WWE Summerslam 2018 Preview and Predictions


Source: WWE.com

It’s time for the biggest show of the summer! This year, though, I’m not really that excited for it.  The majority of the matches aren’t fresh or new and WWE didn’t do a good job setting up the show on Monday and Tuesday night.  I am excited for the gathering of friends, mind you, because no matter how good or bad things look leading into a show, praising and bitching about a match or a PPV is always better with friends!  Here’s what I think will happen on the show!


The B-Team (Champs) vs. The Revival –
Raw Tag Team Championship – Kickoff Show

Source: WWE.com

It’s sad when your tag team champions (well, one set of them), are on the pre-show.  It shows how important they, and the titles, are.  While I would totally put The Revival as the team to win this as my sure-lock winners, I think Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon are having too much fun laughing at (with?) the B-Team and won’t take the titles off of them.  Hey, I’m cool with that because Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are hard workers that deserve the spotlight although I still haven’t bought into the “team” just yet. As for The Revival, well, they’re not going to be reviving anything yet.

Winners: The B-Team


Rusev & Lana vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega – Kickoff Show

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Poor Rusev.  One minute, you’re fighting for the blue brand’s championship and the next minute you’re placed on a kick-off show match that really doesn’t do anything for anyone.  Lana is taking the pin here and Almas and Vega will have bragging rights.  That’s all I’m writing about this because even WWE will be playing their own commercials through this match and that’s sad.

Winners: Almas and Vega


Cedric Alexander (Champ) vs. Drew Gulak –
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match – Kickoff Show

Source: WWE.com

I’ll confess: I still have not gotten back into watching 205 Live.  It’s the same people without stories week in and week out (from what I’ve read with the results, anyway) and it’s not enticing me to give two shits.  The talent deserves more but the roster and show need to be expanded.  I have no investment to really care about this match and who wins, but I don’t see the championship going to a heel, although I would be more inclined to watch the show if Drew Gulack won – I liked what I saw of that guy when they were actually on Raw.

Winner: Cedric Alexander


The Bludgeon Brothers (Champs) vs. The New Day –
SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

Ugh…another match I don’t care about or teams I could not give two shits for.  The Bludgeon Brothers are boring as hell and The New Day’s shtick is so old that I want to change the channel any time they’re on.  I couldn’t really care less about who wins here. I’ll say the champs retain.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers.


Finn Bálor vs. Constable Baron Corbin

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Winner: Finn Balor.


Shinsuke Nakamura (Champ) vs. Jeff Hardy –
United States Championship

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Holy crap.  Is WWE this dense that they don’t realize that all we’re going to do is sit on our asses until the inevitable interference by Randy Orton happens that will cost Hardy the match? As long as Orton doesn’t scratch his junk in front of the audience and ask Nakamuara to shake his hand after he costs Hardy the match, we’ll get through this swiftly.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

Source: WWE.com

WWE has done a good job with their vignettes but I really think even more could have been done leading up to this match.  This will not be the end of this feud and with that being stated, the good guy isn’t winning here.  I can see this somehow being stretched out to involve Bree Bella in some capacity.  This should be a great match to watch.

Winner: The Miz


Carmella (Champ) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch –
Triple Threat Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Source: WWE.com

Sometimes you can see how out of touch WWE is with who they put a championship on.  This is one such case.  While I have nothing personal against Carmella, she’s good on the mic and that’s it.  You have someone as gold as Becky Lynch cast in the shadows for so long and WWE decides to throw Charlotte Flair into the mix.  I can understand that, though, because at least you have two people who can work in the match.  There’s a program between Lynch and Flair coming and one of them is turning heel, leaving Carmella in the rear view mirror.  I just can’t see Lynch as the heel.  Charlotte is winning this by screwing Lynch somehow to set up their fall program.

Winner: Charlotte Flair


Dolph Ziggler (Champ) vs. Seth Rollins –
Intercontinental Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

First off, I have to laugh at the promo picture WWE is using.  Dean Ambrose returned a bit more buff than we’ve seen and with a new hairstyle and WWE is too fn lazy to use a recent picture.

There’s so much that could happen with this match.  Ziggler and McIntyre have alluded they want to take over the whole roster with a larger posse, and what better way to continue than with Ambrose on their side? Then again, I want to see McIntyre and Ziggler go at it so the rise of McIntyre can start his program to the top.  I’m also game for seeing a really ugly feud between Ambrose and Rollins.  I liked Seth in the heel roll but Ambrose really needs a go at it.  I think that’s what we’re going to see here – Ambrose is going to the dark side.

