New Star Wars 3 3/4″ Force Link 2.0 Figures Review (Han Solo Wave)


It’s time for another round of 3 3/4″ Star Wars figures.  Every time I think I’m out, these figures pull me back in.  The work on these continue to impress me although I know they only have five points of articulation (and many hate that).  It doesn’t bother me because I hang them up and admire them that way.

That being said (if you’re new to this site and what I do on my YouTube channel), I’ll be giving my two cents on them without taking them out of the package.  Crazy for some, I know, but I don’t have the room for all these loose figures everywhere.

This line is heavy on the Solo: A Star Wars Story film and perhaps with the movie finding even more love now that’s it’s available for the home market, many will want these figures.


Imperial Royal Guard

The Imperial Royal Guard doesn’t appear in Solo, I know.  It seems like this is the last figure from the Force Link three pack that came out about a year ago that featured a Jedi Luke, the Emperor, and this figure.  I’ve had (and featured) The Emperor a while back (use the search feature) and I scored the Jedi Luke after doing the photos and vids for this feature.  It seems like that last wave featuring that Luke, another Rey, First Order Trooper, and a Darth Vader skipped retail around here.  I’ll feature all four soon.

Getting back to this figure, I don’t think you can have too many of these guys.  I loved them as a kid when they were known as the Emperor’s Royal Guards and I still love ’em.  I have one more payment for my sixth scale version from Hot Toys, so that should be featured before the end of November, so stay tuned.

I love the glossy red look of the figure and I really dig how they sculpted the cape.  The helmet is another well done component to the figure.  Yeah, it’s pretty basic but it’s done right.  Many people who collect these loose will probably pick up two to have on either side of The Emperor.


Tobias Beckett

Starting off the figure from the Solo movie is Tobias Beckett.  I’ve featured this character in one of my Black Series reviews (so use the menus or search feature) and now we’re getting a smaller version of the character that was a vital part to the film.

The figure comes with two large guns (maybe a tad too big) and features an outfit that is basic.  The head sculpt is just OK for me.  I know to get likeness in figures this small is hard to do so and it’s not horrible, but it’s just not something that screams accuracy to me.  On top of that, the paint on the eyes knocks the figure down a couple of pegs for me.  He’s not the most exciting figure but he’s crucial to have if you’re trying to get the crew from the film together.


Val (Mimban)

Spoiler incoming: I was surprised that Val met her demise when she did in the film.  I thought she would be around longer than she would.  That being said, I wasn’t sure if we’d be seeing more than one representation of her in plastic form, but here we are.  This has been released the same time as the Black Series version (I’m currently searching for it in stores).

The outfit on this figure continues the trend of basic stuff but I think the paint detailing on it and the holster belt make it look a bit more complicated.  The sculpt of the head is done well and they eyes aren’t too shabby.  I think the hair is the part of the head ups the realism aspect of this figure for me.


Han Solo (Mimban)

This is a cool figure.  Even if fans aren’t picking this up as a Han Solo in a Mudtrooper disguise, they could be picking multiples up to create an army of Mudtroopers.

I really like the work done on the breathing mask and the googles.  The eyes protruding out doesn’t help make the case that this is Solo and that’s why I think people could get away with buying many to create an army.

The outfit is plain (again) but I like the paint application on it to make it look dirty and muddy in places.  Bonus points for the cape, too.  I think this is a well done figure!



I think I could fill a whole feature debating L3-37’s role in the film and why people loved the activist droid or loathed her.  Actually, I wouldn’t because there are people on such extreme sides of the fence about what this droid represents that I’m sure no one’s mind would change.  I just took the droid for what the character was in the film and didn’t try to read more into it, although I knew those who cry about SJWs and Kathleen Kennedy were grinding their teeth.

Social commentary and representation aside, I think the figure of this droid turned out better than I had anticipated.  I like the various paint on it, especially in the heavily wired midsection.  I think many will dig this figure if they liked the character in the film.  Hell, those that didn’t like it could buy one and melt it, right?  The Black Series figure of this character is also starting to trickle out and I actually have one arriving today!


Rio Durrant

Another spoiler for those who haven’t seen this movie yet – here’s another character that didn’t last long.  I’m surprised with his early demise because I liked the attitude and he was a unique character, as we hadn’t seen a creature like him in the Star Wars universe before.  You could tell he would translate well to an action figure, too.

There is a big primate homage with this character and I think it’s something kids would like if they were to get this character in toy form.  While he’s a bit shorter than the other characters, the ability to fight with a blaster and fly a ship more than makes up for it.  The pilot gear is sculpted well and the little mic is a nice touch.  As with some others, the Black Series figure is hitting shelves currently.  Hopefully I’ll have it in the next month.


Quay Tolsite

This figure turned out to be my favourite of the whole wave.  I figured this guy was just a droid but after reading up on him, I was surprised to find out he wasn’t.  He just wears a lot of protection to help him do his job on Mimban.

Droid or not, this guy looks awesome.  There are so many subtle details that make the plain robe style outfit look more impressive.  The mask, tubes, breathing apparatus, and the paint on everything just make this a top notch figure.  Props to Hasbro for posing the figure with the keys in his hands.  This is a figure that needs to be put into The Black Series sooner than later as I think he’d go great with Moloch.

All in all, this wave had some great figures and I have very few complaints.  I can’t wait to see what we’ll be getting next in this line!

Enjoy the video!