Star Wars – Rey (Jedi Training) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


The fourth figure from Hot Toys’ offering from The Last Jedi arrived last week.  I already took a look at the Executioner Trooper, the Praetorian Guard (with the heavy blade) and BB-9E.  Rey is the last figure that I had on pre-order from the film and I think that’s where I’m stopping.

It has nothing to do with not liking the movie.  I actually do (those who hate it can send me any hate mail if they wish) but I don’t need another hermit Luke Skywalker as I already have the one from The Force Awakens and I also have a Kylo Ren.  While I like what I’m seeing with the Kylo Ren figure, I just can’t justify another one at this point.  Maybe if they sink in price on the aftermarket in a few years, I’ll get one to display with no helmet.  As of right now, I also don’t think I’m going to pay a hefty price for an aged Princess Leia figure either.  Mind you, that will probably chance so I can have the whole crew together.

Back to this figure, though.   I wanted to buy it based on the excellent shots for the pre-order because Rey looked pretty bad-ass and I thought this version of the figure would fit in well and be an excellent contrast the more innocent looking Rey figure I have from Hot Toys that was released a few years ago.  The thing is, the sculpt was never 100% accurate from what I saw and the final figure isn’t as exact as the prototype but I still took the plunge.

Similar to the last few releases, the box now features a picture on the figure on the back and the credits are now relegated to the bottom of the box.  The front features the same design we’re used to and the inside features another picture of the figure. Once again, the figure and all its accessories were packed well and nothing was broken or loose.

The figure is 11″ tall, keeping it just a bit smaller than the standard 12″ to keep her in scale.  All the articulation is what’s expected with a Hot Toys figure except you won’t find any in the ankles due to the boots and the head articulation is limited because of the sculpted hair. I run through the articulation and the head in the video at the end of the feature.

While the outfit for this Rey figure isn’t as complicated as some other characters, you can tell great care went into it.  The belt, that can hold the blaster, is more of a leather-like material instead of a harder plastic, giving it more realism.

The gray scarf drapes very well over the figure and really didn’t need any adjusting out of the packaging.   The outfit underneath it is really awesome because it also looks more intricate than anything that I wear.  Same can be said about the pants.

I’m always amazed (well, most of the time) at the work and detail put into the footwear for these figures.  The boots are also made of a leather-like material and look great but the back is where I’m blown away.  It probably took a lot of time to get these boots tied up at the back and making them look perfect.  It’s the little touches like this where Hot Toys continues to impress me. I joke about it off and on in my features, but these boots probably cost more than what I wear on my feet.

The portrait/head sculpt on this figure has caused a bit of a stir.  I look at it and I think, “damn! What an awesome sculpt!” and then I look at it from a slightly different angle and think, “that just doesn’t look exactly like Daisy Ridley.”  I think it’s the eyebrows being a tad too thin in conjunction with the more slender face instead of the slightly rounder face that Daisy has.  I added a picture someone had posted on one of the FB groups I’m a part of  just as a comparison for you to see.


The hair is done really well but you have to be careful with the strands on either side when handling the head.  If you’re not careful, there could be a chance they may snap off.  The hair hanging on either side of her neck unfortunately hinders the movement of the head left and right.  Some people that really like posing their figures (or taking photographs) with the heads turned may not like this.

In addition to the two hands on the figure when you take it out of the packaging, you get five additional hands, bringing the total to seven.  It’s not overkill and the do the job for the accessories included with the figure.


The pistol the figure comes with is the exact same one the first figure came with.  It’s a pretty good replica but if you have the first figure, there’s nothing new to see here.   Rey looks like she should be in a 007 movie when posed with this thing.  The pistol also fits snug in the holster and this is where my figure’s pistol will be when displaying the figure.

Guess what? Another repack! This staff is also the same one that can with the first figure.  I’m not sure a lot of people will be displaying this Rey figure with the staff because this one should be representing the training she’s doing with Luke.  I’m sure the go-to for most will be displaying with the lightsaber.


Speaking of the lightsaber, you also get the same lightsaber blade and hilt from, you guessed it, the first figure! Holy repacks, Batman! Prices go up and we get stuff already included with other figures.  From what I remember, this is also the same hilt/blade that came with Finn (a figure I have but never got around to featuring on here – only finally snagged one about six months ago).

All complaining aside, for those who missed out on the first two Rey figures, having these accessories is essential for this figure and she looks damn good holding the lightsaber.

Rey is the second figure to come with the swinging lightsaber blade accessory (the first being Jedi Knight Luke).  I think it’s a cool idea and adds more display options, especially for people that love posing their figures dynamically.  The only issue with it is it’s very heavy and tends to cause the arms/wrists to go down.  You’ll see an example in the video.



For those collectors who like to light up their lives (and figures), an additional arm that lights up the blade is included.  It’s really easy to install, too! Just remove the standard one at the joint, slip on the arm wrap, and attach! There’s some Velcro to deal with that I go over in the video but it’s not that much of an issue.

I’m really glad that Hot Toys added this arm because I’m someone that actually uses them with the figures.  I know there are many out there that won’t even put the batteries in.  I get it, though.  They want to ensure their investment has no chance of getting damaged in any way.  I like to display them with sabers lit up, so I dig the option to do so.

The lightsaber is actually quite bright and really pops when the lights are darker.  I added pictures of the saber with the figure’s hands with the lights on and off.  I also do it in the video for the hell of it.

Another little addition to this set are two porgs! Yeah!! Sixth scale porgs! I’ve taken a liking to these little things because my (almost) three year old digs them and we make porg noises together while we play with her stuffy (she also has a stuffy BB-8! I’m a great father!)

The porgs have to clear stands to keep them upright.  You also have the option of swapping out the legs to interchange them.  I think the more you do it, the less they’ll stay in place so I’ll be keeping them as is.


I’m someone that likes utilizing the stands that come with my sixth scale figures and I love the stands Hot Toys is making for The Last Jedi figures.  They are so visually appealing and the whole red on white really pops.  I can’t wait to see reviews of the ones that come with the new Luke and Kylo Ren figures.

If you don’t like the graphics on the stand, you can cover it with the additional rock piece included.  I won’t be.

Besides the repacked accessories and the “not quite there” accuracy of the face sculpt, I am happy with the figure.  I’ve read some people getting it in hand and selling it right away because they are that disappointed.  I know people demand the most accuracy for these prices and you have to be really happy with them because of how much they cost.

Currently this figure is looking great with my Praetorian Guard, Executioner Trooper, and BB-9E.  It’ll be staying in my collection.


Enjoy the video!