Master of the Universe Classics Stridor Review (from Super7)


It’s been awhile since anything new regarding Masters of the Universe Classics has arrived at my house (or has been featured on my site as I took a pause with my MOTUC Rewind features but plan on starting again soon).  The last MOTUC items that I last scored were the first wave of Super7’s MOTUC Collector’s Choice and Club Grayskull lines.  If you missed them, you can find all those reviews in the menu and on my YouTube channel.

Thankfully the dry spell ended about a month ago when Stridor arrived.  I should have gotten to a review sooner but I was enjoying the end of my holidays and seeing how so many others got them before my and put their reviews up, I didn’t think I needed to rush to give my two cents on it.

Us fans have been anxiously awaiting this toy for a long time.  In the vintage line, there were two robotic horses that joined the forces of good and evil on Eternia.  Stridor was Fisto’s robo-horse and fought alongside the Masters of the Universe where Night Stalker fought alongside Jitsu and the Evil Wariors.  The robo-horses were identical except for  different paint applications/colours and a headpiece for Stridor.

Night Stalker (see my review) came out in 2016 and considering Stridor would be the exact same toy but with a similar colour palate to match the vintage one, most of us thought we would have seen it way sooner.  The collapse of Matty Collector probably had something to do with it not getting to us sooner but here we are in 2018 and Super7 has come to the rescue.

The packaging for the toy, thankfully, is identical to the other Classics beasts.  That means people that collect this line who keep them in the package won’t have this look out of place.  The back of the packaging features figures from Super7’s Collector’s Choice line that have already been released as well as four figures that should be shipping in the next few weeks.  I kinda joked in my video at the end of this feature that because I live in Canada I probably won’t see mine for a month and a half (maybe two months).  Actually, it’s not really a joke.  That’s how long it took for my last Collector’s Choice and Club Grayskull figs to show up after they started shipping.

If you have the Night Stalker robo-horse (I just don’t want to keep saying “toy” and it’s not really an action figure, so I’m going to stick with that term), you know what you’re getting here (click the images for larger versions).  Stridor is the same toy as Night Stalker except for the paint and one other aspect I’ll mention later on.

All the joints and articulation in the legs, angles, tail, and head are pretty solid and nothing is loose or flimsy.  It is actually quite sturdier than the Night Stalker figure I own.  That especially goes for the segmented neck.  My Night Stalker figure’s neck was pretty loose and had a hard time staying in place when I posed it certain ways.  The neck on Stridor keeps the pose in place.

As you can see, the body and the legs of the figure are exactly the same as Night Stalker.  That doesn’t mean it’s not good, though.  I really like all the subtle gears and mechanics found all over it.  There are some additional splashes of paint here and there on the figure but I think this (and Night Stalker) would have really benefited by more paint apps all over the figure to make the sculpting all over it really shine.  There are a couple of small places where there’s some paint slop where there shouldn’t be but it’s nothing that’s too noticeable.


One difference between the two robot steeds (there, I’m changing it up) is the control sticker.  Thankfully it’s different to give them a bit more variety from each other.  You can also see the sculpting on the back of the chair and the turret and how both would really could use some metallic paint to make them pop.

Stridor has three display options for collectors to choose from when it comes to the use of armor for its head.  You can display the robo-horse without any armour, with the armor that replicates the vintage toy (bottom left), or you can put on the armour piece that is the same as the one that came with Night Stalker so you can have them match exactly, albeit the colour scheme.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a side view of Stridor with all three display options.  It’s at about this time when I’m proofing this feature I get the theme song to Mr. Ed in my head.

You know what makes a horse happy, even if it’s robotic? Hooking back up with his owner/main caretaker.  Fisto looks so wicked alongside and inside Stridor.  It’s almost as emotional as Bert and Ernie being reunited after many years apart.

For fun, I took some shots of Stridor and Night Stalker together to compare them.  It’s really cool to actually have them in hand and side by side because although I had almost all of the vintage MOTU line when I was a kid, I never had these two.  I’m not sure why.  I had a great time with my cousin’s toys but they never found their way into my collection.  That has now been rectified.

I can assume that many will have their Stridor beside Night Stalker with Fisto and Jitsu in them (then again, I’m assuming people even have a Fisto).  All these toys together in front of a really epic backdrop would make for some good photos.  Alas, I only have white.



Overall, I’m really pleased with how the figure turned out.  I know Super7 has been getting lots of flack since they took over the license but I’ll give credit where credit is due with this guy.  Yeah, they could have utilized some more paint and I think using the exact silver that was used for Fisto’s fist would have been an awesome choice, but that’s just my preference.  It looks like you’ll be paying double to triple on the aftermarket now if you missed out.  It’s nuts that MOTUC still commands a high price once their no longer available to buy.  I can’t wait for the next batch to show up!


Enjoy the video!