Masters of the Universe Classics – Granita Review (Collector’s Choice)

DSC_0037Super7 had a hits and misses wave with their latest wave of Club Grayskull figures.  Make sure to check out my reviews if you haven’t yet.  At the same time those were up for pre-order, so was wave two of their Collector’s Choice line.  Collector’s Choice is basically the “rebranding” of regular Classics from Matty Collector.

It’s unreal that this line is still going but it’s also quite odd to have these figures trickle out instead of getting at least one a month, every month, for years.  My wallet is happy for that, though, even if I do miss it.

The first out of four figures that I’ll be taking a look at is Granita, the female Comet Warrior and sister of Rokkon.  You can see the packaging is the exact same as the MOTU line, which gives carded collectors a great sigh of relief so their collections will continue to look uniform.  The back showcases the figures in the wave and the figures available for the Club Grayskull line.

I have to say that I really liked the bio.  I’m not as up to date as others with Granita’s story but this bio really fleshed things out for me.  The added length being given to the bios in this wave is much welcome.

The figure has the regular articulation you’d expect from MOTUC figures except there is no ab crunch on it.  Instead, you get movement from under the breast area.  The majority of the joints were decent on this figure so I’m glad I don’t have the issues I do with the CG Sorceress figure.

The paint on the figure is clean for the most part except some markings on the crotch area and the mark on her chin.

Once again, little touches are big points of contention for a very vocal part of collectors.  The first being how the vest part of her outfit is a piece placed on top of the already sculpted breast area that makes it a little bit weird looking, especially at certain angles. It doesn’t bother me too much but I’ve read it sure as hell bothers others.

The thing I’m still not happy with is the size of the hips and the protruding butt cheeks, along with the legs being wide apart.  I’m hoping that Super7 fixes this for upcoming waves as it is becoming a big reason why I’ll stop buying the female figures.  I don’t understand why they can’t be designed (or at least manufactured) like the female Classics figures were.  We should going forwards with these figures, not backwards (excuse the pun).

The head sculpt is pretty good and the hair surprisingly doesn’t weigh down the figure.   I like what they were going for with the expression and how the eyes are done.  My little issue is with the paint on the right eye.  It looks like the line is a smidge lower than the left one and goes a pin head too long past the eye.

The head can move left and right but the hair makes it tougher than usual to get a lot of movement.  This is another figure that has no ability to look up or down.

The only weapon Granita comes with is her own Light Blazer weapon.  I couldn’t remember the name of the weapon in the video review for the life of me, but here you go! Just like her Comet Warrior counterparts, she can hold it or it can be locked into her midsection.  The end of the weapon doesn’t spin.

What would a rock/comet warrior be without the ability to transform into one? Granita comes with five pieces that attach to her to give her her Comet Warrior look.  The small one plugs into her back and aligns with the back of her hair.  The other pieces clip onto her arms and legs.

The sculpting and paint wash on them are good but they are a softer plastic than those that came with Stondar and Rokkon.  Not only that, but the clips are also softer and it causes the pieces to periodically fall off often when plugging/snapping in other pieces or trying to pose the figure’s arms and/or legs.  I wish they clipped on as securely as Stondar and Rokkon’s pieces did.  The insides feature some circuitry, giving them a high-tech look. DSC_0048DSC_0047

When all the pieces are attached, Granita does look more intimidating.  As mentioned, once these pieces were on, it was hard to have her stand straight and just moving her around would cause a piece or two to easily pop off.  Click the pics for a closer look.

Having Granita hold her weapon in her hand is a cool option for posing the figure on your shelf but I’ll be posing her with the Light Blazer weapon popping out of her midsection.  She needs to match the other Comet Warriors on my shelf.

The final piece included with the figure is the front section to complete her transformation into a comet.  Just like the other pieces, it’s a softer plastic and a different material than the pieces that came with Stondar and Rokkon.  I wish it had the same clips that locked into the leg pieces that came with the male figures because it helped keep everything sturdy and in place when adjusting the figure into this mode.  Not having the clips made it actually more time consuming to turn Granita into this form and continued to create headaches of pieces popping off the figure while trying to make her a rock.

You can see from the pics below how the gaps/spaces are pretty large and take away from the overall look of this form.  The leg pieces have two little tabs that are supposed to secure them together but they don’t work.  You can press them as hard as you can and they don’t stay together.  You can’t really even do it while their attached to the legs because they detach from the legs.  It’s like you can’t win!  This was the best I could get it after fidgeting for over five minutes.

I can’t say I’m completely bothered by it, though, because I’ll never have her posed like this on my shelf.  I appreciate all the pieces were included and fans have the option to do so.  I just have no idea what happened during the manufacturing.

Here’s Granita with her crew.  You can see she’s definitely smaller than the other two and I’m fine with that.  I read a lot of people wished she was taller and that’s their preference.  For me, I think the height is perfectly fine and gives the group variety.


I decided to take a few comparison pics of the rock/comet forms just so you can see the design differences.  You can really notice the gap at the back of Granita’s form without having those clips and the tabs not working well.

So while I was excited for this figure when it was announced, she wasn’t one of my most anticipated.  After taking pictures and reflecting on the figure for a while, it’s one I welcome on my shelf.  Having her alongside the other Comet Warriors has been too long of a wait and I’m sure there are people so pumped about this.  Out of all the new Collector’s Choice figures, she’s my least favourite but she’s still a decent figure.  It’s too bad that all the rock piece clips are all flimsy and constantly pop off and the rock mode isn’t as sharp as it should be.


Enjoy the video!