Masters of the Universe Classics – Tung Lashor Review (Club Grayskull)



It’s been a long wait for more Masters of the Universe Figures from Super7.  I had the 2nd waves of both Club Grayskull and Collector’s Choice paid off in December of last year so as time passed, expectations rose.The first wave had some hits – Man-At-Arms and Hordak, a so-so figure with Tri-Klops, and a complete miss with Teela.  People were hoping that Super7 would learn from past mistakes and wave 2 would be a lot better.  Unfortunately, for some of the figures, that’s not the case.

Super7 did try and right one mistake by sending people a new Tri-Klops head to replace ones that didn’t work.  I show the envelope and message in the video at the end of this feature.  I thank Super7 for doing this as my Tri-Klops lost major points due to his visor being glued stuck and not budging no matter what I did.  I should now revisit my thoughts on the figure.

Before this current wave of figures shipped, people were irate about how some of the figures were changed from what was advertised, the height of some of them, the paint choices (or lack of), and more.  I try and stay away from commenting until I get the figures in hand and seeing how I do this site as a hobby, I’m now going to through all these figures even if I’m a bit late to the party – the usual case with receiving figures here in Canada.  I’m starting off my look at wave 2 of Club Grayskull with Tung Lashor.

For those who are just mint-in-box collectors, they’ll be happy that Super7 used the same packaging.  It’s a great window-box with a slip cover that allows you to see the figure and everything that’s included.  This box is still one of my favourite designs with all the figures I collect.

The back of the box features art inspired by the look of the character in the Filmation cartoon, although slightly off, along with a bio about the character.  Seeing how Tung Lashor appeared in the She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon, and not the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon, he was aligned with The Evil Horde and not King Hssss and the Snake Men.  The bio explains how he defected after witnessing other Snake Men doing the same, leaving the side of Skeletor to join Hordak.  I think it works!

We’re all used to the articulation that Masters of the Universe Classics figures have and I’m happy to say the majority of the articulation on this figure is decent.  The right leg is a tad loose but nothing that prohibited me from posing the figure how I wanted or having it fall over.

The articulation on the head is the major knock here because you can’t get any up or down movement.  It reverts back to looking straight ahead if you try to make it look up or down.  I would have liked to have more vertical movement.

The paint on the body is decent for the most part but where the paint ruins the figure is on the skin.  The arms have weird random blotches of glossiness or different shade of paint.  The texture of the arms is also bit different than the rest of the body.  The paint feels like it’s grainy and not as smooth as the paint on the legs or armor.  It’s hard to explain but it’s the same on the second figure I opened, too.  This weird paint job is even more apparent if you watch the video.

The animated style of the Horde emblem is sculpted well and really pops against the metallic paint.  The contrast works well.  I’m glad to see the paint job on the armor and the emblem is smooth and not like on the skin.


I really like the head sculpt of the figure and it represents the cartoon version of the character well.  There’s a little slop on the teeth but nothing to make me whine about it.  What I will complain about are the blotches all over the head that are similar to what you can see on the arms.

If you enlarge the pictures, especially the one of the back of the head, you can see how the paint didn’t turn out well.  It’s like he’s got acne scars or rosacea.  I don’t know how this could happen on a second wave of figures.  It’s awful quality control and because I bought two figures to open so I could have both heads represented on my shelf, this was the better looking one if you can imagine that.

Here’s another angle where you can see how the paint job turned out (or how the plastic was affected somehow during the creation of them).  In addition, there are marks and scrapes all over the head that just make you wonder what the hell happened to these in production.


The second head features an elongated tongue.  I don’t think you could release a Tung Lashor figure without some kind of tongue lashing representation, right?  Unfortnately the same issues with the paint blotches on the head (or defective plastic) also affect this second head and there are even more issues with embedded scratches and markings.  It’s more prevalent here and this was the one with the least issues out of the two “tongue action” heads.  Again, for the price these figures are, this isn’t good.  Again, it’s very apparent in the video embedded at the end of this feature.

Speaking of not good, there’s another quality control issue with the figure.  Both bodies are splitting at the left neck area.  This makes me even more unhappy because I have to wonder what the hell is happening over that the factory where these are being made.  This is unacceptable.

Tung Lashor comes with a gun and a jet pack/rocket.  The gun is unfortunately not painted and I really wish it was.  I know the rationale behind accessories having no paint on them is that it matches the basic paint job on the figures to really make them similar to the look in the cartoon.  I get that but would it ever be nice to see these with some paint.  It would be cool if Super7 released a weapons pack down the road with all the Club Grayskull weapons painted.

As you can see on the jet pack/rocket it looks like some plastic chipped away or fell off before it even got painted.  Once again it makes me question where the quality control is.


The jet pack/rocket plugs into the back of the figure and gives people another display option.  If you’re one of those people that have flight stands, you can have ol’ Lasher here cause chaos in the sky.

If the jet pack/rocket isn’t your thing, rest assured that Tung Lasher looks good with his gun in hand.

I decided to get my Classics Tung Lashor off my shelf and show you the similarity and difference in these pics and in my video.  It’s cool to see how different the representation of one character can actually be.

This figure isn’t that bad in one sense as it represents the cartoon version of the character well.  Where it falls short is the unacceptable paint on the head and skin and the overall quality control.  If this was a $15-20 figure I could let it slide but I can’t at this price point and with this being Super7’s second wave of these figures, we shouldn’t be seeing this kind of stuff.  If the issues weren’t there, I would have said he was a big hit.  As it turns out, he’s gotten a lukewarm reception from me.

Enjoy the video!