Star Wars: The Force Awakens Finn Sixth Scale Figure By Hot Toys Review


I’m still trucking away at featuring some older Hot Toys sixth scale figures on my site while I’m awaiting for new figures to come in. I think there are only two more new releases coming my way this year so I have the time to showcase a few more of the figures that have been hanging out in my cabinets but have yet to have a spotlight on here and my YouTube channel.

This review will be featuring the Finn sixth scale figure from The Force Awakens.  While Kylo Ren was an instant buy, I wasn’t sure how deep in the line I was going.  Then I got the Han and Chewie set, and it trickled to many others (especially the Troopers).  You can find them all in the menu area.  I missed out on Finn due to buying Troopers and having my money tied up in them, original trilogy figures, and other collectibles.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to get him, it just was by the time I was going to get him on Sideshow’s site, he was sold out and then I just kinda put it off.

I finally got him during an Ebay promo code sale and paid well under what retail was (and free shipping with no custom charges).  I was really anxious just to have him in my cabinet beside Rey but I didn’t expect to really like this figure as much as I did.  In hand, I was quite blown away.

The box is what it is – the same style with the figure on the front, the credits on the back, and a cool collage on the inside flap.

The figure is just under 12″ tall to keep him in scale with the others in the Star Wars universe.  At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be too much to be excited about but then you start examining aspects of the outfit and the portrait as you hold it and rotate the figure in your hands.  Suddenly you realize you have one hell of a figure now in your collection!

All the articulation you’d expect from sixth scale figures from Hot Toys is here, although the jacket does hinder some of the arm movement.  Then again, I don’t think people would have the figure’s arms out so exaggerated that this would be an issue.  All the joints were perfect – none too loose or tight.

The tailoring on the jacket is awesome.  While I have some other Finn figures in smaller scales and have seen the promo pics for this figure, I just never paid too much attention to how his jacket was designed.  The leather-like material is very realistic and how it’s accented with metallic pieces just helps convey the realism.

Other great things about the jacket are all the additional material on the bottom left pocket, the straps around the wrists, and the detailing down the side of the arms.  Once again, this jacket probably costs more than the jackets I wear.

The pants are decent and are also tailored well.  They seem to have a dusty and dirty look to them.  I’m unsure if that’s just how my figure turned out or if they were all like that.  Looking at some promo shots, the pants don’t seem to be exactly like my figure’s.  I’m going to have to look at some other YouTube reviews.

The portrait sculpt is incredible on this figure.  It looks practically identical to actor John Boyega (I think I may have said “Bodega” for some reason in my video review).  I like the serious look on the face because I like when Finn is focused in the films, not goofing around.  No matter which accessories you choose to pose him with, the sculpt works.

The hair and the eye brows are lifelike, where the detailing under the eye and on either side of his nose really accentuate the sculpt of the mouth.  This figure looks so real in hand, it’s surreal.

The figure comes with five extra hands in addition to the two that it’s shipped with on, giving you seven hands in total.  While the amount isn’t the large amount we’ve gotten with others, all seem to serve a purpose and it’s not overkill.

One of the accessories is a bomb bag that is actually more impressive than it may seem at first.  This bag is crafted well and the details on the strap and the clasp on the front of the bag just goes to show you how much attention Hot Toys pays to items many people may not even use.

The bag opens wide and can house the eight bombs that are also included without any cramping.

If you wanted your figure to hold one of these bombs in a pose, you have the option to do so.

When all the bombs are in and the bag is over Finn’s shoulder, nothing looks clunky or oversized. There’s even room in there for a sixth scale sandwich!

The blaster Finn comes with is really unique looking.  The weapons in this scale continue to amaze me with the intricate details and the paint applications.  I usually don’t have complaints about them often but with this one, the strap is a pain in the ass when you’re trying to pose the figure aiming the blaster.  It doesn’t want to rest in some cases.

Strap issues aside, Finn holding his blaster in various poses will be the how my figure is displayed in my cabinet.

The figure also comes with a lightsaber that has a removable blade.  That way you can plug it into the battery operated forearm that illuminates the lightsaber.  I usually take pictures (and feature in my videos) of the figure with the forearm swapped but for this feature I passed.  My rationale is twofold: 1) I’ll never have Finn displayed holding a lightsaber on my shelf and 2) I’ve read and seen nothing but people having quite the difficulty with swapping this piece in and out.

If there are ever times where I decide I do want to have Finn hold Luke’s lightsaber, I’ll just have him hold the standalone piece.  He actually doesn’t look too shabby with it.

As usual, this figure comes with a stand and seeing how all the other figure in The Force Awakens got a hexagonal stand, this one came with it, too!


Finn is way better in person than I thought he would be.  All the excellent details I mentioned above makes me kick myself for almost missing it and I really wish I would have jumped on the Finn in Stormtrooper Disguise figure that’s quite pricey now on the aftermarket.

With a gun in hand and the bomb bag over his shoulder, Finn will be beside my Rey figure ready for action.


Enjoy the video!