New Star Wars Black Series Figures (4-LOM, Solo, Admiral Piett, TRU Phasma, and more!)


It’s time for another Star Wars 6″ Black Series round-up! Some of these figures have been available for a couple months (one a few years) and some are brand spankin’ new! Like usual, I like giving my two cents on the figures.

As well, I’ll disclose that I buy these to collect and hang them up to display.  Check my Instagram page (link on main page) for my newest set up pics!


Imperial Shock Trooper

This figure isn’t new at all – but it’s new to me!  This was an exclusive in 2015 but I never saw one in any of the EB Games here in my town.  It always seem to go for a pretty penny on Ebay and with the crazy shipping some people charge sometimes to get these things to Canada, they’ve always been more than what I was willing to pay.  Thankfully, one of the awesome guys on one of the Facebook Star Wars groups I’m a part of sold me one in Canadian dollars without too much of a mark-up of the original retail price. JOY!

I know many are still looking to acquire this figure and that’s part of the reason I’m featuring it along with new figures. I have to give this Trooper love although the colour scheme isn’t very appealing to me, and the sixth scale version was an easy pass.  I still needed to add this unique looking guy to the collection – plus I’m inching that much closer to a complete Black Series collection.


Qi’ra (Corellia)

Although many state Han Solo was a box office bomb, I quite enjoyed it and have my steel book 4K version pre-ordered.  I thought the story was great, for the most part, and the acting was good.  For those who are that angry about The Last Jedi (grow up, people) and chose to boycott this – like it makes a difference – you missed out on a fun movie.  I don’t see how people bitch and complain so much when we’re still getting new Star Wars movies, characters, and adventures so many years later.  That’s a whole other write-up, though.

I’m really surprised with the likeness of this figure.  The sculpting and paint on the face really makes this figure look almost exactly like Emilia Clarke (minus the smudge on her neck).  The excellent work done on the outfit (again, sculpting and paint) really make me excited to see what other versions of this character will eventually land in stores.  This is an impressive figure.  Even the small blaster/pistol has some great detailing to it for such a small weapon at this price point.



I always loved this character when I was a kid (you know, back in the 80s where 4-LOM was mistakenly named Zuckuss and vice-versa).  I also really loved the sixth scale version courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles that arrived last year.

I think they nailed the look of the character, especially with the head.  I would have liked to see just a bit more paint, though, to make mouth pieces pop a bit more.  The weathering effects/rust are cool but I’m not sure if they’re exaggerated a bit compared to what we saw on the screen.  Nonetheless, it does look cool and makes this a bit different than my sixth scale figure.  Props to Hasbro for doing a great job with his weapon.


Tobias Beckett

I loved the character of Tobias Beckett in the Han Solo film.  I think he was the perfect protégé for Han Solo.  I was skeptical about Woody Harrelson being in a Star Wars film and how I wouldn’t be able to lose myself in the fiction just knowing who he is and what’s he’s done in the past, but that all vanished minutes after his appearance in the movie.

I can see the likeness on this figure when I look at it at certain angles.  I find this figure doesn’t nail the likeness like others have recently.  Other reviews I’ve read tend to disagree but it just doesn’t scream Woody Harrelson to me.  There are great things to like about the figure, though.  Specifically the paint on the face, the textures on the outfit and the weapons.  I’m not disappointed with the figure, but I think it could have been just a bit better.


Rebel Trooper

Army builders rejoice! Fans have been wanting Rebel Troopers for ages now and we’re finally getting them.  I can see customizers having a ball with altering the head included or swapping out and/or creating new ones.

The sculpt for the face actually looks like the actor that portrayed this actual Rebel Trooper.  I’m not sure if they had to get likeness rights, but if this guy is still alive, I’m sure he’s happy that he’s now immortalized in plastic.  As a fan of A New Hope since I was a kid, I’m glad they didn’t create a new head and went for this iconic look.  I know he’s not the most exciting figure, but original trilogy fans, army builders, and completists will jump all over it.


Han Solo (Bespin)

This is the first Harrison Ford Han Solo figure we’ve gotten in the Black Series in quite a long time.  The demand is there for a new figure and Hasbro decided to go with his Bespin look.

The figure from the feet up is pretty damn good. The paint and sculpting is top notch.  It’s the head that loses points for me.  Yeah, you can tell it’s Harrison Ford/Han Solo, but it’s still not a perfect sculpt.  I’d give it a 75-80% on the accuracy scale.


Captain Phasma (Quicksilver Baton)

Look at us lucky Canadians! We’re still getting some new Star Wars figures before our American counterparts this year.  I’m so used to not finding things for months after figures come out in the US (like 4-LOM), but this exclusive trickled out at the beginning of July here in Ontario, Canada, where our Toys R’ Us stores are safe from closing.

While the price point (about $8 more than a standard Black Series figure) is insane, the figure is pretty cool.  I love the soft goods cape and the overall paint on the figure.  The huge win is battle damage on the torso and the helmet.  I think it’s so very well done and the final product made me swallow the price for the figure.  I know people in the US will start seeing this figure pop up in their Disney stores soon, but I wanted to make sure I could track down the version we were getting here in Canada with the TRU sticker on it.



I just featured some sixth scale porgs with the newest Rey sixth scale figure from Hot Toys that arrived so it’s only fitting I give some love to the 6″ scale porgs! I’ve had these guys for quite a while actually but I’ve always forgotten to feature them with other figures.


The box is really small, as are the figures.  I compare them to the standard boxes in the video at the end.  There’s nothing much to say about them except that they seem in scale and look pretty accurate.  I don’t see why Hasbro couldn’t make three or four different porgs and put them in a package.


Admiral Piett

I was finished my video last week giving my two cents on these figures before taking these pictures and writing up this feature when – boom! – guess who showed up at my local EB Games? Admiral Piett!!!  It was a “stop the presses” moment!  Too bad the packaging on this guy is all scuffed up.

While also not that exciting of a character, most original trilogy fans will add him to their collection.  One of the people on one of the Star Wars FB groups I’m on stated this figure kinda looked like Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory.  I didn’t see it at first but now I chuckle about it.  The shots I’ve seen of the figure with the hat on, though, makes the figure look better.  I find it interesting that he comes with a pistol blaster, though.  Imagine him joining Stormtroopers on the Death Star hunting down Han, Chewie, Luke, and Leia? Oh, the adventures.

Enjoy the video!