grayskull figures I’ve done in the past.  I just didn’t take a picture of it for this review.

The figures can be seen perfectly in the box for packaged collectors.  Dree Elle’s wand fell out of her hand in the second box I ordered, so that was the one I opened.  The back features the bios that I’ve welcomed back with open arms.  While the bios don’t break any new ground, I think they set the stage for both characters for anyone who doesn’t know them very well.

Before I take a look at the actual figures, I’m showing off the stands they come with.  I’m doing so because many of the pictures I did for this review have the figures on them and I didn’t want take them off the stands once I put them on.  The figures came with a little instruction page telling the buyer they better put the base of the figures in extremely hot water or heat it up well with a hairdrier before attempting to connect them to the ball on the stand.  I did mine with a hairdrier and I had no issue but I just didn’t want to risk taking them off in case there was any breakage.

You can see the base of the stands are larger than the ones that came with any other of the Classics figures like Orko or the Nameless One.  I wish the actual stand was translucent instead of silver.  I’m not sure why that choice was made.

Dree Elle is the same size as Orko and features the same articulation that figure did.  The movement in the shoulders and elbows is decent, albeit a bit loose. The wrists swivel so you can position them how you like.  The head is on a ball-joint and you can rotate it side to side with no problem and you get some good movement forward and backward – something that has been greatly missing with the Club Grayskull figures.

The paint on this figure is pretty good. You can see a bit of discoloring around the right side of the figure near the hood, something I didn’t notice when I did the video.  Besides that, most of the paint is clean and there’s no slop, which made me happy.  There is a little chunk out of the plastic near the bottom left of the figure (see above) and that’s the only aesthetic issue I have.

The hair has a wash on it to make it look two-tone or a bit dirty.  It reminds me of weathering effects I have on some figures in other toy lines so I’m not sure why one consistent colour wasn’t used.  It’s not something I’m bothered about, though.


Dree Elle’s only accessory is her wand.  What else could she come with? Perhaps some random items she conjured up, I suppose.  It has a “D” on it, so you just know it’s hers!


Almost everything I said about Dree Elle’s articulation and paint can be carried over to Uncle Montork.  I will state that his robe does look glossier than Dree Elle’s due to the dark red used.  I wish his robe matched his hat because it isn’t as glossy.

I also have another little chunk of plastic out of the bottom left side of this figure, too.  I have no clue why both of them would have something like this. There’s also a weird half circle imprint on the right side of his hat, just above the ear. I’ve got to check out some other reviews now to see if any else’s figures have the same issues, as I’ve stayed away from them so I would have fresh eyes when I got my figures in.

The scarf/beard piece is actually separate from Montork’s head, so you can move them independently.  I think that was a good design choice.  When editing these pictures after I did my video, I noticed that there was more red paint than I would have liked on top of the right side of the glasses, where there is very little on the left.  Nitpicking aside, I really like the sculpt of the head on this guy (and Dree Elle).


Uncle Montork has his own wand and you won’t mess up this one with Dree Elle’s because he has a huge “M” on his.  Both Uncle M and Dree Elle look great with their staffs/wands in-hand.


Below are full shots of the figures on their stands.  As you can see, one of my stands is a bit warped and leans to the side. Thankfully, due to the ball joint action, I can still make Uncle Montork vertical even if the stand isn’t.

It was fun to pose these two in mid-embrace or floating/flying alongside of each other.

Here’s Orko alongside his uncle and girlfriend.  You can see they fit well together.  If I didn’t have my figures arranged by order of release, (with the boxed figure behind them) I’d surely be putting these three together on my shelf.


While never seen in the cartoon or in any book I’m aware of, you could potentially pit the three heroes against the Nameless One.


Instead of battling it out, you could set up some romantic scenes on your shelf, with or without Orko’s uncle watching from abroad.  Creee-py!

I know Super7 has been hit and miss with quite a bit of Masters of the Universe stuff this year but I think they did a good job with these (as well as The Four Horsement for doing the sculpts).  Yeah, there are some nitpicks I mentioned but overall I think this two-pack was worth the dough.  I’m still amazed (and thankful) I have these two characters finally in my collection.


Enjoy the video!