Leatherface (Deluxe Edition) Sixth Scale Figure by ThreeZero Review


My anticipation was high for this figure.  Not only had I been waiting a long time for a company to do a Leatherface figure that actually looks like the maniac, but it was also a long wait from the time I put my money down on this figure (January, 2018) to it arriving (almost the end of October).

I’ll give some preface here as to why this figure is important to me.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is, in my mind, one of the best and most important films in the horror genre.  Full disclosure: I did not see this movie until I was 19 or 20.  I was a big Freddy and Jason buff but for some reason Leatherface and this film wasn’t in my radar until my teens and I have no idea why I never rented it.  It wasn’t until during a night of partying with buddies did the movie get thrown on and from the moment the warning crawled on the screen with the narrator reading it, I was hooked.  This movie scared the shit out of me.  The movie just builds and builds and leaves the majority of the gore off the screen. Don’t fret because your mind will do a great job of painting that picture in your head.  To this day, this movie makes me feel uneasy and it’s a satisfying watch.  If you’ve never seen it, do so.

I don’t know why, but it seems like it’s really hard to do a Leatherface figure.  NECA has had great success with their more recent Ultimate Leatherface 7″ figure, but their retro-style MEGO figures and past Leatherface figures from other companies in any scale just hasn’t scratched that itch for me.  Once I saw the promo pics ThreeZero presented for this release, I clicked that PayPal button to purchase my first ever ThreeZero sixth scale figure.  For an extra $10, I got the exclusive edition that comes with a few more goodies (and I got a cool ThreeZero shirt, too!)

The box for the figure is pretty cool.  Perhaps I’m just so used to the same old, same old with the Star Wars figures from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys, so seeing something new is refreshing.  I love how Sally’s eye is the window to see Leatherface.  The tears and running mascara really make you feel like you’re watching a scene in the film.

The back of the box features a picture of the Leatherface figure and you have to turn it ever so slightly to see Leatherface clearly.  It’s a cool idea and people keeping this figure in the box have a great display piece.  Unfortunately for those people, there isn’t any window box packaging and you have to slide the figure in the plastic trays out.  At least you get to see the majority of the figure.  The face was covered upon shipping.  I’m also happy to report everything was designed well and kept everything in place during transit.

The figure out of the box is pretty intimating, and that’s saying something for an action figure.  It just has that presence of not having a soul.  The figure stands _____ tall, which make him taller than many sixth scale figures.

There’s a lot of great articulation on this figure in the neck area, the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and a bit in the ankles, although the figure is wearing boots.  The articulation in the legs is very limited due to the pants and I find the knees on my figure to be extremely loose, which makes it hard for my figure to remain balanced.  I’m probably going to use a spare stand from one of my Star Wars figures for this guy so he doesn’t tip over in my display case.  I may also ask Adam over at Display Heroes to commission one for me.

To give Leatherface the bulkier look, it seems ThreeZero placed some foam under the shirt.  I think it’s a good idea and actually makes the figure a bit squishy but remain light.  I could only imagine the cost of they had to create a buck with a beer belly and how that would also affect the overall balance.

Speaking of squishy, the arms have a softer plastic on top of the base arms to give it more realism.  You can see the veins in both arms running up towards the shoulders and there’s even sections where skin has been scraped off (or it’s dried blood).  While this all makes the figure even more realistic, for people who want to keep their figure in a dynamic poses with the elbows bent, they should be aware the plastic may show some wear when you straighten them back out from the bunching of the plastic.

The outfit is tailored well and looks dirty as hell, as it should be.  The pants are filthy and are held up with a pleather-style belt.  The boots are dirty and it’s cool how they got that dried mud look even with the print on them.   I think it would have been cool to have some dried blood on them, though.

The shirt has a filthy look as well and the first thing you think about is how it needs a wash.  There are droplets of blood periodically on it, too.  The tie doesn’t seem to be removable and the tail of it always seems to stick out no matter how much I keep adjusting it.  I don’t mind, though, seeing how I’ll always have the figure displayed with the apron on it.

Let’s get to what gives Leatherface his name, and that’s the mask.  I love this portrait for the most part.  The work on the mask is done very, very well.  It is the main hit or miss on making a Leatherface figure and I’m happy to say that I think ThreeZero has done one of the best takes on it I’ve seen.  The work on the mask itself is done with care with the outer rim has that delicate look, while the stitching on the mask adds to the realism.  I’m a big fan of how they used string to have the mask look like it’s actually tied to the figure around the neck.  Little details like this are what make good figures great.


