Masters of the Universe “Los Amos” He-Man & Skeletor Exclusives from Super7


It’s almost Labour Day and what better way to celebrate our trip into the fall season by sharing something really cool like some convention exclusives!Super7 put two of their new 5.5″ Masters of the Universe figures into special packaging for the Unboxing Convention in Mexico as something special for the fans attending.  I guess there were leftovers and Super7 tweeted out that a very limited supply would be available on their website.  I was lucky enough to log on and snag one of each before they quickly sold out in a matter of minutes.  I figured I’d try and get a set because the figures would be unique pieces for my collection and I was lucky to snag ’em!

For those who haven’t seen these, the new Super7 MOTU 5.5″ figures are a direct homage of the vintage line but with more of a focus on making the toys look like their Filmation appearances.  Although I do like the idea behind them, I collect so many other things and I’m still buying the Collector’s Choice and Club Grayskull MOTUC figures, so to jump into another line is just not doable for me.  I may, in a couple months, pick up a set to keep on card, but there’s no way I’m going down my rabbit hole of buying one to keep in the package and one loose like I have done with MOTUC.

With all that said, these figures are about to ship, although ones featured two separate two-packs have been out for a while now (I think in my video I said there were out for all that ordered them already – my mistake), and the packaging is the only difference between what is (and what will be) out there.  After finally seeing these in hand (well, without holding them) and up-close, I think they’re just OK.  In all honesty, if I want vintage figures, I’d be searching out mint (or close-to) vintage figures and finally start chasing MOC figures from the 80s (I may start that journey next year).

Before commenting on the figures themselves, I have to say I really do love the retro packaging and the homage to the figures released in Mexico.  I love that Super7 was looking to include more fans outside of the USA (and Canada) with their relaunch (take?) of the 5.5″ line.

The back of the packaging is such an awesome throw-back to the vintage cards with the artwork on the top and the illustrated figures available on the back.  Let’s not forget the little picture showing you that the waist turns on these figures!

As for the He-Man figure itself, it looks like it put on too much baby oil/lotion before going out on the stage to flex for an audience.  I think Super7 really needs to tone down the gloss on these figures (and the CC & CG lines).  Some may really like it but I’m not a fan.  The head sculpt, tries to capture the Filmation look but I find it’s more of an amalgamation of vintage and Filmation.

I should have said it in the video (at the end of the feature) but I also wish the plastic over the bottom half of the figure wasn’t there so us MOC collectors didn’t have to see it.


All the same stuff about He-Man’s packaging can be said for Skeletor’s.  I really love the art on the top of Skeletor’s card and the depiction of Snake Mountain behind him is pretty damn cool.

The glossiness on Skeletor doesn’t seems as in your face as He-Man due to the colour, but the figure is still pretty shiny.  I think the face sculpt on this figure is well done.  Unfortunately, the paint that seems to be lacking a bit on the bottom left of the jaw is a bit of a disappointment but I’m sure those who have a figure that’s painted well are totally happy.  I like the hint of red in the eye sockets, too.

The bag in front of the lower half of Skeletor is, again, disappointing, but I will say I’m glad the weapons aren’t hidden somewhere because I really like the take on the Havok staff.


Overall, I think these two figures are great ideas for convention exclusives.  I think the only people that will really cry foul for not being able to get them are completionists.  Then again, nothing in the collecting world and people screaming on the Internet surprises me anymore.  I have to find some acrylic cases to put these two figures in as I think they will be two of the rarest figures I own.  That is, unless I sell them….

Enjoy the video!!