WWE Survivor Series 2018 Predictions


Source: WWE.com

There has been quite a bit of turmoil in WWE in the last few months.  Hell, I haven’t written anything about it since Hell In A Cell.  The reason? I’ve been bored with most of it and really don’t want to waste my time just bitching and complaining.  I’m a positive person, don’t you know?

The Evolution PPV, while touted as a first and a celebration, was a great PR stunt by WWE, to have the ladies perform a week before the Crown Jewel PPV where they weren’t allowed to wrestle.  The only two matches that I thought were decent were the Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane and the amazing match between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

As for Crown Jewel, I don’t think it should have taken place due to the death of Jamal Khashoggi.  WWE decided that money was more important and the show went on and what a horrible show it was.  As soon as Lesnar won the Universal Championship, I was just done with it.  To tell you the truth, I had it recorded on my PVR and a forwarded through most of the event, not only because it was another glorified house-show, but also because I actually felt guilty watching it due to the controversy underlying the whole situation.  WWE was well aware, choosing what and what not to mention during commentary before, during, and after the event.  I didn’t even watch the main event as I had absolutely no interest in what was being offered.  Don’t even get me started on how awful the whole Shane McMahon swerve of winning the tournament (and current explanation of it) was.

That leads us to the Survivor Series PPV.  There were two matches that I was actually excited to see on this card and they are now gone.  I’ll get into all of that when I preview and give my predictions for what is now taking the place of those matches.  I’m sure you all know what I’m alluding to.   If more things change leading up to the show, I’ll edit or add stuff.  As usual, I’m sure the NXT roster will put on a better show with their Take-Over event that airs the night before.

One last thing. We’re supposed to care at this time of year about brand supremacy for some reason.  Who cares? Seriously.  I watch both shows.  Why does WWE, who tries to get people to watch all their programming, truly believe we should cheer for one roster or show over the other? I watch both. I enjoy both (well, when the writing makes sense), and there are positives and negatives on both rosters.  I do not have any brand loyalty and I’m guessing many others don’t either.  So why create it for one PPV? I do have a funny feeling we’ll be seeing quite a bit of Smackdown coming out on top, though, as WWE needs to position it as the show before it moves over to Fox.


Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown (Tag Division Match)

Source: WWE.com

The Raw tag team division got decimated by one man at the beginning of this week’s show so why would we believe this group of men, none of who get along, have any chance against the Smackdown team? There isn’t any reason to get behind them or believe they have a chance.  No wonder this is on the kick-off show.

Winners: Team Smackdown


WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali

Source: WWE.com

I’m excited to see this match just because the last Buddy Murphy match where he won the championship in Australia was so damn good.  I know Mustafa Ali can go the distance and have excellent matches, so I’ll be glued to the TV for this one.  It’s far too soon to have Murphy lose the championship, so that makes predicting the winner of this match quite easy.

Winner: Buddy Murphy


Raw Tag Team Champions AOP vs. Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Bar (w/ Big Show)

Source: WWE.com

WWE has done nothing to build up AOP (I guess the “Authors of Pain” was too hard for marketing to get behind for some stupid reason) so there’s no real reason for anyone to get behind them.  I will say AOP really needs this win, but with The Big Show being promoted to be with The Bar in this match and Smackdown wanting to look good, The Bar is winning this one.

Winners: The Bar


Seth Rollins (IC Champ) vs. Shinsuke Nakamuara (US Champ)

Source: WWE.com

Talk about a waste of talent.  WWE has done nothing with Nakamura since he won the US Championship.  He needs a win badly against someone that is prominently featured on TV.  Rollins is in a heated feud with Ambrose now (with Ambrose currently doing the best work he’s done in years) so you just know he’s going to be interfering and costing Rollins the win.  The action should be good but I think it’s so obviously how this will end.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamaura


Women’s Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown Traditional Five On Five Match

Source: WWE.com

Team Raw for the women is led by Alexa Bliss, who is out due to concussions, but features Natalya, Nia Jax, Tamina, Ruby Riot, and Mickie James.  Team Smackdown has Asuka, Carmella (look at horribly photo manipulated her face looks in that promo pic), Naomi, Sonya Deville, and a yet as unnamed participant.  I suspect it will be Mandy Rose or perhaps an NXT call-up.

I can’t wait to see the reaction Nia Jax is going to get.  I’m sure she’ll feel the heat from the crowd.  That entertainment aside, does anyone believe that the hodgepodge team thrown together for Raw is actually going to beat Smackdown’s team? Besides Ruby Riott, I have actually no investment or interest in anyone on that team.  I think Smackdown’s team could even beat Raw’s team just with four members.  Smackdown is winning this one.

