Star Wars – Anakin Skywalker Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


This figure has been out for a while now and the interest was so big, another run of the figure is currently on preorder. Not only that, the SDCC from Hot Toys was a “Dark Side” version of this figure that features a few differences with the face and a really awesome looking base.  I took the plunge and preordered that, too.

I already did a post for my video review of the figure because I was so busy with other things, I only had time to do one thing and I chose a video.  It’s embedded at the end of this feature in case you missed it.  Now I’m finally getting around to my written piece with photos and I have to say I’m glad I didn’t rush things a few months ago when I got this figure.  I appreciated it more and I had a great time doing the pictures for this feature.  I hope you enjoy them, too.

The package is the same stuff we’re used to.  It was the last box I received before Hot Toys stared putting a picture also on the back of the box instead of the credits.

This figure is just a tad over 12″ tall and all the articulation we’re used to is on this figure, although you don’t get very much at all in the ankles due to the boots.  All the joints on this figure were the perfect tightness and thankfully I didn’t get any loose joints.

As usual, the outfit is amazing.  The top tunic looks and feels like real leather and Hot Toys nailed it.  The same can be said about the tailoring for the pants, under-tunic and the fake leather boots.  Each aspect of the outfit is layered perfectly and fits the figure like it’s supposed to.  You just have to play around with setting the top tunic back in the proper area when changing poses with the figure or swapping out arms.

The belt also is also faux-leather material but I found the pouches and other items attached to it (that are not removable) to have more of a plastic look and feel.

I am so in awe of the portrait with this figure.  I think they really nailed Hayden Christensen’s look in Revenge of the Sith.  The expression really gives of a very serious tone but it’s not overly aggressive.  It makes the figure work well in a more relaxed pose or when in an action pose.

The hair on the figure is really well done, too.  Not only does it hang well where it’s supposed to in the front, but the way it all comes together on the sides and flow into the back is quite the sculpting feat.  For plastic hair, it looks real.

While I don’t mind where the pupils are located and tilting the head down when posing and displaying the figure makes them work, I’m more of a fan of having them look straight with figures.  My figure seems like it’s looking to the left just a tad.

The only real nit-pick I have is I wish the scar on the figure’s right side was a bit more pronounced.  The prototype pictures showed it a little bit darker and I wish it was like that on the final product.  I’m wondering if they lightened it up a bit so it could be darker on the “Dark Side” SDCC figure.

Besides the two hands he has on in the box when he’s shipped, you get an additional eight hands.  People who love to repose their figures regularly will love all the different options you can get with all these hands.  I also like they included some hands for his right hand to mimic him using the force and not just having right hands to hold a lightsaber.


This figure also comes with two additional arms.  The first is his robotic arm.  I show the articulation in the video but it’s so cool to see how the fingers and thumb are articulated at each knuckle.  The forearm can also spin around separate from the elbow piece so you can move that part of the arm and the wrist to give Anakin the look you want.

This piece was very easy to swap in and out and I wasn’t worried about any part of it or the figure breaking while doing it.  That’s saying a lot considering the issues I’ve had with some other figures when swapping the arms (cough, Darth Vader).

Anakin comes with his lightsaber with a removable blade.  The hilt is finely detailed and replicates what you see on the screen well.

Anakin also comes with another arm that is battery operated so the lightsaber glows.  I forgot to take a picture of it but there are pictures with the lightsaber lit in this feature.  It’s not as bright as some of the other lightsabers that have the ability to be lit up from other figures.  I show you all of this in the video, too.  I will also mention this piece was also easy to swap in and out of the figure.

Lit or unlit, posing Anakin with his lightsaber makes him look pretty bad-ass.

Two little pegs are included with the figure so you can plug one of them into the lightsaber hilt to be able to allow it to hang from Anakin’s belt.

A really cool additional weapon that is included with the figure is Count Dooku’s lightsaber.  It was a really cool foreshadow for the announcement that Dooku is coming next year (sigh, preordered).  Even if he wasn’t, it is fitting that Anakin comes with this considering what happens between him and Dooku at the beginning of ROTS. Now why can’t we get a severed head?  Oh yeah, “Disney.”

If an awesome outfit on this figure wasn’t enough, the figure also comes with a quality robe.  The fabric on this thing is so soft and is probably worth more than the pants I wear.  The hood has a wire in it so you can try and get the look of it hanging on his head exactly how you want it.  I’m not the best with these things, but I try.  I always find that the hoods on these robes are just a bit too large.  I should really check some movie still so I can really get used to making the hoods sit just like in the films.

If you’re a collector of these figures, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a stand is included.  This is the same stand we’ve gotten with many figures but it gives you the option to place an alternate ground piece for the figure to stand on if you don’t want the grate look.


Getting this figure was a no-brainer.  It was instantly preordered when it went up because not only is this Darth Vader before he was “Darth Vader,” but I liked Revenge of the Sith and it is my favourite of the prequels.  When I finally got it in hand, this figure blew me away and I am really impressed with it after having it for a few months.  I think the sixth scale and Star Wars communities agreed seeing how it was fast to sell out and have another batch needed to meet the demand.  I’m glad Hot Toys is doing this for those who really want the figure and not having them go to the secondary market.  Big thumbs up for this figure!


Enjoy the video!