Masters of the Universe Classics – Dylamug Review (Collector’s Choice)


It’s been a hectic eight days getting through all the new Masters of the Universe figures from Super7.  The four Club Grayskull figs were hit and miss but I’ve found the Collector’s Choice figures I reviewed (Granita, Wrap Trap, and Karg), to be way better.  I’m wrapping up my look at the second wave of figures with another figure that has never had representation in plastic before: Dylamug.

There was a bit of debate on various Facebook groups and forums when this figure got announced for the same reason Granita did: whether the figure belonged under the Collector’s Choice/Classics banner or Club Grayskull.  Dylamug appeared in the She-Ra: Princess of Power Filmation cartoon so many thought he (and Granita) should be as Filmation accurate as possible and released under the Club Grayskull line.  Others thought the figure(s) should have the extra sculpting, paint, and detail that the Classics figures have because it’s their first representation and that line should be the of the most importance because it’s been around the longest.

I totally get both sides of the argument because if we get one representation now, the odds are of getting a different one down the line is slim.  That being said, it seems like Super7 tried to mesh both styles into this figure and gave the opportunity for fans to choose, besides the packaging.

That being said, it should be no surprise that Dylamug is in the same Classics packaging as the rest of the wave.  The bio, though, is surprising with the inclusion of the Game Master from the cartoon.  Not only that, to hear that Dylamug was once a diplomat but reprogrammed to be evil is also cool character development.  I wonder if one day, someone will reprogram him to make up for his evil deeds.

This figure is just so unique compared to the other Classics/Collector’s Choice figures because the whole figure is a brand new sculpt.  While this may seem like it would be a heavier figure, it really isn’t.

The articulation on the figure works well and can be found at (what should be) his shoulders, elbows, legs, knees and ankles.  There’s also the ability to swivel at the torso area, which I didn’t realize when I made my video for the figure.  I would have loved to see some wrist articulation, or at least the ability for them to rotate.  It would have been even cooler if the fingers had been articulated but I know that would have drove costs up.  I would have paid an extra $5 to make that happen.

As you can see, there’s not a lot of paint or extras on the surface of the figure and that keeps him looking exactly like the cartoon.  The lack of paint or any robotic extras for the sculpting of the body does make him stand out more like a Club Grayskull figure and not a Collector’s Choice one.  It’ll be interesting to see if customizers will add stuff to make him seem more technical/robotic.

The rubber tubes on either side of Dylamug are a good quality and you don’t have to worry about them popping out or hindering any of the articulation.

These tubes/transistors on the top of his head are really cool and so unique looking.  I was thinking how awesome it would have been if they had the ability to light up to make it look like energy is flowing through him.

The fun with Dylamug is mimicking all the various expressions from the cartoon.  With this figure, the piece rotates to give you three different options and so does the bottom, giving you three options for the mouth.  The middle piece is stagnant.  Putting the collage below together was a lot of fun and it looks kinda cool! (Side note: make sure if you share it, give me a bit of credit, please!)

Dylamug is pretty light on the accessories.  To try and make both parties happy, Super7 included two Horde emblems/logos for you to choose from that swap in and out easily.  You can go for the more Filmation-like emblem that he was shipped with or you can swap it out for the more modern/Classics one.

Also included is an emblem that is sculpted to look like Dylamug is blasting one of his enemies. I think it’s a cool idea and I like the look of it.


Having both those display options, along with the variety you can have with the facial expressions, was enough for me to grab two of these figures for my shelf.

If you want your Dylamug in action on your shelf, you need not worry about the laser blast attachment causing your figure to tip over.  It’s pretty light and stays in place.  It wasn’t until I was taking pictures with this piece in did I notice the little touches of paint on it.

I’m going to be loving seeing more and more poses people will be posting their Dylamug figures in as people continue to get these in the mail.  There’s a lot of fun to be had with this figure if you don’t mind the body being pretty plain.

I decided to snap a few pics of Dylamug beside a Classics Hordak and a Club Grayskull Hordak so people could see how they would look if you’re only getting one figure and deciding on where he is going to go.  As well, I put my two side by side for people to see if snagging an extra is worth it.


While Dylamug was the most anticipated figure for me for the whole wave when it got announced, Wrap Trap and Karg became my favourites.  That’s not saying Dylamug is bad at all, it’s a great figure and I like how Super7 tried to make both Classics and Club Grayskull fans happy.  It was almost a damned if you do/damned if you don’t situation with this character and Granita for Super7 when deciding where they should go.  I can’t speak for others, of course, but I’m happy with the approach they took.


Enjoy the video and if you missed out on my Club Grayskull reviews, check out Tung Lashor, The Sorceress, Mer-Man, and Man-E-Faces.  As well, I’ve seen more subbers join me on my YouTube channel, people sharing my stuff, and letting me know they’ve liked my reviews on all these figures.  Thank you for the support and compliments.  Also, to any of the admins from the Facebook groups/pages I share these on, thank you for allowing me to do so.  I’m just one guy doing this site as a hobby about my hobby wanting to share stuff with those interested.  Cheers!