Masters of the Universe Classics – Karg Review (Collector’s Choice)


The third figure in Super7’s latest Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice line is a character so demanded but so entangled in licensing hurdles, many thought we’d never see it in plastic form.  That is none other than Karg, one of the baddies who appeared in the 1987 Masters of the Universe motion picture.

This is where my honesty gets me in trouble – I wasn’t a fan the Masters of the Universe movie.  There were aspects of it I liked but even as a ten year old, it was not what I wanted in a movie.  My thoughts and feelings on the movie could fill a feature (hey, that’s not a bad idea for the future), so I’m not going to focus more on that.  I will say I loved  the new bad guys in the film (and Skeletor, of course) and that’s what made Karg a “most wanted” figure for me for a long time and very anticipated when Super7 unveiled it last year.

When Matty Collector (Mattel) were in charge of the line, two of the baddies, Saurod and Blade got released in the Classics line because they were previously released in the vintage line.  I was pumped to get those figures in Classics but without Karg, something just wasn’t right.

Due to licensing, Karg couldn’t be touched because Matty didn’t have the rights to do figures from the film.  The way I took it all in, and forgive me if I’m wrong, Super7 based their figure from appearances and colours from the comics (especially in the MOTU Magazine).  Through that loop-hole, we finally got a Karg in plastic form and I’m not complaining one bit if it’s not 100% authentic to the film.

Just like Granita and the (awesome) Wrap Trap, Karg is offered in the traditional Classics packaging.  The one thing I don’t think I’ve pointed out yet in the two aforementioned reviews was the cool 10th anniversary logo on the bottom of the package.  It brings tears to my eyes when I think of all the joy these figures have given me over 10 as well as literal tears thinking about the money they’ve sucked out of my bank account.

To no one’s surprise, the well written bio doesn’t mention anything that went down in the MOTU film and describes Karg’s duties in Snake Mountain.  What I really think is cool is the mention of Lieutenant Andra and Minox, the cyber Minotaur, from their comic appearances.  I wonder if this is foreshadowing some upcoming figures for the line or exclusives.  I’d be up for both of them!

This figure has so much presence when it is taken out of the package.  I find that figures with large capes tend to do so.  Even if he didn’t, I think the large shoulder pads would also help send the message that he’s intimidating.

All the articulation found in classics figures is on this this figure, but there’s little movement for the head to turn left or right and no movement if you’re wanting to have the head look up or down.  As I took pictures, after I filmed my video review (embedded at the end), I found the legs and ankles to get looser as I played with it.  It’s nothing like The Sorceress from the latest Club Grayskull line thankfully, but I wish they were as tight as Wrap Trap’s legs.

I love the paint work done on this figure.  The metallic paint used, the wash and all the details that are spot on and it makes the figure look high-end.  There is very little glop or slop on this figure and the care and attention to detail on a figure like this really makes me wonder what the hell happened with the Club Grayskull figures if this is the same factory and people making these figures.

The shoulder pads and the “cloth” hanging on and in between the legs are made of soft plastic and don’t hinder the articulation there.  That means you don’t have to worry about it affecting your poses.


There’s lots confusion going round the ol’ Interweb about Karg’s hook.  In one of the promotional pics, Karg had a hook that featured sharp edges.  A different picture had the one he was shipped with.  He was also displayed with the alternate hook and has it in the illustration on the back of the box.  I have no idea why things went back and forth and we got the hook we did.  I don’t mind what we got, but the other hook looked cooler.  Perhaps Super7 had to have the hook based on the comic and not the movie as well to avoid any lawsuits.

Karg’s head sculpt is all sorts of awesome.  It is menacing, evil, and commanding.  The sculpting of the wrinkles and the hair (and the paint/wash used on them) really make the figure look almost life-like.  The work and paint on the teeth and the eyes are amazing, too.  This is probably the best sculpt on a MOTU figure that I’ve seen in a long time (with Wrap Trap being a close second).

The one little issue I have is with the top middle part of the forehead just under the hairline.  It’s interesting to see all the wrinkles on the face suddenly go smooth in that area.   I’m wondering if that was done on purpose or if it was an error.  It’s almost as if the hair was put on too high and it was supposed to cover that spot.

Karg comes with two weapons: a mini sword (knife?) and a blaster.  I really like the sculpt and work done on the gun but the little knife thing just doesn’t do anything for me.


I suppose he has the knife so he can pull you close with the hook and then threaten/shank you with it.  I guess if you’re afraid of sharp objects, you don’t want to mess with Karg.

While the gun is cool, I don’t think the gun and the hand were designed to go with the other.  The way Karg’s hand is sculpted, the blaster doesn’t sit all the way into the grip and therefore can’t be held tightly.  That limits how you can pose the right arm if he is holding the weapon because it will fall out of his hand.


You can see in the top left picture just how the blaster looks like it’s sitting too high up in the hand.  Nonetheless, Karg looks great with a gun in hand and he’ll be packing heat on my shelf.  I just sucks that if, for some reason, he takes a tumble, that gun will end up somewhere on my floor for sure.

Seeing all three of the baddies created for the film together is a sight I thought I’d never see.  There is some difference in height between all three and because I haven’t watched the movie probably since I was a teen, trying to give it another chance, I can’t remember how accurate the scale is.


Yes, Karg isn’t 100% faithful to the film but it doesn’t bother me one bit.  I consider him “Classics-ized.”  I’m sure there will be people custom painting it and changing the hook to make it look more like in the film and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do.  I’m leaving mine as is and will continue to take in what an awesomely sculpted figure this is and hope the legs don’t get any looser.


Enjoy the video!