Star Wars – Luke Skywalker (Bespin) DX 07 Sixth Scale Figure Set Review from Hot Toys


If you’re a regular on my site or have followed me here and there, you know I didn’t start collecting sixth scale figures until just over three years ago.  I just couldn’t comprehend at the time people would pay the price they did for 12″ figures…until I bought my first one.  I swore I’d only stick to the original trilogy but if you look at the figures I’ve featured, you know that didn’t go as planned.

There have been some grail pieces that I wanted to get for my collection that I missed out initially.  It seems like the universe has been kind to me with the luck I’ve had by being patient.  I’ve scored a Sideshow Jabba and his throne for close to the original retail prices, both brand new.

This DX 07 Luke Skywalker set was the third grail after getting my Hutt stuff.  This figure set came out in 2012 and retailed for $300 US.  I’m not sure if that was the price for the Sideshow website exclusive version, though, and that’s that one I’m looking at today.  While this figure is older, I really wanted to do a written and video review on it because I love it so much.

I scored this set for $300 Canadian, which is pretty crazy considering this set retails for anywhere from $700 $1000 US (deluxe or not).  The seller had both Luke figures on display in his cabinet – one with a blaster and one with a lightsaber.  Everything else in the box had not even been touched.

The box for this thing is huge.  You can really get a sense of it from watching the video that’s embedded from my YouTube channel at the end of this feature.  Considering how much stuff you get with this set, I guess it’s not surprising the packaging is this big.

The figures come with this cool looking bio card.  This is the only figure in my sixth scale collection that has come with something like this.  I’m not sure if all the DX series figures also included a card that is similar.

Seeing how Luke is a bit shorter than other characters in the Star Wars universe, he measures just over 11″ to keep him in scale.

The outfit on this version of Luke isn’t the most exciting but, man, did Hot Toys nail it.  The outfit is tailored very well and the attention to detail just on the jumpsuit alone would have been a great foreshadow into where this hobby was headed.  Perhaps the DX series was priced more at the time simply because they took longer to make and were meticulous with detail verses what else was available at the time.

You can see from the pictures below, the belt and the boots are practically the same excellent quality we see with today’s figures.  The various pouches on the belt look and feel like leather more than plastic, which makes it seem more recent than it is.

You can see the holster for the blaster has a strap that secures it via a magnet.  On this figure it works well but with the other figure in the set, I think one of the small magnets fell off so it doesn’t attach anymore.  To me, if that’s all that is wrong with this set for the price I got it at, I really don’t care.

The boots are so unique to this version of Luke and they are done very well.  I’ve had many versions of this figure in the 3 3/4″ scale but I’ve never really focused on how different the boots are.  Thankfully in this scale, I’ve taken notice and went back to look at stills from the film to really admire the creativity.

While still not 100% in my books, for a 2011/2012 sculpt, this portrait of Luke (Mark Hamill) looks damn fine.  The hair is spot on, with that slight greasy look, and all the little features of Hamill’s face are captured here.  The face is more of a neutral expression, which is acceptable due to the action feature included with both heads.

All (from what I have read) of the DX series figures from Hot Toys have featured the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) on their figures (I think I may have accidentally called it “PECS” in my video review).  By removing the hair piece, you reveal this little stick that allows you to position the eyes in different positions.  I think this is such a cool idea and how this would add to the cost of a figure.


With the neutral expression, you can see how adjusting the eyes can really change the overall look and feel of the figure.

The second figure is exactly the same as the first except with two exceptions: the second portrait/head and with how the outfit is presented.

This figure represents Luke after his battle with Darth Vader at the end of The Empire Strikes Back so his outfit is tattered and torn.  I can’t imagine the work that went into making these outfits and then having to be spot on giving them the proper ripped look.  I would have loved to see what went into developing and producing all of these.  The character looks beat to hell and it was such a good idea to put both versions in one package instead of having to change outfits/heads manually.

The second portrait features a different expression, more of a flared nose, different hair, and the PERS system.  The face has some blood on it under and over Luke’s left eye.  I bet you with Disney now owning Star Wars, I wouldn’t think Hot Toys would be allowed to do that.

The set comes with seven extra hands, plus the two each character was packaged with, giving you eleven different hands you can swap in and out to give the figure a whole bunch of posing options.

While I’m only showcasing one blaster below, you get two of them so each figure can either have one in their hands or in their holster.  The weapon looks great and has those awesome small details and paint applications that we’re used to with Hot Toys.  I love getting different blasters and weapons in this scale and these two blasters are done well for a 2012 release.

If 11 hands aren’t enough for you, you can actually swap out the forearm piece (shown below) with a different one that features a bloody, severed wrist.  Can you believe that? Once again, I don’t know if Hot Toys could get away with doing this nowadays.

The 12th hand is magnetic and sticks onto the wrist area pretty well.  If you want to take your sixth scale Vader and have it manually chop off Luke’s hand, you can act it out!  Now that I’ve written that idea out, I should have actually done it in my video!

I love the attention to detail that was put into the bloody areas of the hand and wrist.  It’s so awesome.  Make sure to click on the pictures below for a larger look.

You want Luke without a hand but yet another way to pose him? Well, you’re in luck because the figure also comes with the auto-tourniquet that he had on at the end of the movie.  Talk about options!

What would a Luke Skywalker figure be without a lightsaber?  Well, this set includes one lightsaber so you don’t have to worry about Luke facing Vader without one.  While we’re used to the blades being removable from the hilt, the blade with this figure does not pop out.  I mean, it might, but I put a bit of pressure on it while pulling it and it didn’t want to budge so I wasn’t going to force it.

There are many ways that you can actually showcase this figure.  One of the ways is with this huge weather-vane.  I have images of it out of my display case in the video but for this feature, I thought I’d show you all how I’ve mounted into my Detolf cabinet.  Hanging Luke all over it in different ways is fun to do.

The weather-vane can actually light-up at the top but the batteries I have in it died and I just didn’t have the time to go out and buy them during the opportunity I had to take pictures and videos for this review.  Perhaps in the next week or so, I’ll go grab some and upload an additional picture or two.

For those that didn’t want to use the weather-vane, Hot Toys provided a deluxe stand and a basic stand.  Currently I have the battle damaged Luke hanging on the weather-vane and the clean Luke on the deluxe stand.

If all of the above is not enough for you, the exclusive piece for this set is the Darth Vader helmet that has Luke’s face underneath it.  This piece is so awesome and it can go for hundreds of dollars on the aftermarket.  I knew when I was hunting for this set that if I was going to spend the crazy money one day, I had to have the set with this piece.  Thankfully I didn’t need to spend an insane amount and got a set that included it.  I place this head in front of Luke on the deluxe base.  I want to make sure people see this when they’re looking at my collection.  It is breathtaking.

This set is quite immaculate.  Even in 2012 what you got for the price was a deal and in 2018 I can see why the price on the aftermarket has risen.  There are people who collect Hot Toys that don’t collect Star Wars but will collect everything in the DX series.  Speaking of the DX series, I think I may eventually pick up one of the Terminator figures from that line as they look magnificent.

Three grails in my sixth scale collection have now been checked off. Next on the list will be Yoda’s Hut from Sideshow.  Wish me good luck with that one!


Hope you enjoyed my look back at this figure and perhaps this will give more people the incentive to not give up on getting it, or taking out that second mortgage in order to buy it off the secondary market!

Enjoy the video!!!