Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 1/4 Scale Raphael in Trench Coat Disguise by NECA Review (1990 Movie)


NECA’s quarter scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line based on the 1990 live-action movie was a big hit with many collectors, as well as myself.  Getting larger than life action figure representations of the turtles from this movie itched the nostalgia spot just right.  I reviewed all four of the Turtles already on this site (and my YouTube channel) as well as the baby turtles accessory set.  I’ll list all the links at the end of this feature just before the embedded video review for anyone who missed them.

Suffice to say, many collectors were a bit let down that the first release of Raphael did not include a trench coat or hat for him to go undercover.  My DreamEX sixth scale Donatello figure came with a trench coat to put on any one of the figures in that line, so I while I wasn’t disappointed that one of NECA’s scale figures didn’t come with it, I was just more confused as to why one didn’t.

A few months after the releases of the figures, NECA announced it would be releasing a standalone figure of Raphael in his disguise.  Well, that rocked many forums and Facebook groups.  People understood what NECA was doing by using the same figure but adding all the things you’ll see in this review to maximize profit to be able to make more quarter scale items and bought into it. Some understood what they were doing but passed with some even finding trench coats and hats from customizers or on Etsy.  Others, though, blasted NECA with hatred and anger because they felt like they were owed what this figure was coming with.

I was in the middle for a while and really on the fence about getting it.  As you can see, I did.  Long story short – I had records to sell I didn’t want/need anymore and my sis and bro in law were buying, so she got me this and I gave her records.  I liked that deal.

The box follows the same design as the other four turtles.  MIB collectors will be happy about the unison look.  These guy are just so awesome that I had to take them out to display them but I kept the boxes.  I’ll forward you to my other reviews to see the extra little secret part of the packaging if you are unaware of it.

When discussing this figure, I really can’t say more about the body and articulation than I did with my review of the standard version of this figure.  The figure is just over 16″ tall and has articulation in the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, knees, and ankles.

I found that most of the joints on this figure could move easily whereas the other four turtles had joints that had to be heated up with a hairdryer before moving them.  They were that tough.  The only one that was hard to move was the left arm of the figure in the shoulder area.  I also found the torso area to be looser than the other figures, causing it to slant easily.   I would have also liked a bit more movement with the head on this figure and all the quarter scale figures.

The head sculpt on this figure is the same as the first release of Raph, and that’s not something to scoff at.  While I would have really liked for an alternative head for this figure instead of a re-release, this head works and is still pretty awesome.

The detailing on the skin on the face is great, the expression gives Raph that aggravated look, and the paint on the head and for the eyes makes the figure lifelike.  I still can’t get over how realistic the heads on these figure are and the scar on Raph’s face is such great attention to detail that you just can’t help fall in love with figures like this.   I will say, again, that I wish the heads on this figure and the others had more vertical movement.

One of the new accessories for this figure is the hat.  It fits the figure well and there’s a little hole in the back of it for fit properly over the knot in the bandana.  Check out the video at the end for a demonstration.

The backpack is solid plastic.  While I would have liked to see a cloth backpack instead, this does work and it looks good.  Perhaps I’m now too spoiled with Hot Toys and Sideshow accessories.  Then again, this figure is about $200 less, so I get it.  I’m not 100% sure if the backpack can be taken off or if it’s easy to do because I’m not playing around with it.

Raphael comes with two additional hands for extra posing options and, just like the other turtles, a piece of pizza with gross, disgusting, olives.

What would a Raphael in disguise be without the José Canseco baseball bat? Incomplete, that’s what! The bat is a lightweight piece of plastic but the sculpting and paint on the tape around the bat helps it look more realistic.


The bat stays positioned securely in the figure’s hands and adds no additional weight to be able to topple the figure over.  I’m really liking what I’ve seen on Instagram and other sites with how people are posing this figure with the bat.  He’s definitely keeping it held on my display shelf.

You also get Raph’s sai weapons with this figure.  They’re the same as the ones that came with the first release.  You’ll see in the video at the end of the feature that I actually had these in the sai holders on Raphael’s belt but one actually snapped as I was moving the figure around.  I used crazy glue and got it back to it’s original state but I don’t think I’ll be putting them back in the holders again.  I wouldn’t ever pose this figure with the weapons anyway.

The trench coat is very well done.  It fits the figure properly and features some really good tailoring.  I’m actually surprised how well it turned out for a figure of this scale as it looks very accurate to the source material and does not look/feel cheap whatsoever.  I love that you can actually pose Raphael with his hands in his pocket to make him look even cooler.

Look, I get both sides of the argument for and against this figure, especially when we’re factoring the cost here.  Bottom line is these figures were a hit, people were clamoring for more in this scale and there was a vocal amount of fans demanding a trench coat.  NECA did something to please the fans but did it in a cost effective way for themselves.  At the end of the day, they’re a business and you can vote with your wallets instead of crying online.  That all said, I’m happy with having this figure in my collection and it looks cool up on the shelf with the other four.

For those who missed out on the my original reviews (photos and vids) you can click on the name and it’ll take you to that feature.  Click for the original Raphael release, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo.  Click here for the baby turtle accessory set.

For anyone who wants these figures but missed out, it won’t be too long before these are all available again online and in store (in the US, at least).


Enjoy the video!