Masters of the Universe Classics – Mer-Man Review (Club Grayskull)


The figure I was most excited for in the second wave of Super7’s MOTUC Club Grayskull line was Mer-Man.  I’m a big fan of the character and all his representations across various media and action figure lines.  After opening and reviewing a so-so Tung Lashor and a disappointing Sorceress, I was hoping things would go up from there.  I’m happy to report they did!

Just like the other Club Grayskull figures, the window-box packaging is the same and has a slipcase to protect it.  On the back you find an illustration that’s similar to what Mer-Man looked like in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon along with a bio of the character that really reflects how he portrayed in the show.

I was so pumped taking this figure out of the packaging.  Ever since I was a kid I wanted an action figure of this version of Mer-Man and to have one in hand now that I’m 40 is absolutely mind-blowing.

All the articulation you expect from MOTUC figure is here and I’m happy to report the limbs and joints on this figure are pretty good.  There was nothing really loose or too tight.  Some may not be a fan of the figure not having an ab-cruch due to the armor piece but I don’t mind.

There is one thing I’m not a fan of and that’s the lack of being able to tilt the head up or down (a trait of all the other figures in this wave).  You can have the figure look left and right thankfully, but there is zero vertical movement.

That also brings up the main issue I have with the figure that others share: he has no neck.  The prototype and samples leading up to the production had the head resting slightly higher on the figure.  The final figure, though, has a head resting a bit too low.  Is it something that really bugs me in the grand scheme of things? Not so much.  I would have preferred it like it was initially marketed but I won’t lose sleep over it and I’m sure once it’s on my shelf for a period of time, I’ll forget all about it.

I think the sculpt of the portrait is really good.  There’s no mistaking this is the Filmation Mer-Man that we all love.  The expression is great and captures both aggression or that “uh oh” look when he’s done something he shouldn’t have.  It’s all in the pose you choose.

Minor gripes about it include some paint slop around the eyes and the teeth and the weird random glossy blotches and random markings that were found on Tung Lashor’s head.  Super7 really has to see what in the hell the factory is doing when producing and painting the heads for their figures if they want to keep collector’s happy with the next wave.

While Mer-Man is the only figure with some kind of alternate head display out of all four in this wave, he makes up for it with some pretty cool accessories: a pistol, spear, and a sword that’s a cool version of the vintage sword.

While I had a great time swapping out the weapons to take pictures (and had fun posing the figure), paint from Mer-Man’s glove was scraping off onto the weapons.  This will deter me from doing a lot of swapping in the future because I don’t want yellow paint in random areas on the gun and spear and I don’t want any more paint coming off Mer-Man’s glove, like I’m already seeing on this right thumb.  Super7 also has to make sure this is taken care of for upcoming waves.

I also mentioned it in my Tung Lashor review, but I’d love to see Super7 release all the Club Grayskull weapons in a weapons pack with paint deco on them to make these cool pieces pop like they should.


No matter what weapon or combination of weapons you chose, I think that you’ll be happy with how Mer-Man looks with them.  It’s cool to see the weapons represent Mer-Man being in action on land and sea.

For those wanting to see Mer-Man along side his Classics versions, here you go!  It’s so great to see so many in plastic form.  I really should start snagging all the vintage figures I had when I was a kid.  It’s a rabbit hole I want to go down but have avoided for a long time because, well, you know….money.


The ranks of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors is really filling out.  It kind of makes me feel bad for He-Man and his crew right now.  Then again, isn’t it fun when you have more bad guys?  I know I included Tung Lashor in the pic.  My rationale was his initial alliance.  My poor Hordak and Evil Seed were left on the shelf.


So besides the neck not being the same as what we were shown leading up to the final product and the minor paint issues/glossy blotches on the head, I really don’t have many complaints about Mer-Man and am pretty happy with him.  I think the satisfaction and disbelief of actually having this version of Mer-Man finally in toy form outweighs any negative points I have.


Enjoy the video!!