Masters of the Universe Classics – Man-E-Faces Review (Club Grayskull)


This review of Man-E-Faces marks the end of my review of the 2nd wave of the Club Grayskull line by Super7.  It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster ride due to issues and disappointments with Tung Lashor and The Sorceress, but Mer-Man impressed me and really gave me a nostalgic hug.

I wasn’t as excited for this figure as others in this wave when it was announced because I didn’t think he would be that different in comparison to the Classics figure, although I knew the simplicity of the Club Grayskull line would contrast it.  By the time I was done taking pics and videos of this figure, it won me over and became my favourite of wave 2.

Just like the packaging of the other figures, a slipcase covers the Castle Grayskull window-box display and the back features an illustration based on the Filmation look of the character as well as a bio.

The figure has the regular articulation found on all the male bucks in the Masters of the Universe Classics line except for the neck, of course.  I’m happy that all the articulation points weren’t too loose or tight which made it easy to pose the figure and work with it.

You can see up close that there’s not a lot of paint detailing on the figure and that’s expected with the Club Grayskull figures as they are matching what we saw in the cartoon.  The minimalist approach works well with Man-E-Faces and he is quite cool looking without the intricacies of the Classics figure.

What is really apparent, though, is just how glossy the plastic is.  It’s very similar to The Sorceress’ face.  I wish they’d tone it down a bit and I’m hoping this is the last wave where these figures won’t blind us due to the baby oil they’re rubbing on themselves.

The paint on the figure is probably the cleanest out of all four figures in this wave but there are still the odd little blotch on the helmet.  Still nothing like what was on Tung Lashor, though.


The three faces on the figure are sculpted well.  I find they represent the cartoon look and differ just enough from the Classics and the vintage figures.  The one little issue I have is with how to change the faces.  From what I can tell, and I may be wrong (and will edit if I find out something different), you have to actually use your fingers or thumb to rotate the face.  By doing so, you’re risking scratching the paint on the face of the figure.

I’ve seen in various groups how the paint is coming off of some of their figures (and seeing it first hand with switching Mer-Man’s weapons), I don’t want that to happen to the face if I’m manually turning it. I didn’t bother trying to pop the top off to rotate the head because it didn’t seem to budge when trying to pry it.

Man-E-Faces comes with, um, many weapons! I said in the video I couldn’t remember for the life of me where they were all from but I had seen in a review over at where it was mentioned.  Turns out they used a picture created by MOTU guru James Eatock (follow him on Twitter @cerealgeek77) so I’m giving credit where it’s due.  For the pics I took, I just randomly chose the face to use.  It isn’t indicative of the look he had when he held any of these in the episodes they were featured in.


First off is the Kcotae Lazer from the episode, “She-Demon of Phantos.” I think this is cool looking piece and seems like it works well both horizontally and vertically!  I could see many figures in my collection use this one!

There’s the Vaporizer from “The Once and Future Duke” as well as the orange gun that’s based on the character’s classic weapon.  Pose him with one or the other or have them be dual wielded!  I think ol’ Faces here will be posed with his regular blaster on my shelf even though there are so many options.

The Sting Lance is from the episode “Disappearing Dragons.”  The weapon is light and poses no threat of weighing down your figure if you choose to have him posed with this on your shelf.  I think it’s a cool and unexpected piece to have.

Finally there is the Tri-Blade from “She-Demon of Phantos.”  This is another one of the weapons I don’t recall and I really need to go back and watch some of these episodes again.  The blade rotates and not just in a static pose.  I really don’t see me posing any figures with this item but it’s cool Super7 gave us as much as they could.

I’ve mentioned it before but for those who haven’t read my other reviews, I’ll reiterate that I think Super7 should do a weapons pack featuring many of the weapons in the Club Grayskull line with paint on them so they pop and can be used with other figures in the main Classics and Collector’s Choice lines.


Just like the other features for this wave, I grabbed my Classics version of the figure off my shelf to do a comparison picture.


Here’s Man-E-Faces along with the other heroic warriors in this line.  Having Teela beside all of them really makes her look like the odd one out with the colour of the plastic used.  It is nice seeing all these characters all together and it does make me clamor for more, especially if the quality control for these figures improves and the female body is worked on.


This figure surprised me becoming my favourite of wave two.  I thought Mer-Man would have it locked down but the little issue with the neck and the small blotches on his head had Man-E-Faces inch ahead by a small margin. I’m sure in the next month I may actually go back and forth on who comes out on top.  I dunno.  It’s better to end the reviews of these four figures on a positive and I’m glad that Man-E-Faces helped me do so.

I hope you have enjoyed my look at the new Club Grayskull figures.  The four Collector’s Choice figures are up next.


Enjoy the video!