Winners: Team Smackdown


Men’s Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown Traditional Five On Five Match

Source: WWE.com

On Team Red, we have Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Finn Balor, and Brawn Strowman.  Representing Team Blue are Shane McMahon, Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, and The Miz.  There are not too many people that get alone on either team so you can see some potential turns or eliminations caused by friction.

You would think Team Red would win with Braun Stroman needing the win to get to Brock Lesnar and his hands on Baron Corbin, but I don’t think that will happen, causing the storyline between Corbin and Strowman to last at least until the next PPV.  Stephanie will be pissed that Strowman didn’t get the job done and continue to be involved as well.   I also believe we may see Ziggler and McIntyre start their split, too.

For Smackdown’s side, I’m surprised Randy Orton isn’t a part of the team and if he’ll get involved in some capacity.  I’m also amazed Rusev is being left off the team , too!

With Shane McMahon on the team, and winning (ugh….so horribly) the Crown Jewel tournament, you know he’s not getting pinned here.  There has to be some payoff story line wise for his tournament win, right? Add to that, again, that Smackdown needs to be set up as the superior brand before they go to Fox, and there you have it.

Side note: now that Daniel Bryan has turned heel, where the hell does that leave The Miz going forward? They didn’t even finish that feud!!

Winners: Team Smackdown


Ronda Rousey (Raw Women’s Champion) vs. Charlotte Flair

Source: WWE.com

I was so pumped to see Becky Lynch in this match.  I know WWE is also setting Rousey up to be the unbeatable force and it would have sucked to see Lynch lose this match.  Lynch has simply been awesome and the crowd continues to get more and more behind her no matter how much WWE is trying to tell the story that she’s the heel.

Nia Jax, in what looks to be a sucker punch, caused Lynch to have a major concussion and she got pulled.  If you missed out, there’s no way this hit was just an accident.  I think we’re going to be seeing Jax get punished for this one – but then again, this will sell tickets and tell a story.  This “accident” has probably inadvertently made Lynch an even bigger star and now looks like it’s setting the path to Rousey and Lynch squaring off at Wrestlemania (now rumored to be the main event)

WWE had to scramble to find a replacement and chose Charlotte Flair.  They did by having Lynch hand-pick her on Tuesday and then having the two hug it out.  While I understand the choice, the logic between these two hugging (or working together on Raw the night before) defies everything we’ve seen over the past few months.  These two were on the verge of killing each other two weeks ago!!!  C’mon, WWE Creative! Can we just have a smidge of consistency?

Anyway, the match we all thought WWE was saving for the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania is now going down in a few days with no hype.  With Bayley and Sasha Banks not even on this card (another mind blowing thing – and having faced each other again for no reason on Raw), I can see a potential showdown between the Four Horsemen of wrestling and the Four Horsewomen of MMA after this match occurs.  I have no idea what they’re going to do here but Rousey isn’t getting pinned.  Until she finally doesa, there’s no reason to really care about a Rousey match until she’s in the ring with Lynch.

Winner: Ronda Rousey


Brock Lesnar (Universal Champion) vs. Daniel Bryan (World Heavyweight Champion)

Source: WWE.com

I hate that Brock Lazy is back.  I know the title picture would probably be different right now if Reigns wasn’t sidelined.   I wish the Reigns strength and a speedy recovery – because he will beat leukemia.

WWE had another opportunity to make Strowman the man but wasted it.  We also had the opportunity, up until Tuesday, to see AJ Styles face Lesnar with hopes that Styles could actually put down the Beast and have WWE elevate him into the stratosphere (something that should have be done considering Style’s work either, reception from the crowd, and long title reign).  Now, we’re having the newly crowned heel Daniel Bryan face Lesnar.

I can get behind the title change.  Would I have liked AJ Styles to remain champ to head into this match and win? Hell, yah! I think he deserves it.  But with the title change, WWE has given us a swerve we didn’t see coming and a program that will be interesting.  I’m actually excited to see where this goes and that makes for must-watch TV.

For this show, though, is WWE setting up Daniel Bryan as a champ just so the audience gets to see Brock Lazy beat another champ?  WWE now has two heel characters facing each other. Who the hell is the audience supposed to get behind?  This is a huge mess and I think WWE should have waited to do this title change after this show.   Mind you, wouldn’t it have been nice to see WWE keep Styles in this match and put the Universal title on the line instead?  One could only hope.  Bryan is just getting fed to Lesnar but maybe AJ Styles is going to have something to do with that loss, seeing how he’s no longer on the card.

Winner: Brock Lesnar