Star Wars: The Vintage Collection (2018) Wave 2 Figure Review


Every damn time I say I’m not collecting or buying certain figures, I break down and do it.  Truth be told, I wasn’t collecting Star Wars figures when the original Vintage Collection figs were available and I passed on the first series of these because I didn’t need another Rey or Jyn, I didn’t think I needed a Hoth Soldier, and I was on the fence on getting a First Order Stormtrooper and/or Snoke.

These 3 3/4″ figures are more articulated than the ones I’ve been collecting and fans of figures in this size really want more posing options out of them.  For on-card collectors, like myself, the draw for these figures are the cards that really scratch that nostalgia itch for those old enough to grow up getting figures in the 80s.

After seeing what Hasbro was offering in the next few waves in this series, especially next year, I swallowed my words and grabbed these four figures.  I got them off Amazon and some of the cards are pretty beat up.  I see them in Walmart and Toys R’ Us on the pegs looking better than this, so I’m not sure if I’ll just be sending them back to see if I can be replaced.  Yeah, I want something pristine if the cards are a big factor in getting these – especially at $18 Canadian (plus tax).  Maybe I’ll just send them back and look for them in the wild.  I’ll figure it out within the week.  In the meantime, I decided to take some quick pics and make a video to show them off and give my thoughts on the figs.


Han Solo

The first figure is my first young Han Solo in this scale.  I didn’t pick the Force Link that was included in the Force Link Accessory Pack because I know it’ll drop soon and I’ll get it cheaper than $30.  With that said, I have nothing to compare it to for this scale.  The picture of actor Alden Ehrenreich looks really “Photoshopped.”

I really like the costume on the figure.  The jacket has some great paint on it and stands out against the pants and shirt.  Props for the little emblem on the left side of it.  The holster is also sculpted and painted well.

What I’m not a big fan of is the pain on the eyebrows and the eyes.  It looks like there’s a decent sculpt there but the paint makes both look larger than they should be.  It’ll be interesting to see if this is just my figure or if they all got the same paint treatment.



Enfys Nest

I liked the Enfys Nest character from the Solo movie and before I even saw the film, I was a fan of the design.  It translates pretty well to an action figure people would want and so far, I think the plastic representation has been pretty good.  I’m actually surprised Hot Toys hasn’t announced a sixth scale version yet!

What stood out to me after taking a look at this figure up close was how different it actually was to the Force Link release that came with the Swoop Bike.  The helmet looks a lot better to me.  I think the design is better and the paint is cleaner, so it gets points from me.

Some collector’s aren’t fans of “soft goods” or fabrics on their figures but I’ve always liked them. That’s not to say I wish every figure’s costume needs it, but when it works and fits well with the character, like this, I welcome it.

The other thing that I’m a big fan of is the paint on the chest plate.  One thing I wanted from the Force Link figure was something to make it pop more in that area and this Vintage Collection figure takes care of that wish.  I think this is a fantastic figure and if they ever go on sale/clearance up here in the Great White North, I may pick up an extra to open.




Death Trooper

More Troopers? Oh hell yes! Army builders love them. Kids love them. Collectors love them! I think this is the first time the Death Troopers have been available since The Black Series figure in 2016 (and the Rogue One carded figs).

Besides the articulation being increased and some different paint, I’m trying to spot the subtle differences between my Rogue One figure and this release (I didn’t get any 3 3/4″ Black Series figures – there’s a rabbit hole I didn’t go down).  I have to say that the sculpt does look great and I’m impressed with all the little details on the helmet, the pouch, the belt, and the under-suit that can be seen on this figure.

Here’s a picture so you can see the similarities and differences with both figures.  One thing that immediately stood out to me was the detonators on the front of the belt being sculpted differently.  I think what army builders will like is there is probably enough here to get a few more of the Vintage Collection ones to open to have a little bit of variety of a Death Trooper army on a shelf.



Imperial Assault Tank Driver

This figure was one of the main draws in this wave for me.  Once again, you can’t have enough Troopers and more variety is always welcomed.  This Trooper drove the Assault Tank in Rogue One and it’s only fitting this figure is released because the Assault Tank was available a couple of months ago.  While the packaging was cool, I just didn’t think the actual toy was, so I never picked one up.

I love the unique helmet on this Trooper and all the weathering effects on the armor.  I think it give the figure more personality.  I can see these being a huge hit within the collector community.  Again, I’m amazed Hot Toys didn’t release a sixth scale figure of it.

Well, those are my quick thoughts on the characters in this wave.  Now I have to decide if I’m going to head to the stores in the next week to also break down and get wave one (or even wait it out to see what ones I can get on clearance).

Enjoy the video!