Friday the 13th Pt. 2 Ultimate Jason, Evil Dead 2 Figure Set & Retro Freddy from NECA Review


If you frequent my site often, you know I’m a fan of NECA figures and horror.  When NECA releases new horror figures from franchises I love, you know I’m snagging them.  Today, I’ll be featuring three new NECA items that I’ve finally acquired.

Full disclosure for anyone new reading: I keep these in the packaging.  It’s easier this way for me to display and I don’t have the space for hundreds of loose figures.  Plus I love the packaging and how it’s a big part of collecting these NECA figures.  The purpose of my site is that I just love showcasing my collection and what I like.


Friday the 13th Part 2 Ultimate Jason Voorhees

Continuing on with the Ultimates line, NECA has updated their Part 2 Jason Voorhees figure.  The last time a “Part 2” figure was released was many years ago in a box set with a Pamela Voorhees figure as well as a stand alone release for the Cult Classics line.  Both these items cost a pretty penny now on the aftermarket (especially the box set), and I own neither.  I didn’t have the extra dough at the time when these came out and was just focusing on Masters of the Universe Classics.

The packaging is awesome and reflects the original artwork designed by Spiros Angelikas.  I said in my video (at the end of this feature) I wasn’t sure if this was ever used to promote the movie and by doing some research, I found out Paramount decided not to use this art so people wouldn’t see the ending right in the poster (rightfully so), and leave Jason and mystery.  NECA was brilliant using this art and I think collectors of the franchise who don’t collect action figures may get this release just for the cool art.

As with all the Ultimates, this release features window-box packaging so you can admire the figure clearly without having take the figure out.  The inside of the flaps continues the trend of showcasing the figure within in an awesome pose.

This figure features an all new body and the clothes, to me, look a bit damp.  I don’t know if that was intended but when I look at it, he looks like he’s been out in the rain.  That’s not a bad thing, though.

The heads are all sculpted well and also give fans yet another reason to get multiple figures.  I tell you, if I had the money and the room, I’d be buying multiples of these to display with the extra heads.

I’m sure many will also appreciate the addition of the much sought after Pamela Voorhees severed head.  While we don’t have an alter to place it on, I’m sure many fans will be creative with what they will be doing with it.

There are a plethora of weapons included with the figure including a machete, knife, pick axe, spear, and pitchfork.  There are so many display options here!

Retro Style Freddy Krueger – A Nightmare on Elm Street 3

I’ve been collecting the NECA retro figures from the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises for a while and even went back to track down those I missed out on.  The Pamela/Jason SDCC 2-pack is still needed but I don’t think I’ll ever get one with the prices around the $200 US mark.

All that aside, the newest retro-style release is a Tuxedo Freddy Krueger based on his quick appearance in one in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.  The art on the package is awesome and will keep us Mint in Package collectors happy.  It will blend in with the other figures, yet give it it’s own distinct look.  The back features the figure in a pose with a brief write-up.

The clothing on this figure is tailored really well.  It looks pretty sharp and nothing seems out of place or ragged on my figure, from what I can see.  While it does seem quite simple, the addition of the dress shirt underneath the jacket, along with the tie and even the handkerchief in the pocket, shows that NECA was showing some great attention to detail.

The glove seems to be the one used for the other retro-style Freddy from Part 3 that has the chest of souls.  Seeing how this version of Freddy is from that movie, it’s best the look of the glove is consistent but then again, having the fingers in a different position would have been welcomed.

Speaking of, the head sculpt on this guy is stellar.  In all honesty, when this figure got announced and I saw the the expression on it, with the tongue sticking out, I wasn’t overjoyed.  I wanted something really angry with the look of evil in his eyes.  After having it in hand (well, package in hand), I like it a lot more than I thought.  It gives the figure personality and conveys that humorous, yet dark side, of Freddy.

The sculpting of the burns and skins is done well and the paint on the eyes, teeth, and overall wash is great.


The house is an awesome little accessory that mimics the Elm St house that Kristen was building in the movie.  And just like in the movie, this house lights up thanks to the included batteries.  This little feature is enough that it tempts me to get another one of these to actually open and have on my shelf between this figure and my Part 2 Freddy.


One thing I really would have liked to see is this figure include the severed head of Elaine Parker (Kristen’s mother) included.  I think it would have put this over the top.  Mind you, if NECA is trying to get these into Target stores, I could see that being an issue.  Then again, look at the blood and other gory stuff included with/on other figures.


The Evil Dead 2 (30th Anniversary) Ash and Evil Ed Set

As soon as I saw the preview for this set, I didn’t care if it would be in the hundred dollar range – it would be mine.  Not only for the awesome figures that were previewed but because the packaging hit the nostalgia button hard.  I go briefly into it in the video at the end, but this packaging is similar to the first DVD I ever bought – the tin case version of Evil Dead 2.  Simply awesome!

Similar to the Ultimate Jason figure, the packaging features the figures in action on the inside panel and on the back and has window-box packaging so you can admire everything without having to bust it all out.  This is all collector friendly packaging so those people that want to take em out for a bit will have no problem putting them all back.  I should actually start doing that considering I’m never going to be selling these anyway.


There’s a lot to this set so I’ll try and keep it concise.  Ash has amazing detail on his bloodied and torn outfit.  While the torso is newly sculpted, the pants seem to be reused from the Evil Dead 2 figure.  I have no issue with that.  I really dug how they did the tearing on the left leg was done so it’s only fitting it’s used here.

The head that is on the figure is also reused from the initial Evil Dead 2 figure but it has a different paint application and is far less bloody.  The other two heads are new for this set and also have amazing blood painted on them.  If I only had one of these and had the room to display it, I would choose the head in the middle.  He looks like he’s going to go ape-shit and destroy.

For Evil Ed, the outfit isn’t very exciting, but neither was the prep-boy look in the movie.  It fit the character and NECA did a great job replicating it.

The real focal point for Evil Ed are the Deadite heads.  These have to be some of the best monster face sculpts in this scale I’ve seen.  I’m always happy with what NECA does with the heads with Jason unmasked and Freddy, but these are works of art.  I think it’s so cool the second head for Ed is actually cut in two so you can see the inside where Ash chops it half.  So awesome!

If two stellar figures with multiple heads aren’t enough value for you, you also get a Necronomicon book that actually opens up, the bone dagger, a sawed off shotgun, and demonic, possessed deer head.  The details on all of them a superb and blow me away.  The inclusion of the deer head really makes me crave that NECA creates a diorama for these figures.  Could you imagine a licensed cabin diorama? That would be awesome.  I’d even buy this set again if they could include a diorama in a box set for about $100 more.

The one thing that’s bit of a disappointment is how warped the chainsaw is on my Ash figure.  I’ve reached out to NECA Customer Service to see if I can get a replacement piece.  I ordered this online so I just can’t exchange it.  I’d open my set and swap it out.


I continue to be impressed with the bang for the buck NECA provides with the Ultimates line and their the care taken with the retro line.  These figures are hits in my books and are welcome additions to my collection.  There are more figures in these lines coming by the end of the year and you’ll be seeing them on here in the future.

Enjoy the video!