Star Wars: The Vintage Collection (2018) Wave 3 Review


It wasn’t too long ago that I featured Wave 2 of the recently resurrected Vintage Collection.  I stated in that feature that I had passed on Wave One due to the lack of interest in the characters and I also wasn’t wanting to start collecting a new series.

By observing that I looked at Wave 2 and this is the 3rd wave, you can see how I gave in.  The reasons were Wave 2, for the most part, was pretty cool, and this wave had two figures I really wanted, a third that I took a chance with, and one that I got just to complete the wave.  I actually picked up Snoke from the first wave with these figs but didn’t feature him.

As I usually mention, I buy my Star Wars figures and keep them on the card.  I like displaying them like that and not because I think they’re some kind of investment for the future.  Seeing how these figures are on the cardbacks that give me nostalgia, there is no question that these would be staying on the card, although they have more articulation than the other figures I buy (that are about $8 cheaper).  That said, here are my thoughts on the figures.


Luke Skywalker

I don’t know if Hasbro decided to give us this version of Luke because The Last Jedi was the most recent film or because Luke has had previous figures in the Vintage Collection.  All I know is that I almost passed on this figure because I have gotten fatigue of this version of Luke.  I put it in my basket figuring that if I really loathed it, I could always return it.

I compared this figure to my other 3 3/4″ Luke figures and realized that I like the look of the outfit on this version quite a bit and being a fan of the soft goods (cloth), it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I don’t like how fat the face looks on this one, though, compared to the other Luke figures in this style.  It looks like he has eaten too many Porgs.  They could have also included a lightsaber hilt for the price of this figure, too.


Captain Cassian Andor

This figure really grew on me.  At first I got it just because I thought it would be great to have another representation of Andor in plastic in my collection.  The more time I had to soak it in, I really liked the work done on the figure.

Not only is it great the figure comes with three accessories, but the outfit is done really well.  I dig how the lines in the pants make look more realistic and how the undershirt is done under the jacket.

The sculpt on the face is done well, although the eyes look just a bit too bit.  Even the hair makes me appreciate how far we’ve come with creating more realistic figures in this scale.  It’s a pretty solid figure.


Doctor Aphra

While I’m a big Star Wars fan, I just couldn’t keep up with every single media representation of the universe.  I had no idea who Doctor Aphra was until she was announced as part of the SDCC and Fan Expo exclusive three pack.  I passed on that set because I just had no investment.  This cool card and single figure for the price point was more up my alley, so I snagged it.

This figure is pretty unique looking and it’s cool to see how they’ve taken someone from the comics and made them look human.  Once again, the outfit on the figure is pretty cool, although not as complex as Andors.  The sculpt of the head is decent but it’s the eyes on the figure that kinda make me lose some points with it.  Seeing how this was the only one on the pegs when I got it, I’ll have to take a look at others to compare them if I see more out in the wild.


Range Trooper

If you’re a regular to my site, you’ll know I hardly pass on Troopers, even ones I already have even if they’re on a different card.  This version of the Range Trooper is different enough from the five points of articulation version that I’m sure many will buy a bunch to army build with (well, that and they are better to pose).

While the outfit is pretty similar to the more limited Range Trooper already released, there are some differences in the paint application on the armor.  In addition, there’s a more weathered look to the figure and the helmet is different.  That makes this Trooper almost “new!” From what I’ve seen online, many are clamoring for this one, so don’t think twice if you see it in the stores.

In the video at the end of this feature, I actually compare both of them.  I was going to take a picture or two but I thought it may be a good way to send some traffic to my ol’ YouTube channel.

Enjoy the video!