Masters of the Universe Classics – The Sorceress Review (Club Grayskull)


Continuing on with my look at the new Masters of the Universe Classics Club Grayskull figures, I’m dedicating this feature to a figure that got as much heat (or even more from some) as Teela from Wave 1.  That is none other than the Sorceress.  Quick note – if you missed out on my look at Tung Lashor, check it out!

Full disclosure: I buy these figures with my own money and I do this site as a hobby about my love of collecting.  That said, I don’t worry about anyone being angry at me for my opinions on these figures on one side of the fence or the other and I’m not sugar coating my thoughts to please anyone.  With that said, I totally get the anger from people about this figure.  While I’m not literally angry (there are way more insane things happening in this world to be legitimately angered about in this world than a toy), I’m am disappointed with the final product and I’ll go through what I like and don’t like about it.  I’m sure the people that find no fault with it will disagree and those who loathe this figure may find me a bit reserved.

Below is the figure us customers were shown before we ordered.  As a Canadian, these figures are damn expensive, especially when you add the US dollar conversion, the customs I have to pay, and the shipping.  I know that products can change from prototype to final product and I accept that and it’s no surprise.  In this case, the head we got is really different from what was shown and the proportions of the figure at the hips were also changed, giving us something vastly different.  As you see pictures I took, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

The packaging follows the same as the last wave of Club Grayskull and features a slip case that covers the box.  The window-box packaging allows mint-in-box collector to see the figure and all that’s included.  The back has a picture that’s similar to how the Sorceress looked in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon and a bio reiterating that this is Teela-Na, the mother of Teela.

The figure has most of the articulation that we’re used to with MOTUC figures. Instead of an ab crunch, The Sorceress can rotate and bend a bit just under the breast area.  The articulation elsewhere on the figure isn’t as tight as I’d like in most places but the biggest offenders are the legs and the ankles.  If you watch the video at the end of this feature, as I go on filming, it’s like they get looser the more I played around with the figure and I got even more frustrated with it.  There is no reason we should be getting figures with joints this loose, especially for this price point.  Actually, it’s unacceptable.

Another disappointment is with the head articulation.  Just like Tung Lashor, it can move and look left and right with no issue but there’s barely any movement up or down.

I’m not one to focus on the rear end of female figures I have (or take pictures), but just like the Club Grayskull Teela, these proportions just make the figure look “off” and doesn’t represent what we pre-ordered.  I was really hoping from the promo pics that Super7 fixed the hip/buttocks issue that Teela and Hawke had but they didn’t.  I guess the positive is at least the skin tone didn’t turn as awful as Teela’s.


Getting to the head, you can see it’s not what was shown in the promo pics and that’s where many people’s disappointment with the figure is.  While I would have loved to have what I thought we were getting, I have to admit I actually like this sculpt.  I’m not letting Super7 off the hook with the (I’m sure unintentional) bait and switch but if I had not seen that promo pic and saw this sculpt from the get-go, I’d actually have no issue.  I think it’s good looking sculpt and the paint, for the most part, is good on it.

I’ve seen people on some Facebook groups play around with the paint and make it look even better.  Some say the face got squished or messed up somehow during production and if that was the case, it may have been on the left side of the face.  The one thing that ruins the face for me, though, is how overly glossy it is.  It looks like my face looked in high school – shiny from excess oil.

A second head/portrait is included.  It is supposed to represent the person who was in the role of The Sorceress before Teela-Na, and that person is Kuduk Ungol.  From what I had remembered, that character was older looking.  This head makes Kuduk Ungol looks like a young, sad handmaiden.  I don’t know why that comparison was the the first thing that popped in my mind but I can’t stop thinking it now.

The expression of the figure is one that’s full of sadness and sorrow.  Perhaps why “handmaiden” pops in my mind – a sad peasant with a hood on her head.  Both the aforementioned head and this one were the best out of the ones I opened. The other two had minor paint issues – especially with the eyes.  As you can see on this Kuduk Ungol face, the eyebrows are off and the glossiness of the plastic is still an issue.

What I do like about the extra head is that the actual bird headdress is different and features smaller eyes and different coloured feathers hanging down in front.  It’s enough to differentiate them to us collectors but I’m unsure how many people who see these in my man-cave will really notice.

Here are both heads side by side for you to compare.


For those wondering where The Sorceress’ wings are, Super7 decided to included two plastic pieces that plug into the back of the figure and into its arms.  The plastic used for the wings has some give to them, so they’re not rock solid.

The first wing option allows you to have them in the downward position and you have the option of having the arms plugged into them to give the figure the look as shown below.  Even if the hands aren’t plugged in, the figure still looks natural.  I think this was a smart move by Super7 and is way better than the drum-wings used for the first Classics Sorceress.  I haven’t done it yet, but I’ll be curious to see how this figure looks sitting on the throne in Castle Grayskull.

The second option is the open wing-look. You’ll want the arms plugged into this one because it would just seem too odd to have the wings open and not have the arms matching.  I think it looks pretty sharp.  Once again, it’s good idea from the Horsemen and Super7.

The Sorceress doesn’t come with any accessories but she does come with a new Zoar.  This one reminds me of Polly (Grizelda’s bird) from The Hilarious House of Frightenstein.  Zoar looks like it ate way too many crackers.

Zoar is a solid piece of plastic and you have to be careful plugging the talons into the pegs on the staff.  If you try and force them in without heating them up or wiggling them gently in, there is potential of breaking the pegs or causing damage to the legs/talons of Zoar.

For the hell of it, I took a picture of the Classics Zoar beside this one to see how different they are.

I know many were wishing The Sorceress would have been able to hold her Classics staff or that Super7 included one for this figure.  Instead they gave the figure two open hands.  I’m OK with this because The Sorceress is more known to use her magic for good and having two open hands, you can pose her in ways to replicate her using magic.

People are also none too happy with the size of the figure.  When you compare it to the first Classics Sorceress, you can see how much shorter it is.  Compared to He-Man and Teela from Club Grayskull, she is also shorter.

I look at Club Grayskull to be a separate line from the Classics and Collector’s choice so I’m fine with her not being in scale with those figures.  I’m also not someone that nitpicks over if the figures in Club Grayskull are 100% in scale with how they were portrayed on TV.  I actually can’t remember off hand the size difference of the characters and I have other things in life to be bothered with.  I don’t mind having some difference in size in the line.  I do understand those who feel she is too small who want the height to be 100% accurate.  I am surprised she is shorter than Teela, though!

I think it’s pretty clear that this figure is more of a disappointment for me than anything.  I really wish we got what was shown with the prototype or at least close to it.  The proportions of the hips and the looser than hell ankles and legs on both figures make me shake my head and piss me off the most.  I will give props that the head we got was decent but the paint and overly glossy look are strikes against it.

If the legs and ankles were solid, the hips/butt area were done a bit better, and the glossy plastic wasn’t used for the face, I could give this figure a pass for the money spent.  As it stands, this is my least favourite figure from Wave 2 but I still think the Club Grayskull Evil-Lyn (when Matty was doing the line) and Teela were worse aesthetically.


Enjoy the video and watch the frustration with the legs and ankles grow as I film!