Star Wars Black Series Zuckuss, General Veers, SDCC 2018 Han Solo: Exogorth Escape, & More!


It’s that time again where I share new additions to my ever growing Star Wars collection.  Today I’m going to be featuring the Black Series San Diego Comic Con exclusive, a figure/vehicle set, and two more Black Series exclusive figures that us Canadians got before the US once again thanks to our Toys R’ Us stores still open.

Before I jump in, and before you may go to the embedded video review at the end, I’ll state what I usually do just in case you’re new to my site.  I love collecting these and I’m a in box/on card collector.  Main reason: I hang them up and I have no place for an army of loose figures.   I wish I did.  Check out my Instagram page if you want to see how I have them displayed!


Han Solo: Exogorth Escape – SDCC 2018 Exclusive

Full disclosure! Us Canucks also got lucky with this exclusive because Hasbro brought this awesome exclusive to Fan Expo here in Ontario (Toronto, specifically) and many of us got it cheaper than the US! Boomshakalaka!  I’d like to thank, again, my friend Ben for helping me out with scoring one! THANK YOU!

The packaging for this exclusive is sweet.  As a in-box collector, this is really appealing.  I know some are getting tired of the Black Series Aesthetics but the grey and black make this box pop and the top of the Millennium Falcon translates so well with the scheme.  I really like how the ship extends to one side of the package while the other side has Han Solo with the oxygen mask on.

The back of the package features a small write-up about the scene (and if you have no idea what this is about, watch The Empire Strikes Back).  Before this set came out, I wasn’t even sure I had heard the name “Exogorth” before.  Maybe I did but it just got pushed out.  Exogorth is the official name for the big space slug the Millennium Falcon sets down in while waiting out the Imperials and narrowly escaping when it is awoken.

The box has two slip cases that open up on either end.  It’s quite delicate and you have to be careful when sliding each side open (and closing).

When it’s wide open, you’re treated to Han Solo wearing his oxygen mask, at the bottom of the ramp of the Millennium Falcon.  Beside him, sticking onto the front of the package, is a Mynock.  How cool is that? A 6″ scale Mynock! Surrounding the scene is the paint that’s made to look like fog.  It’s a neat effect that works really well.



The Bespin Han Solo is the same figure I recently took a look at just with the mask as a new piece.  There’s an extra hand included somewhere in the package and that’s really the only difference as far as I can tell.  It’s kind of  like Malibu Stacy and her new hat.


The detail on the Mynock is pretty cool.  I think they nailed the sculpt but I would have liked to see a bit more paint in certain areas of the body and around the mouth just to make it seem even more high-end.  This is an exclusive, so go all out, Hasbro!  Overall, though, I really like the set and it’ll be one that I’ll be happy to show off when people visit.


General Veers

The first thing I thought of when I read/saw that General Veers was getting an action figure in the Black Series line was, “Veers is getting an action figure before more of Jabba’s denziens or Mos Eisley Cantina patrons?” Colour me shocked, but I would think aliens and creatures would sell better.  Then again, this is an exclusive and we also just got Admiral Piett this year.  Could Admiral Motti be far away?

Hot on the heels of other exclusives (like the recent Captain Phasma), us Canucks found this figure in our Toys R’ Us stores before it even got released in the US.  After taking the pictures for this feature, I think the head sculpt is better than I gave it credit for in the video.  It’s actually very good.  I love Hasbro added the helmet that could be swapped out with the hat and the armor piece.  People who open these figures to display have even more reason to buy two for a different look to have on their shelves.  I know I would.


OHHHH DAMN!  I say in my video review that I feel like I have bragging rights because this guy is so sought after not only here in Canada, but all over the world where people collect these things.  We get the TRU exclusive sticker on ours and that may drive more collectors to want this edition before it gets widespread distribution at the Disney Store in the US.

I loved my Zuckuss sixth scale figure from Sideshow Collectibles that shipped at the beginning of the year and it’s only fitting that Hasbro gets closer to finishing the bounty hunter crew in this scale, too (Dengar is hopefully coming before the end of the year).

The head sculpt on this figure is awesome and one of my favourites of the year.  The outfit is spot on and I love the look of the fabric used.  The little canister on the left side also has some fine detail to it.  Let’s also give props to Hasbro for the work done on the gun.  This figure is a knock out.

I was going to buy as second one to open but this was the only one I could get my hands on.  When I have the chance to, this figure will definitely be one I buy a second one of.


Enfys Nest’s Swoop Bike

I’ve had this vehicle/figure set for a while now but didn’t have the time to feature it in my last feature.  I have been a fan of all the vehicles/oversized items produced in the Black Series and this one was actually pre-ordered before I even saw it.  It was listed at the end of May/beginning of June and I felt comfortable putting my money down considering how much I liked the 3 3/4″ version of the bike and the figure.

As you can see, the packaging matches the same aesthetics as all the other vehicles/oversized items and I’m glad it will blend all together on my shelves. The back of the packaging shows off how huge this actually is.  I guess I should use the word “long” instead.  I really wouldn’t have the room to display it out of the box.

Even moreso than the bike, I really wanted to make sure I had Enys Nest in this scale.  I really liked how the character was built up in the film and I loved the costume design.  When it was revealed (spoiler for those who haven’t seen Solo), that the character was a female, I laughed because I could imagine all those hate filled Star Wars fans getting angry about more female representation in their beloved franchise.

I really like this figure and really think Hasbro did a stellar job on it.  I’m a big fan of the faux fur and the soft goods.  The helmet, especially the visor area is painted well.  To really knock this out of the park, I think the armour piece on the front and the stuff hanging off the chest needed to have more paint or something to make it look not as cheap.

Bonus: Shoretrooper and Bistan (3 3/4″ Rogue One set)

I know this isn’t recent and not even a part of The Black Series, but I had to show it off.  This two pack was shown way before it ever came out and Entertainment Earth saved it from never being released at all.  I finally got one in at the same time as the Swoop Bike.

Seeing how I collected all the Rogue One 3 3/4″ figures (and characters from other films/shows that were released on this card), it was imperative that these two joined the others.  Besides, you can never have too many Troopers, right?

Bistan, on the other hand, is an odd looking fellow and I’m not sure many would have bought into getting this guy without having a Trooper as an incentive.  He is pretty unique looking, though, and diversity is a staple of the Star Wars universe.  I’m happy to have the two finally.


That’s it for this lot! Enjoy the video!