Masters of the Universe Classics – Wrap Trap Review (Collector’s Choice)


Sometimes it’s really awesome to get something fresh and new in a toy line.  There are purists out there who think that if it wasn’t a vintage MOTU figure then it shouldn’t be in Classics.  I’m a “more the merrier” kinda guy – especially when they’re cool looking.

In one way, you may think a mummy doesn’t fit into Masters of the Universe but then I’d argue we have a firefighting elephant and other amazing oddballs that I love.

Wrap Trap was a character that was conceived back in the day and then was showcased in books and on online to fans a few years ago.  Many people (including myself) thought it was a cool character and would have loved to see it as a classic 5.5″ figure in the vintage line in the 80s.  Hell, with Super7 doing their 5.5″ line, this would be an excellent character to do in it.

Until this figure was officially announced, many dubbed it the Horde Zombie and I think more people got on the bandwagon hoping for this design to have plastic representation as time went on.  Obviously, Super7 thought there would be enough interest after reading forums and seeing polls and produced it!

Similar to Granita , this new figure maintains the packaging as all the other Classics and that makes me and many other collectors quite happy.

I love the bio for this character.  For someone brand new into the MOTU lore/cannon, a well thought out and intriguing story is needed and I think this does the job very well.  The only thing I could have gone without is the mention of him not wanting to attack She-Ra because then he’s useless to Hordak in that sense.  Then again, him having flashbacks to his past is something believable and gives us a sense of who he once was.

Here’s a figure that has all the articulation we’re used to with MOTUC figures.  Most of the limbs were pretty solid with nothing too loose, nor too tight with a few exceptions. I was getting a bit of looseness with the right leg as I was wrapping up my photos after filming my review and I had to heat up and work the figure’s right wrist joint as it was stuck pretty tight.  I’m still disappointed I can’t get any movement up or down with the head.

While this figure looks pretty basic, it isn’t.  The little touches bring this figure to life.  The wrapping is sculpted to make it look like it has layers and the paint/wash over top of it all gives the wrapping a slightly dirty and worn look.  I also dig how the wrapping sticks out in certain parts of his body making them look like they’re being blown in the wind and he’s slowly losing what has preserved him.

I’m also a big fan of the numerous Horde logos on his body.  The main one on the chest is in your face and the two small ones on his left arm and leg adds to the statement that he only serves one master.

If that’s not enough for you, the muscle tissue that is exposed is quite horrific but well done.   I said in my video review that if it was bloody, it would remind me of Frank from Hellraiser. Side note: go check that movie and its sequel out if you’ve never seen them.

While the majority of this face sculpt is, umm, kept under wraps (technically), what is shown screams evil.  The various paint on the wrinkles and tissue really make the character look decrepit and rotting.  I love how the nose cavity peeks out just a bit, too.

The eyes really make the character look like it has no soul and is out for nothing but violence and is bloodthirsty.   It’s almost like there is blood seeping out of them.  This is a stellar job by the Horsemen and Super7.

Wrap Trap comes with two accessories: the usual “unique to the character” Horde crossbow and a sword.  These two accessories are so awesome and Wrap Trap will be posed with both of them on my shelf.

The crossbow is done in an ancient Egyptian style and ties into the theme of the character so well.  It is like Wrap Trap and Nepthu could be on the prowl for the Heroic Warriors together.

The sword is great, too.  The blade is really thin, so make sure you’re careful with it.  The handle, though, is sturdy and the sculpt of the snake on it make it get bonus points. It’s a thing of beauty!

It’s not like an evil mummy really needs a crossbow to be intimidating, but adding it sure as hell adds to it.

While posing Wrap Trap with the sword, I was thinking about this character going head-to-head with Ninjor and or Jitsu for a showdown.  Perhaps some trial by stone ala The Dark Crystal for bragging rights.  There – two non-MOTU movie references in one article!

If you’re a mummy purist, there’s no need for weapons if you pose the arms out and imagine Wrap Trap slowly approaching his enemy.DSC_0072

I snagged my Hordak figure off the shelf just to show the height comparison.  It’s always an excellent thing to see Hordak alongside new recruits.


This is the kind of stuff we need in Masters of the Universe and the Classics/Collector’s Choice line.  The figure is fun, exciting, manufactured well, comes with great accessories, and adds to the lore of the franchise.  Hell, for those people not even big MOTU fans, this figure should be on many horror figure collector’s shelves as it’s an evil looking figure and mummys don’t get enough representation in plastic.  I have next to no complaints about this figure and I get pumped up when figures are done well.


Enjoy the video!