The hair is OK.  It works but I’m still wrestling with if it should be just a bit longer.  I’ve been looking at stills and really can’t decide.  I’m well aware that this would have been tough by the designers to get just right to make everyone happy.  Hell, I’m sure there are people out there who hate the fabric used for the hair and would have preferred plastic sculpted hair.

Before I get to my biggest gripe with the figure, I’ll state that I love how the mouth and teeth were done.  Once again, the care taken with the sculpt and the paint on it help with the overall realism, as does how the mask actually sits on top of the chin and mouth area.  The big hit comes with how the eyes are positioned as they are looking up like the eyes are rolling in the back of his head.  It is a huge disappointment for me and something I’ll never be able not see when I look at the figure.  I have no idea why ThreeZero decided to place the eyes like this.  Even in their prototype pictures, they aren’t looking up as they are in this final version.  I think they should be been looking straight ahead.  This issue really knocks down the whole figure and experience down a couple points for me.  I actually emailed the company and really got no answer – I go into it in my video review, for those interested.

Placing on the blood soaked apron is easy.  You can either pop off the head and put it on the neck or you can wiggle it gently over the head.  I double tied it at the back just to keep it tight and tidy looking.

This figure comes with some really cool pieces.  First and foremost, he comes with four additional hands: two to hold the weapons and two to hold the chainsaw.  There are veins popping out of the hands, which is cool, as well as some slight splattering of blood.  You know this guy has been busy!


The first accessory is a meat hook which isn’t really functional but a part of a key scene in the film.  I’m sure there are people out there that could take this and make it a part of a diorama with it piercing into another sixth scale figure.  I’d love to see that!  The other is the mini sledgehammer/mallet that we saw Leatherface use to get one of his first kills in the movie.  Props for having blood splattered on it!


I don’t see myself ever posing Leatherface with the hook, but it can fit in his hands well.  The sledgehammer/mallet is a great weapon to include and pose the figure with but c’mon, we all know what the majority of the people out there are actually going to have him hold, right?

That all brings me to Leatherface’s main toy: his chainsaw.  I think ThreeZero did an excellent job translating what we saw on the screen into this accessory.  There’s blood splattered all over it and the dirt and grime all over the base of it make it look like it’s been used many times.  The saw chain and bar have a metallic feel to them due to the hard plastic used and it’s great to see the texture all around the bar on the chain.  This is a well done piece.

You’re going to get a kick out of posing the figure with this thing.  The one thing I suggest before playing around with posing the figure with the chainsaw is to make sure the right hand is griping the chainsaw first and then plug the hand into his wrist hole.  There’s enough give with the left hand to be able to have him grip the tool with both hands.

In my video, I just couldn’t get him to create his iconic pose with the chainsaw above his head, seeing how I had a short window to be able to get my filming done (as always it’s always pretty busy in my house).  When the dust settled and I could work on taking pictures, you can see I got it! While it’s not as high up above his head as I would like, it still works and looks pretty bad-ass.

If you were lucky enough to get the special edition for the extra $10, you got a little shank knife, a bracelet, and a meat cleaver .  All three are cool little extras but I mainly got it for the bracelet to place on the figure’s left wrist.


Click the pics below to enlarge them for more Leatherface action!

As mentioned, you’ll be hard pressed to find just one pose for this figure with the weapons.  The figure just looks so damn good when he’s ready to get to business.

Seeing how this feature is going live for this spooky Halloween week, I thought I’d bring in some of my past figures I’ve taken a look at to put them side by side and join in on the party.  Use the search feature to see my reviews on all these guys on my site (and YouTube channel).  As you can see, ThreeZero made a figure that fits in just fine with what has been released by Sideshow Collectibles.


Yeah, there are a few things that bug me about the figure: the really loose knees that make the figure tip over easily and how the eyes face up instead of straight ahead.  Awful decision aside, I still think this is one awesome looking figure.  I am happy that I purchased it and I think it was totally worth the money.  It makes me kick myself for not jumping on ThreeZero’s Michael Myers figure (I’m not paying current after-market prices for it either).  Suffice to say, if the character is one that interests me, I’ll have no issue buying another ThreeZero figure…but let’s hope the eye issue is a one and done thing.


Enjoy the video!