Winner – Dolph Ziggler


Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens –
Winner gets the Money in the Bank Briefcase.

Source: WWE.com

I love the stipulation put on this match.  This feud has been built well and I’ll totally be invested in the match.  No matter who wins, I see the winner cashing in at the end of the night.  There’s no way WWE has put the stipulation into this match just to have either man win and not try and cash it in (whether they’re successful or not is another question).  Kevin Owens usually has some kind of back up plan and I think there’s going to be someone that will help him get the win.  It’s the only way WWE will have people even remotely into the main event of the show.

Winner: Kevin Owens


Alexa Bliss (Champ) vs. Ronda Rousey –
Raw Women’s Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

I’m with many people thinking that the whole focus on Natalya’s relationship with Rousey was going to build for a turn on this show so a) Rousey doesn’t get the championship this early into her WWE career and b) gives Bliss an out to retain. With the unfortunate passing of Natalya’s father, Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart (RIP, big guy), I don’t see her playing a role in the match at all.  Then again, stranger things have happened.

I think Rousey has been excellent in the ring so far but I think the payoff of her becoming the champion needs to be held off or there may be some push-back from the audience.  If I could book things, I’d turn Rousey heel immediately, tell the fans to f-off, and get so much heat that when she wins the title it’s nuclear.  From there, we could build a tale of redemption.  Then again, shouldn’t WWE have done that with Reigns years ago?

I’m going really out on a limb here and predicting the title isn’t changing hands.  I think there will be a DQ or Nattie is showing up to let everyone know the show must go on.

Winner: Alexa Bliss


AJ Styles (Champ) vs. Samoa Joe – WWE Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

In a perfect world, this match would close the show.  Then again, McMahon isn’t going to let two former TNA employees headline his creation.

I’m really torn about what will happen here.  I’m so happy to hear the the rumours of Vince McMahon supposedly being so behind AJ Styles and stating he should have signed him years ago.  Add to the mix the new TV deal for Smackdown next year needing a fan favourite leading the show.  That man IS AJ Styles.  He’s one of the only people on TV currently the fans chant his name when he gets into the ring.  THAT is gold.  That is NOT Roman Reigns. Styles is who you build a company around.

Diatribe aside, Styles needs a struggle to overcome.  Styles needs Samoa Joe to win the championship to give fans something more to latch on to.  Joe needs the title to become even more legit in the eyes of the WWE audience that still aren’t as familiar with him as they should be.

The fall TV season is starting soon and WWE should know they get people invested when a fan favourite is chasing the title is the way to get people to tune in.  There is no way a Samoa Joe win here will negatively affect the product.  If this is built correctly, this should lead us to Survivor Series and be an enjoyable program.

Winner: Samoa Joe.


Brock Lesnar (“Champ”) vs. Roman Reigns –
Universal Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

I honestly cannot believe we’re seeing these two go at it again.  I am so dumbfounded (I’d like to swear more but I’m trying to avoid it), that Vince, Dunn and co. are that ignorant that they think this is the best business decision.

You know what I’m anxious to see? I want to see the crowd piss all over this match.  I want to see people get the hell up out of their seats and walk out after they chant in unison how ridiculous this all is.

I’ve watched wrestling since I was a kid and have sat through insane things happening but in my adult mind, keeping the belt on Lesnar, paying him for the minimal services he provides, and pushing Reigns like they have, is the craziest shit I’ve seen.

You know we’re going to see the same match we’ve seen before.  Lesnar will start off strong until he sweats so bad until he’s too slippery to hold.  Then we’ll see some holds from Reigns until he either hits the ring post or the stairs after getting tossed by Lesnar.  Then Reigns will kick out of everything any everything until the conclusion.

Lesnar is dropping the title here.  I don’t think Vince will pull the swerve he did at Wrestlemania again, although the two are supposed to meet on Sunday to iron out more contract details.  I just can’t fathom McMahon throwing millions more at Lesnar to win, have people boo, and have Reigns lose.  This is where a Money in the Bank cash-in needs to happen.  Lesnar can leave again without his lazy-assed ego being damaged and the title isn’t on Reigns.   Then again, imagine Owens winning his match against Strowman but then Strowman interrupting Owen’s cash-in? That could be some good TV, too!

Winner: The Money in the Bank briefcase holder, Kevin Owens.