Halloween: Michael Myers One:12 Collective Figure from Mezco Review


Before I start on anything in this review, I’m letting readers new and old know that this is my first One:12 Collective figure from Mezco. I know through certain sites (like Michael Crawford’s) that Mezco has been nailing the figures they’ve done in this line and they look awesome.  I never thought I’d ever get any figures, though, because I just don’t collect Marvel or DC figure (gasp!) and the price point is on the high end of things.  Then again, look what I pay for sixth scale figures.

When Michael Myers was announced, I thought Mezco may have finally gotten me to budge on buying one of these figures.  After more horror figures were announced (Ash and Jason), I put my pre-order down for this knowing that these figures tend to go fast and once some have sold out, their after-market prices skyrocket.  I wasn’t risking it and figured if I didn’t end up liking this figure after I got it, I could probably sell it at cost.

First thing I noticed after getting this figure shipped to me was how much care was given to the packaging. Not only was the box protected by a bag but once the bag is taken off, the slipcover is also covered by thin plastic as you can see in the pics below.

The front of the box features the Halloween logo while the side has the knife and pumpkin from the movie posters/VHS/home video releases.  The back shows you all the stuff you’re getting on the inside.  I think it’s so cool to see every single thing you’re getting in the package – especially when the price for these figures are at a premium – as people coming blindly across the shelves in specialty stores need to know what they’re getting for the money.

Inside, the figure is packed very well.  Mezco has touted collector friendly packaging and I now know why.  Not only is every piece secure but when you want to repackage your figure, everything goes back in snugly.  I love that there are no twist ties, elastics, or tape on anything.

The figure is about 7″ tall – along the same scale and size of the Star Wars Black Series figures and is pretty light-weight.  There’s articulation in the neck , shoulders, elbows, the legs, knees, and even in the ankles.  I go over it all in the video embedded at the end of this feature.

The legs don’t have much articulation due the the overalls.  That’s fine with me, though, as I don’t think I’d ever pose him with his legs far apart or in a running motion anyway.

One other thing I’ll mention about the articulation was how surprised I was with how tough the shoulder and elbow joints were.  I actually thought I may snap the figure’s arms at the elbows because the joints were so tight.  I had an idea of where they were supposed to bend but I wasn’t 100% sure because of the outfit covering the elbows.  Putting pressure on the overly tight joint made me think I was tempting fate.  Luckily I worked them in a bit.

The outfit is pretty basic but tailored well.  The jumpsuit/coveralls have a dirty look to them but no blood whatsoever.  What’s really weird about my figure, though, is the pocked on the right side of the figure.  It looks like someone was drunk when they sewed it on.  I’ve checked out some other reviews and they seem to have been hit and miss.  This is nothing like the promo shots where the pockets are where they should be.  I’ll be contacting Mezco about this and see what they say and what they do about it.  I didn’t buy this directly through them so I don’t know  if that will be a factor with their customer service.  I’ll update with any info.

I really like the boots on the figure. They are sculpted well and compliment the worn and dirty look of the coveralls.  I’m always amazed at what sculptors can do in various scales and these boot are a testament that sculpting, even on things many may deem unimportant, continues to grow and impress.

I really think the work done on the mask for the figure is pretty spot on.  There are dirty scuffs in all the right places and the eyes pop through just enough.  They work on the eyebrow area isn’t too dark and Mezco even got the slightly slanted mouth right.  This is one of those sculpts that I appreciated more in hand than what I saw online and even looking at it as I filmed it, I picked up even more subtleties when the light was hitting it as I rotated the figure.

The hair is done well, too.  There is a slight line that appears just above where the hair starts that bugs me a bit.  There’s also some paint slop on the hair on the back of the figure which is kind of a bummer with a figure at this price point.

The figure comes with an additional cloth ghost costume that you place on the figure by swapping out the head.  It was relatively easy to do and Mezco even added instructions with the figure to show you where you should be gasping the figure’s head when pulling it off the figure.


I was quite surprised when I took the ghost costume out of the packaging because I was totally unaware it was cloth.  I assumed it was plastic from just seeing it in the promo pictures because I’ve been so used to companies using plastic for ghost Myer figures in the past.

While the glasses are glued in place and there’s no movement of the head when this piece is on, putting this cloth ghost costume on the figure is quite awesome.  I love how it is designed because it bunches up in just the right places and hangs realistically on the figure.  It looks like a lot of work was done getting the torn look just right.  I’m quite impressed with it.

You can see the eyes piercing out behind the cloth and through the glasses.  This was also unexpected and really made me like this whole second display option even more than I thought I would.  I can actually see collectors potentially getting two of these figures to be able to display them loose with both looks on their shelves.


Running down all the stuff the figure comes with, I’m starting out with something that isn’t an accessory for the figure: a bag for the accessories! What a cool idea to include with a figure!  I’m assuming that other One:12 figures comes with them.


The figure comes with three extra sets of hands that are easy to swap in and out.  My only question is what happens if the peg ever breaks off.  With sixth scale figures, there are extra peg pieces included if either side breaks.  I’m curious if it’s ever an issue with these figures.  So far, swapping the hands has been an easy thing to do.


Two butcher knives are included. One is bloody and one is clean.  I think having both options for collectors to post their figure with was a smart move.  I can see some people going either way.  For me, it’s bloody knife all the way.


I looks like Michael has a surprise behind his back!  Seriously, though, this figure is actually fun to pose with the knife in hand.  Yeah, he’s not a character that is going to have a lot of options for dynamic posing, but it was still fun to pose a few different ways and take pics.

The figure comes with a base and clear stand.  This is another excellent idea from Mezco – including a stand that doesn’t take away from the figure when it’s on display.  The base for the figure is pretty sharp with the logo and picture on it.  It includes a little peg that inserts into the boot to keep the figure upright, so I’m not sure the figure really does need the stand.  I suppose it can be used if anyone wants to have the figure in a jumping or lunging pose.

There’s a tombstone included, too.   People can have it posed in front or behind the figure as a display piece.  This has a bit of weight to it which really surprised me.  It’s almost as heavy as the figure.  I know there aren’t too many extras that would seem to fit or make sense to come with Michael Myers, so this piece seems fitting to give customers even more value for their money.

Lastly, a pumpkin is included! What would the Halloween season be without a Jack O’ Lantern?  The cool thing here is that is battery operated and it glows.  Not only that, but it flickers like there’s a candle inside of it.  I show it in action in the video at the end.

Once again, the figure is fun to pose, albeit there’s only so many things that you can do with it to make it encompass the essence of Michael Myers.

So, with this being my first One:12 Collective figure, I liked it way more than I thought I would.  I will definitely be keeping it and my pre-orders for Ash and Jason.  Freddy Krueger has just been announced for next year and I’ll also be putting money down for that, too.  If those are all hits, I’ll hope that Pinhead and Leatherface will also be coming down the road to add to my horror collection.


Enjoy the video!